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So uh, I've been listening to a lot of Shardcast and have been inspired to continue the tendency for making Cosmere dad jokes. Please enjoy this menu I made for the restaurant I would start if Ilived in the Cosmere.

There may be spoilers for Sixth of the Dusk andHero of Ages but it's pretty oblique so take your chances if you want.

PDF version here  (I'd reccomend looking at isince it should be easier to read than the image version.)

Image version here (I guess it's too large to embed on this forum.)

Apologies for any misspellings, I tried to proofread it but I mostly listen to the audiobooks so a few appear to have slipped througl



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I’ll have a Bagel, Cream Cheese and Royal Lox with a Cognitive Cocoa, please.

But seriously, this was great! The puns were fantastic, and it was all around hilarious. Great work! :D


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