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Hi all!

Recently many new members have been posting in extremely old topics. Though we had always said that if there were useful things to add to a topic, topic necromancy could be productive, ultimately things many years ago before many WoBs or books had come out kind of render this moot.

As such, I have closed many, many old topics in Book Discussion. Currently I've closed things older than 2017. I'll likely look into getting some sort of auto-closer thing, similar to how Reddit closes old threads after a certain time threshold.

If you'd like to discuss material that pertains to an old topic, please feel free to make a new topic with your thoughts. If for any reason you as the topic owner would like your old topic to be reopened, this is also a thing we can do; just report the thread :) 


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Note that topics that have posts after Oathbringer's release would likely be fine to post in and we don't need to be extreme about letting newer members contributing to those discussions. @Weltall @RShara

There is a balance to be made between not having dumb posts but also accessibility for new members :) 


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Question @Chaos:

If you get a timer like on reddit, will it close things a certain amount of time after the topic was created or after the last post in said topic?


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