Reply to Long Game 59: Shadows and Spikes

By Furamirionind,
Um, lol? I tried to do math on how that game would turn out, but there are too many variable. idk how that would work xD Well, all roles right now are village... We could try a mass claim... : P He actually has posted, but it wasn't very substantial. Basically saying he wasn't going to vote D1. hahahahaha. I love how you say raps are village, then give him Neutral. : P Hahaha again.
Anyways, I'm not certain if I can agree with you here about CadCom at least.
I'm only suspicious of him from his going after Xino. Speaking of which: @Cadmium Compounder Why do you think lynching Xino to be okay this game? I'm normally not shy about lynching inactives, but with so few mislynches, I'm concerned that lynching him is just about the worst possible thing we can do. Especially as, given his history, he is likely village.