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Robinski - 190819 - TCC Chapter 06 - 4777 words (LSr)

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Well, I got to it, at least. I remain mostly confused by the police and the story's treatment of them and what it's assuming I've picked up on prior to this. M is enjoyable, as always, but this police station section sort of feels like it's just spinning its wheels to me. 

As I go:

WRS is hitting real hard here, I guess, because I'm having the same confusion as last time.  Am I supposed to know these police before now? It's really unclear to me from the text and I know you said no, but everything in the text is acting like yes. 
"“I didn’t enjoy your last visit"  when was this? what happened to make the police dislike them so much? was there like one line in the beginning of like ch2 about it? am i supposed to be inferring an entire relationship complete with descriptions and antagonisms from like one line of text like 4 chapters ago? 
At this point, I had two brand new trainees scheduled to arrive on one of the busiest days of the season: one I sent off to organize things in a misguided fit of optimism, and one of which was plain MIA. So I didn't get a chance to really organize my thoughts on the rest of this. 

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Thanks for reading as always, ID.

So, what I was aiming for with the cops was that Q and M had been interviewed by them before after the conclusion of the Gren affair in Chapter 01, but off-screen. So, when the crash happens in Chapter 05, Q and the sheriff have some familiarity: they've met. So, in this chapter, Q and M are going through another interrogation in the same place they were two of three days ago.

However, we have not actually seen the police on-screen before Chapter 05. Sheriff K appears in Chp.5, as does Beck.

So, no, you're not supposed to remember then other than from Chp.5 when we met them briefly and got very little character.

On 08/09/2019 at 4:20 PM, industrialistDragon said:

So I didn't get a chance to really organize my thoughts on the rest of this.

Please don't worry about it. Sounds like a full day!! :) 



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