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2 hours ago, AonEne said:

Humor is subjective, I found both it and the below meme funny. ;)


Yeah Evi jokes are on fire right now


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Posted (edited)

@ElendVenture @I lost my flute Double posting is not allowed; if you post twice in short succession, Hide one of your posts and Edit the previous one in with the content of your second post.

To quote multiple people, press the + next to the words Quote to use the Multiquote feature.

It's not a huge deal but it's happening a lot on this thread so I wanted to let you know to please not continue double posting.

In addition I have removed many off topic posts in this thread. You may continue an insult contest in either Forum Games/Nonsense or PMs. We would strongly prefer discussion topics to stay in the spirit of the topic at hand.

Edited by Chaos

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On 8/7/2019 at 11:38 AM, The Last Post said:

Evi walks into a bar

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I find this funny. Good job stick.


I might help with the Shattering then not take a Shard if I realize that what I’m doing is wrong. If I do take a Shard it would probably be Cultivation. Bring it on Odium. 


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