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Awakening is the perfect art for cartoonists, and as such I think it would be nice to have a place to put cartoons about awakened items that are rendered in a cartoony manner. Cartooning is not just about the drawing, even if you aren't a cartoonist, feel free to add suggestions for what you would like to see an awakened cartoon version of. Would probably work best if you are specific, by saying something like "A Banana, awakened with the command 'Go Skinny Dipping'" or some such.

To start this off here are a couple of awakened objects rendered in cartoon form:

1. Mustache: "Feed Me"


2. Match stick man: "Light the Fuse" (spoilered because it's an animated gif)



3. Glove: "Be a cutie-pie-'lil boon companion" (some of the cute things Glovey the Awakened glove does):





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These are really amazing, how about: Paper "cut"


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On 9/18/2019 at 8:00 AM, TheBlueTaco said:

These are really amazing, how about: Paper "cut"

Thanks brother!

Finally had some time to do this, so without further Ado (ok, maybe one more ado), I present to you, The Paper Cut (spoilered because it's an animated gif):


SCENE: On the desk of the cartoon awakener stands a forlorn Awakened Glove. Alas, his creator just doesn't have the time to spend with his cutey pie boon companion like he used to. Glovey has been sighing morosely and incessantly, leading his creator to the conclusion that perhaps drastic measures are in order to end his bottomless depths of self-pitying depression. Yep, give him something real to cry about:



Poor Glovey! What dastardly feats of diabolic cartoon awakening are in store for out little blue chum!?!?

Come one, come all, think of some other fun stuff to cartoonily awaken.Maybe something nice for poor Glovey this time.



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