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Splinters of Calamity?

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So, we know that Brandon's mind works in many ways. You can see Cosmere things throughout his non - Cosmere books even.

So, if you equate Calamity to a Shard, does that mean that everyone that was in the space station gained a portion of Calamity's power? Similar to when a Shard is killed in the Cosmere?


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Given how different the mechanics are, thinking of Epics as equivalent to Splinters isn't likely to be illuminating. A Splinter is self-aware Investiture which frequently has its own Intent separate from the originating Shard. They can and frequently do exist completely independent of humans or other sapient life (most spren for example) though they may be able to bond with other beings with different effects.

Epics get a particular set of powers which Calamity can reclaim and give out again, plus a weakness that's specific to the Epic. Their powers are incapable of existing independently.

Also, even if you want to use the Shard analogy (and Brandon knew going in that Reckoners was non-Cosmere, so unlike Rithmatist he didn't intend any Cosmere parallels) why would simply being in Calamity's presence give you power? Shards don't work that way, someone has to actively take up the power in order to Ascend or it's going to go do its own thing, simply being present when one dies does nothing. Also, Calamity didn't die, he left. That's not analogous to a Shard being dropped by a dead Vessel or being shattered into multiple pieces.


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