The Maelstrom Tavern (OP Character Scenes)

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This is the same as the other Maelstrom Tavern thread just for OP characters. I don't have a starting one this time because I haven't found solid cause to make an OP character yet. Long and short of it is you can use this as a way to try to sway people to accept your character by demonstrating them doing stuff and why, alongside their voice as a character.

Go wild!



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Galvris walked in, sitting down and putting his sword on the stool next to him.  "Your strongest drink" he said.  He had no need to get approved, as he was already an approved character, but since he was the most OP character he could think of, he thought he'd just make a starting post here.  

He noticed the tavern was suddenly populated with mimes, and seconds later, that train of thought was derailed, dragged through a creek, down a ravine, set on fire, smashed into a wall, and dashed to a million pieces at the bottom of a bottomless pit.  

He suddenly remembered why he was here.  His duel.  He'd somehow been foolish enough to challenge Hellbent to a duel.  He'd actually lasted quite a while.  But the vast difference in power had caught up to him eventually.  He'd changed at least part of that duel to canon, so he now had third-degree burns on his forearms.  He'd chosen not to heal them.  Not only did it look cool, but it also served as a reminder to not bite off more than he could chew.


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