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This thread is for the non-OP characters that you may or may not want to show why they should be approved. There's a separate one for OP characters to help approval there. Nothing that happens here is canon. The intention is to use this thread as a way to establish an RPed voice and personality for your character and to attempt to find a way to solidly RP the weakness(es) in a character before they get tossed into the rat race of the larger AV. If you wanted to, you could even RP your character entering the AV. Go wild, just obey the core rules. Characters can interact with each other, though, for the record.

Also for those curious, Mac approved this so it's not just me going rogue and adding threads. Neener neener.

Zerameth Adovani woke up, slumped in a corner. Where...am I? How did I get here? Brief flashes of memory pass before him - a cracking sound and pain from his head, but it felt like it might have been a dream. Like nothing was real. His head felt fine.

The only concrete information he had was his name and the feeling of the booth beneath him.

Then suddenly he was somewhere else.


"Daddy, why do we hunt the big chulls?" he said.

"We hunt the chasmfiends for their hearts. The gems they give us let us make more food, Zerameth. I've explained this to you multiple times," his father said, terse as ever, his face set in a seemingly permanent disapproving scowl. He muttered one final word, at the edge of hearing: "Disgraceful."


And then he was back in his seat, disoriented. What...just happened? Was that me? The details were already fading, fragmenting in his head; a dream fading into the wind.


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Much activity. Such use.

Evan leaned against the wall, and pretended to sip at his drink. Where the hell is he? He thought, annoyed.


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Kesho moved through the tunnels, going from huddled group to hudded group making sure people were Ok.

Helping kids reunite with their parents, or making sure people were at peace. Or whatever they could manage given the state that they were in at the moment.

Unlike some, He didn't see himself as some kind of savior or some kind of wise man.

He was just a man who tried to do what was right.

The philosophical arguments and disagreements from his youth started rising in the back of his mind, but he quieted them.

He knew that this was right, so why did it matter where it came from? Whether it was what was right according to Cultivation, or to the Nightwatcher, or to the God Beyond, it felt right to him. If he was lucky, there was a hard moral code that he could follow, otherwise, he would make due with what he had, stumbling through the fog without a light. Hopefully making a good enough path for people to follow. But enough philosophizing. Internally debating himself was not the most productive thing he could do. There were people that needed help.

He turned down the tunnel, just in time to see a team of soldiers run up from the med bay to continue fighting. The young man from his youth yearned to join them, but the slightly less young man that he was now knew that chay shan would not have helped much out there. His talents, however limited, were far better suited to being kind then to fighting. Besides, even in a situation like this, fighting was not the best thing they could do. The DA was helping, he couldn't compare to them.

He paused between two people, an old man on the left who had a broken leg and needed something to do, or a tired mother who was trying to keep 3 kids close to her, despite their constant efforts to run off and explore.

He smiled a little, the little kids had no idea of the danger they were in. They lacked understanding, like he had once in his little garden. . . He shook his head as he caught his mind wandering. He could philosophize later. Now he had something to fix. His mind was drawn to his chest, where he could tell if his blessing was providing guidance. But there was nothing, as usual, leaving him to his own devices.

Hoping that the old Man was coherent enough to help him, he knelt down and whispered in his ear:

"My friend, are you awake? If you are, could you help me?" The man opened his eyes and smiled sadly. "I'm afraid I can't be too much help to anyone right now,"

"Nonsense." Kesho said, "I need you to talk to some people, and spin a story for some children. Can you do that?" At the unsure look on the Mans face, Kesho continued, "It needent be anything big or grand. Even a simple story from far before this time would be helpful to the mother over there." He turned and pointed, then watched as the mans face softened as he saw the tired look in her eyes. 

"Very well. It won't be very good though." He started.

"It doesn't need to be thought out to be good. The purpose of this story is only to bring people together. If it does that, then it was a good story." He clasped the mans shoulder in gratitude then moved over to the children and the mother, whispering in her ear that the grandfather saw her struggling with her kids and wished to help her by telling them a story, if that would be alright with her. With eyes full of gratitude and relief she sent them over to sit next to the man and listened as he started telling a story of his childhood. One from before the guilds were big, when the things people cared about were cookies and having a good time.

The man was right. The story wasn't thought out. It tended to ramble, didn't really have a plot or a point. 

But it brought them together. The mother, her kids, the man, and those around them. The world was falling apart, but here people were unified. That was right. Regardless of who you were, this unity and togetherness was right and good. The world was a better place.

His gift didn't really provide as much guidance as some people thought. He couldn't manipulate it into letting him get much of anything, including guidance. The only thing it did was give him a little nudge when the path was covered with fog. A little knowledge about where to go.


This is a quick non canon scene in the tunnels with my new character, sorry for the sloppiness, its pretty late where I am right now and my grammer falls to pieces when im tired.


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