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Governments large and small

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Hi people!

  I just heard the new WE episode and I’ve found it fascinating. So, giving the writing exercise, maybe we can have some fun exploring the expressions of power doing it here. Maybe we can make each one a different idea or work together in one that’s exciting to explore.

  I let you decide, but I think it could be so much fun.




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Hi Arkelao,

Ooh, I don't get over here enough. I spend all my time on Writing Excuses. This is still a neat idea. I can vaguely remember that cast. 

The thing that has alway kind go fascinated me is the idea of communism, because of course all the expressions that have taken that label are and have been anything but communism, just another kind of rule by an elite class. So, my thought experiment is to wonder if it is possible to have true communism at all, and what would it look like, how would decisions be made, how could such a society be organised?

There is a flip side to that, I think, which is the question: Is it possible to have a completely beneficent ruler, an emperor who is truly good, just, balanced, etc? If there was such a head of state, how would they express their control? How would they organise people to do what needed to be done?

Anyway, hope you are still around and interested in a discussion! Thanks for posing the question :) 


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