Only three Bondsmiths?

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Fair, but would it still stand to reason to have one that leans strongly towards Odium? It seems too coincidental for there to be one order that is limited to just three members and there also be exactly three shards found on this planet. I still think that there will be a bondsmith that is closely tied to one of the unmade. Could that possibly be the champion that Odium was trying to make Dalinar into? I find this unlikely because there were always three bondmiths, but I'm throwing it out there as a possibility

If it happens, and I agree it definitely could, it would be a development of this Desolation, rather than anything with history precedent.  Odium doesnt like to Invest in planets any more than he has to, which is what it would take for him actual Odiumspren to be in the mix.  I think this is why he's been so careful thus far to take existing things and corrupt them into voidspren (souls of Singers, existing Spren, whatever was Unmade, etc).  Now, we know (because the Stormfather told us) that three historic Bondsmith godspren where the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the third we've been calling the Sibling (which we know nothing about other than that it's "slumbering").  


I personally fully expect the number of Bondsmiths to increase if only because I fully expect to see an example of every flavor of true Voidbinder (Renarin being the first we've seen) and that would theoretically include at least one Voidbinding Bondsmith.  Pretty much any of the Unmade would probably qualify from a power/Investment standpoint (Sja-Anat being an interesting choice from a narrative standpoint) and I would honestly be very suprised if the creation of the Everstorm had not birthed a contemporary of the Stormfather, which almost by definition should be Bondsmith tier.  


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