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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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Sooo, has anyone seen it yet? I saw it last saturday and I was completely blown away, both by how awesome the movie was and how stupid I find the "professional" critics.

Critics say the movie focused too much on the fighting and not enough on the human characters and that the plot was too shallow ... and I keep asking myself, why is any of that a bad thing? It's a storming monster movie, it's supposed to focus on fighting monsters! That's what made it so good! I am 100 % not interested in human drama and I basically already forgot about ... everything humans did in this movie (except for Serizawa. Never forget Dr Serizawa!).

All I wanted was:

- big monsters
- big monsters roaring
- big monsters fighting bigger monsters
- big monsters flying
- big monsters not being evil but just … big
- big monsters with flashy laserbeam attacks
- big monsters in gloomy light

Lemme tell you, this movie gave me everything I ever wanted and more. I love love love this version of Godzilla. I almost cried during the middle part!

I can't wait for the DVD to come out and see it again. Not every movie needs a deep plot (or any plot at all), I could watch Godzilla roaring and using hyperbeam for hours!

Definitely my favourite non-MCU movie of the past years and even better than the previous movie from 2014!


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Huh, no replies? Weird.

Anyway, that was a good movie, I still think Shin is better, but being able to se the monsters looking like that. It's totally worth it. It's like Hollywood's finally getting how to make monster movies after that masterpiece they made in 1998 (note the sarcasm). I disagree about the plot being unnecessary but this movie just struck such a nice balance, the characters and the plot were pretty good, nothing to win any awards but they blend really well with the monster-fights part.

I don't get the critics either, like, at least half the movie was human interaction. There was a main plot, there were sub-plots, there was the eco-terrorism, and there was Serizawa, I don't know what the problem is.

So yeah, one of the best monster movies I've ever seen. Can't wait for Godzilla vs Kong which is due for, next march? It's a good time to be alive.


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Yeah, I was also confused about the critical complaints about "not enough human activity" in the movie. It seemed like the middle was nothing but! 

I enjoyed watching this movie with my old Rodan toy.:lol:


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