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Least Favorite

Gawyn and Elayne


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Why? Why do you hate them so much? 


Rand-Character Arc, mythic powers, and incredible feats. And he did most of that while having a heart, and he gained it back when he lost it.

Perrin-Wolves and his Character Arc is my almost favorite if it weren't for...

Mat-There's too much. Knife fighter, future Great Captain, I love the Band, and his story arc is legendary. Bloody legendary. 

Rhuarac-His sense of duty and I just love the Aiel

Thom- He's a gleeman. Also, his role to the three is awesome.

Faile-Her major role in the Perrin arc and how she always does what needs to be done make her awesome.

Logain- His character in general appeals to me, as well as his brief but excellent story arc.

Lan-enough said.

Androl- His loyalty, bravery, and steadfastnesses I can appreciate. Also, his gateway power is amazing.

Moraine-Best of the Aes Sedai by far

Aiel, Sea Folk, Borderlanders: In order: Fighters and honor, Sailing and their bargaining as well as weather affinity, sense of duty and combat skill combined with the character.

All the Great Captains-Military genius I can appreciate, but I have to say that Pedron Niall was wasted.

Ogier- C'mon. They're peaceful, studious, tree-lovers until the Trollocs come. Then they face them, cutting waves down like a farmer harvests a field of wheat.

Talmanes- His steadfast attitude complements Mat, and he's much better than most nobles. He also still knows how to have fun, a perfect balance. 

Lewilin- Character Arc

Elyas and Hopper- Mentors for Perrin, WOLVES!


Tenobia-Her attitude is nothing like other borderlanders- she strikes me as a worse version of Faile

Forsaken- They all are the worst, except for Moridin and maybe Demandred. Those two fell because of Lews Therin. Which leads me to...

Lews Therin- While he didn't have someone guiding him like he did to Rand, he was arrogant and spiteful, losing valuable allies in the process.

Mazrim Taim and Dreadlords- These guys are traitors and sadistic. Taim I hate in particular.

Seanchan- Enslaving people and calling it a mercy? Also, their culture seems to set on slavery. Still, I can acknowledge their war prowess

Shadowspawn- Just had to put em in

Fain- Enough said

All in all, many characters fall in a middle ground for me, but this was one of the best series I've ever read. I finished it yesterday, and it's great. Due to my nature, many characters I don't hate but I wouldn't exactly risk myself for them. Others I don't love but I respect their characters. Egwene I respect as a good Amyrilin but I just don't like Aes Sedai.  Cadasune has a similar view for me, but I respect her more.. Gawyn is okay pre-Andor Civil War, terrble during and after it, detestable as part of the Children, better with Egwene, and best after the bond. I think he really redeemed himself at the end. I share that sentiment for Galad, although he was better with the Whitecloaks. Nynave is okay. My favorites, absolute favorites, are Hopper and Mat. The one that I will kill myself killing is Taim. 

On 1/26/2021 at 1:12 AM, Pandora's shard said:

Am I the only one who absolutely loves Cadsuane? She is my fav character. I am sorry guys, but she is awesome!!!!! And badass!!! Moraine is okay, but boring.. Mat is cool and his superpower is so whimsy ("wink wink"), it's awesome.  

Also, I have a special place for Tuon. 


I absolutely hate Rand.. 

Am I crazy?? 

You are crazy to hate Rand my friend. I can see why though.

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