Hall of Theories

By Karger,
Many of us have a theory that we are extremely proud of.  This thread is for the best that theories that you have made.  Just try and follow the rules and be respectful. 1. Please no more then three theories at a time.  If you have another theory delete one of your older ones before posting it. 2. Real theories please.  A level of aluminum hat is acceptable but at some point your just being ridiculous. 3. Meaningful theories please.  I know we all have fun coming up with new types of spren or trying to prove that the Cosmere is just Hoid on drugs but this is not the place for it.  Also if your theory is impossible to prove ever given all cosmere works also not the place for it.  So no afterlife or God beyond theories.  Sanderson has basically said he will not answer them. 4. Respect is key.  I have been more guilty then most when it comes to heated Cosmere arguments and I thought this should be here. 5. If you see an obvious flaw in a theory give the person a post and then take this to another discussion page.  I don't think cluttering this thread with your discussions is a good idea.  You can have discussions here if you need to. 6. Try and remember to update your post if and when new relevant content comes along. 7. A single victory post if and when you are proven right is allowed and encouraged. 8. I will post an example theory below.  EDIT.  A much more efficient solution has shown up where people just post a link.  I have altered my example theory below to suit this criteria as it is a better way of allowing discussion.  Please follow all other guidelines as normal.