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Vyre's knife and non-Herald Incarnate Cognitive Shadows (Like Kelsier)


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My question really all comes down to what would happen if a being like Kelsier, circa era 2, was stabbed by Vyre's knife? Would the same thing happen that happened to Jezrien? I think the heralds are preserved by Honor's investiture and they seem to have the perk of automatic incarnation after death, and Kelsier, preserved by Preservation had to get himself a body somehow to return to the Physical Realm, but like, would that knife kill him for good, or would it have no effect since he, you know, doesn't reincarnate anyway, but is just preserved as a cognitive shadow?


I couldn't find any WOB directly relating to this.

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There are a few WoBs that he let slip (based on subsequent RAFOs and refusing to elaborate further) that indicate the dagger used to kill Jezrien was somehow specially constructed for that purpose, with suspicion resting on the fact that the gemstone in the pommel was a sapphire, the stone that matches his attributes as a Herald in the Ten Essences.

Is the sapphire in the white-gold blade specifically for Jezrien? - Uh, yes.

Vyre's knife that killed Jezrien, did it have to be a sapphire...? - RAFO

Do the gems swap out, or are there different weapons [for different Heralds]? - RAFO

So however it was made, it feels to me like it is Herald-killing specific (needs a gemstone, possibly a specific match for the Herald) and not a general At-Least-Partly-Cognitive-Shadow-killing type of instrument.


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