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Lord Mistborn Bondbreaker

What Modern decks are you playing?

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I like seeing the various Magic decks that people have come up with, so I thought I would make a place for people to post their various decks. I’ll post mine below. (Hidden for size)



4 Izzet Guildmage 

4 Delver of Secrets

2 Ludvic’s Test Subject


4 Training Grounds


4 Anticipate

4 Lightning Bolt 

4 Manamorphose

4 Shock

4 Mana Leak

4 Swerve 


2 Jace, The Mind Sculptor 


8 Island

2 Glacial Fortress

6 Mountain

2 Inspiring Vantage 

2 Sacred Foundry


4 Wear // Tear

3 Detention Sphere

3 Day of Judgement

3 Tormod’s Crypt

2 Pithing Needle

The deck above is a combo deck revolving around the interaction between Izzet Guildmage, Training Grounds, and Manamorphose. It can also serve as a Aggro deck that beats down with Delver of Secrets, and Burns your opponent out with  Lightning Bolt and Shock (Which makes it a Hundred times more Consistent). 

 Mana Leak and Swerve included to protect the combo/slow down your opponent. JTMS helps set up the combo by brainstorming, and can also serve as an alternate win condition. Also, the interaction between Ludevic’s Test Subject, and Training Grounds is pretty epic.

Anyway, enough rambling. What decks are you playing in Modern MTG?


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