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Excerpt from WoK Prime On Brandon's Website!

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(Not sure if this should go under General Brandon Discussion).


So Brandon's supporting the Altered Perceptions anthology being funded to help Robison Wells, and part of the anthology is around 5 chapters of WoK Prime when Kaladin makes a drastically different decision....and because the funding just hit a milestone, Brandon's released an excerpt of that on his website.



NOTE: IT'S NOT CANON. It's an earlier draft.


The characters are surprisingly similar, the main things that threw me off were the names (and wondering how Feather will react to a Renarin appearance :) ). So the Parshendi were Prallan, Adolin was Aredor, and there was something called the Thoughtgiver? I wonder if that's an earlier version of the Nightwatcher, which may fit with that theory that she affects people's perception/mental boons and curses.

Interestingly as well, at this point Brandon had Renarin actively, yet hopelessly in battle.


What do you guys think of it?

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