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I'm sick and too obsessed with math and the Cosmere. Hence, I made this. There are way too many equations but I think it looks pretty cool!5cba281de6b5d_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_53_15PM.thumb.png.d2a7182c66887fb1939e6601b704ea27.png5cba283414e7a_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_53_41PM.png.1fc984acd107ac52dc07c404127c091c.png5cba283c2227d_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_54_04PM.png.61001cb8d320bf4d5113993e21a4a359.png5cba284544317_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_54_26PM.png.91646126be1026825dcc275dd2394226.png5cba2853e3258_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_54_58PM.png.02499fb7576291f3c0fed9561e48ee6e.png5cba2857b5415_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_55_17PM.png.ed436edb2790aae016901e79f7f74718.png5cba285bcfefe_ScreenShot2019-04-19at12_55_34PM.png.d7ebbc9599d57ae3d608a59d9193f375.png


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That is a...very long list of equations to do that. Nice work though!


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