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About 2 or 3 years ago now I had the pleasure of being invited to a sandbox self-insert game set in the Song of ice and fire world. It was ran for me and a few other people but we were all doing stuff solo so it was mostly a solo game. It was great. I took over a city, had an apprentice I was teaching, was meeting diplomats from other city states. Great game. The game ended when the GM got busy IRL and couldn't dedicate enough time to the game. 


Now, having really gotten into literally everything by Sanderson, I hope to try this again but this time in the cosmere. 


I am looking to play in or to GM a solo game for someone based in the cosmere. I'm open to discussing exactly where we start, what we start with and so on. Id prefer to start us off on Roshar (due to the larger amount of material avaliable to work with both if I'm a player or a GM) but world hopping will be gotten to eventually I think. In terms of my GMing skill, I'll try my best and will take feedback, but I don't consider myself to be the best GM to have ever lived so no promises :-) 


Please let me know if you're interested in playing or (dare I hope) running this (or potentially both). If any additional information is needed, similarly don't be afraid to ask. 

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