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How much do we know about the Vorin method of keeping time?


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The calendar is centered around a two year highstorm cycle. Every other weeping has a highstorm in the middle, rounding out a 1000 day cycle. 

There are 10 fifty day months in the year. 20 hours in a day. 

A Rosharan year is 1.1 of our years, and with that you can figure hour length. 

Here's the Coppermind article on the Rosharan calendar. 



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(Details and links to support all of this: https://www.17thshard.com/forum/blogs/entry/633-rosharan-time-measurements/)

Roshar has 50 minutes/hour, 20 hours/day, 5 days/week, 10 weeks/month (50-day months), 10 months/year (500-day years).

One Rosharan year is 1.10 Earth years.

Using R to represent Roshar and E to represent Earth:
1 R minute = 1.16 E minutes = 69.4 E seconds
1 R hour = 0.964 E hours = 57.9 E minutes
1 R day = 0.804 E days = 19.3 E hours
1 R week = 0.574 E weeks = 4.02 E days
1 R month = 1.34 E months = 40.2 E days
1 R year = 1.10 E years = 13.4 E months = 402 E days

In eastern/Vorin nations, dates all have a "name", constructed of the number of the month and suffixes of the numbers for the week and day. For example, the number one is "Jes". So the date 1.1.1 (first day of the year) for a given year would be "Jeseses". The number three is "Chach" and the number six is "Shash", so the date 3.6.1 (month 3, week 6, day 1) is "Chachashes".

Edit: One other thoughts off the top of my head...

There are mentions of "bells" to mark off the hours of the day. They seem to begin around sunrise/sunset rather than noon/midnight. So you might have breakfast at something like "second morning bell", lunch is sometime around "fifth bell", etc.

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