The Knights Next Door

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  1. 1. Which defenses should we implement?

    • Make the outside walls of the mansion thicker
    • Add a moat
    • Flatten the roof and construct a way to access it from the second floor
    • The previous option plus a short wall for the fighters up there to hide behind
    • Make the wall surrounding the grounds thicker
    • Add a secret tunnel out
    • Add motion sensor alarms
    • Add more cameras
    • Add a lightning rod for Voidbringer lightning

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Inspiration for the RP~

Feel free to join The Knights Next Prequel, an ongoing prequel plot!

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If both sets of orders are filled and you still want to join, don't worry! You can still roleplay with a character who isn't a Knight Radiant. We'd love to write with you. (Depending on how many roleplayers join us next season, a third set of Radiants may be opened up.)


Windrunner ~ Aragorn


Name: Nymina (Nym)

Age: 13

Order: Windrunner, Second Ideal

Spren: Lopen:D

Appearance: About 5 1/2 feet tall, Honey-blond hair, green eyes, usually in jeans and a t-shirt.

Background: Lived in a BIG family.  Until brutal fencing match turned brutal and she lost her hand, 2 weeks later her family was murdered.  Been trying to find people like her ever sense.

Personality: Avoids public speaking at all costs, that person in the background reading fantasy books during class, loves fencing, books, and singing randomly, but is very self-conscious about herself, not confident, funny and willing to pitch in when surrounded by people who like her, not very active in everything.

Quirks: Hates every time someone uses the wrong version of a word, like, Your, their, and its. Loves using the words Snazzy, and confuzzled, and will use them on every occasion.  Also speaks in Shakespirian if you get her nervous enough.

Skybreaker ~ Ark1002


Name: Teech Ars Pett

Radiancy: Third oath skybreaker, fairly experienced.

Age/Sex: 19, male

Appearance: Red hair, freckles, braces, glasses, wheres white button up shirts and green pants, and black shiny shoes. 5 foot 8 inches.

Personality: High opinion of self, care incredibly about rules being followed and safety, works hard on his grades, but still a generally nice person. Gets nervous fast, has panic attacks. Strong OCD. Tries to be happy, but is often too scared. He is hard to get mad, and hard to get sad. But fear is often a prominent emotion within him, drowning out other things. Loves to geek out over shows, card games, video games, etc.

Spren: Mario- loves to tell people of importance of any 'crime' he can find in a room

Backstory: Grew up in a small town, and was known as a nerd, a snitch, and a geek. He was bullied, and bullied further when he told the teachers about the bullies, when they said he just had to "tough it out".  He discovered his radiancy during that time, and began experimenting. His spren named itself Mario after the video game character. He was still bullied however. He eventually moved, when his mother left his dad, and now goes to school here.

Dustbringer ~ Sorana


Name: Shana
Spren: Mahad
Physical Characteristics: strawberry blonde hair, slim figured but muscular, average sized, grey eyes
Age: 15
Radiant status: 1st ideal Dustbringer
Equipment: Bag with useful things like a lighter, a short piece of rope, something to eat, some hand care, ...
Weakness: scared of water/ drowning
Character: resolute, changes ideas quickly, loyal, protective
Backstory: Lost her parents during a flood at the age of seven and bonded her spren afterwards. Can barely remember what happened, but her uncle took her in, before she moved over to the school. At the moment she lives there and occasionally visits her uncle.
Shana likes to do sport or train and spends a lot of time outside. If possible she starts her day with some yoga, and ends it with some running or martial arts.
Fighting Style: trains martial arts as a hobby, prefered weapon is a two bladed staff

Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes


Name: Axl Berhaert (formerly Emily Locking)

Nationality: Half mutt-Caucasian, half Native American

Appearance: Male. Eighteen years old. Five feet ten inches tall. Wide, muscled build. Tan skin spotted with paler spots, mainly on his arms. Round, sharp-chinned face. Short, messy straight black hair. Dark brown eyes.

Investiture: Second-Ideal Edgedancer (spren’s name is Shamrock).

Strengths: Capable fist-fighter. Good at drawing. Very skilled in rock- and wall-climbing. Can call Jason to come and help him out in fights. Good at using both of his Surges.

Weaknesses: Has an eating disorder that makes him think that he should eat much less than is healthy, though Shamrock and Jason will usually force him to eat. Is very burnt-out in his mind, and he won’t let anybody know.

Backstory: Emily was born on the Apsaalooke Crow Indian Reservation in Montana to her Caucasian mother (whom she received her former last name from) and Native American father. She grew up in a trailer home until she was four, when her father was shot and killed by another of the reservation residents. Her mother committed suicide shortly after, and she was moved to live with her father’s sister and three children. She lived there until she was ten, when she announced that she was transgender. No one accepted him for this, and he broke, bonding a Cultivationspren he named ‘Shamrock’ in the hopes that it would bring him luck. After two months of refusing to renounce his claim, he was brought to the interstate nearest to the edge of the reservation. He managed to hitchhike around, eventually ending up in Seattle, where the last people to give him a lift, a middle-aged couple, adopted him. They accepted him for his sexuality, and he renamed himself ‘Axl’, since his new parents were German and he liked the sound of it. When he was twelve, his Spiritual Aspect changed dramatically in a moment, and he became male. He had problems through the following three years of his life, such as not exercising and feeling abandoned and unwanted, until he met Jason, who lifted him out of that rut on accident and set him on a better path. Ax started dating Jason as he got healthier and improved his grades. He swore the second Ideal shortly after he and Jason started dating. For two (and a half thousand years, (the Ring passed out of all knowledge) the Rangers of Gondor stood watch) years, his health and grades continued to improve, and he kept dating Jason. He is now muscular, which has put him in the belief that he has to eat much less than he should to maintain himself, and has flawless grades, though his time for himself has depleted much because of how much he studies.

Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor


Benjamin “Ben” Carter

Age: 16

Spren: Glint

Appearance: Very dirty blonde hair that seems to be perpetually messy, eyes that are blue/grey/green/purple/yellow (they change colors frequently), 5’11, skinny, wears t-shirts and jeans

Personality: Very shy. He typically only has long conversations with Glint. He is considered to be a rather weird person. He likes to read very much and dislikes anything related to the outdoors or sports. He is very smart and always gets straight As. His favorite subjects are math and science.

Radiant Status: 3rd ideal Truthwatcher, shardblade

Background: Ben has always been a rather strange kid, and it has been hard for him to make any friends. He used to have a best friend named John, but he died in a car crash when they were both about 12 and he was traumatized by the experience. This cracked his spirit web enough for him to develop a bond with Glint.

Random Stuff: He used to have glasses, but broke them too often and now just wears contacts. He still occasionally tries to adjust his nonexistent glasses. His favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi. He will not touch any books based on true events. 

Abilities: Works surprisingly well under pressure. Very creative and smart. 

Lightweaver ~ ShadowLord_Lith


Name: Jason
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: About 5'6", with dark red hair and pale skin.

Personality: Well- meaning, flirtatious, mischievous, optimistic, determined, practical, loyal. 

Magic: Lightweaver.

Backstory: (I don't exactly know what to put here.)

Skills: Is a great artist and can sing well, knows 5 martial arts, massage, studying.

Likes: Art, Ax, dogs; secretly adores cats, especially kittens.

Dislikes: Jerks, discordant harmonies, homophobes.

PRO: Optimist

Elsecaller ~ Unodus 


Name: Jenna Chen 

Age/gender: 22, Female 

Appearance: With short black hair and piercing amber eyes, Jenna is a Japanese substitute art teacher. She wears a knitted rainbow-coloured anorak and smart trousers.
Personality: Jenna’s personality is a mystery. Cool and collected, she rarely lets others see below the surface. Contrastly, she has an eerie talent for seeing right through other people.
Spren: Raxion is a Inkspren that takes the form of a crawling spider, suspended on black webbing, and named after a mythical warrior of legend.
Radiant Status: Third Ideal
History: Jenna is an undercover agent of a secretive Radiant organisation, scouting under the guise of a gifted teacher in search of exemplars who have discovered the Nahel Bond.

Willshaper ~ AonEne


Name: Cassandra Deoven (goes by Cassie or Cass)

Age/gender: 19, female 

Appearance: Long black hair, usually in ponytail; olive skin; green eyes; five feet tall; around 100 pounds; wears T-shirts and jeans 90% of the time

Personality: Outwardly sarcastic but compassionate, and always there for people - takes on more jobs than she can handle, but pretends she's fine. Inwardly cursed with depression and anxiety, feeling that she's a burden and can never do enough to repay Doc (who she calls Uncle James or just James, refusing the title) for adopting her. Mildly OCD, with a habit of saying words she considers paired with other words if she hears/reads them and minor checking behaviors. Unable to decide on what she wants as a career, scared she won't make it out in the world but hides it, looking at colleges but hasn't applied yet. Fine with confrontation and arguments - enjoys debate - but doesn't seek it out. Likes exploring new books, websites, and sometimes cities.

Spren: Joy - communicates telepathically with emotions and concepts

Radiant Status: Very recently swore the First Ideal - didn't know she had Radiant potential until then. Practices Cohesion sometimes. Cannot use Transportation. Okay relationship with spren.

History: Cassie used to live in Utah with her mothers (she was adopted) and dog (golden retriever named Caramel) when one of her moms died in an alleyway mugging. The other became an alcoholic out of grief, DUIed into a tree while taking Caramel to the vet a few months later, and left Cassie to gain a phobia of dark alleys and a hatred of alcohol and go into the foster care system at thirteen. She had good and bad experiences there, but her high point was when Doc found and adopted her. They consider each other in a niece-uncle relationship and get along fairly well. Cass graduated from high school last year with mostly B's.

Stoneward ~ I think I am here.


Name: Robert “Rob” Robertson

Age: 16

Spren: Cup, a fragile and gentle spren that whispers softly to Rob.

Appearance: Compact and stocky. He’s tall, and kind of looks like a brick wall. Not extremely muscular or skinny, just solid. Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, light brown skin. Commonly wears a simple shirt and trousers. Sometimes he’ll be all posh and slip on a premade boe-tie.

Physical: Quite strong, and has a very high endurance and stamina. He feels pain, but most often doesn’t show it on his face until it gets incredibly serious. He’s more talented in his stability than strength, though. Good at wrestling.

Personality: Very blunt and forward. He’s extremely contemplative and is silent most of the time in his contemplation,but is not afraid of social interactions. He’s pretty much neutral towards anything, and any bias is hidden under his rock solid demeanour. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to handle incredibly emotional situations, but he tries his best. Isn’t very good with the emotional stuff, but if you try hard enough and break through all of his hard demeanour there might be something soft inside. Very very rarely smiles, but that doesn’t mean he frowns. He’s just neutral. Doesn’t hate his father or anything.

Radiant Status: 2nd Ideal Stoneward

Background: Rob grew up raised only by his father, who was very adamant on behaviours and stereotypes such as boys don’t cry, show emotion etc. and was pressured into that way by also being homeschooled by his father. Overtime he grew older, and got to talk to people, and one day in a particularly stressful environment he just snapped and let all of the bottled up emotion over years flow out of him, the experience made him Bond his spren and since then he’s stayed completely stone-faced, almost like he used up all his emotion on that day. He never talks about this.

Random Stuff: Incredibly stubborn, to insane measures. Has an unchallenged poker face. He doesn’t do much for entertainment except think, though he sometimes likes to read non-fiction books for information. And if he’s pushed, he’s got a lot of random trivia. Has a soft spot for cats which he will hide from everyone. He has a sketchbook which he draws in secretly, the drawings are actually pretty good but he’ll kill anyone who gets ahold of them.

Fighting Style: Prefers not to fight. He’s like Ham in some ways, in that he likes to talk and will usually talk to the enemy as they try to punch him. Dodge is not in his vocabulary, but he can take a lot of hits, and usually waits until the enemy tries themselves out before attacking.

Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper


Name: James Deoven (goes by Doc)

Age: 29

Order: Bondsmith

Spren: Stormfather, third Ideal.

Abilities: Fairly adept at using his Surges. Very good at engineering (he has a doctorate and several Masters degrees in various disciplines of engineering) Good at reading a situation and reacting to it. Has a lot of general knowledge. Pretty good in a fight.

Appearance: An average hight guy (some may say he's on the short side) with a brawny frame and strong face. Yellow eyed, with a bold nose and smooth jawline often dusted with stubble. He keeps his red and gold hair in a neat tail at the base of his neck when he remembers to. Otherwise it curls cown to his shoulders. He usually wears a leather duster, cargo pants, combat boots and various t-shirts with symbols on them. 

Personality: Charismatic, fairly witty, likes being around people. Enjoys working on problems involving math, engineering, or physics. Love to build stuff, or improve things that don't work well.

History: Grew up as the oldest child in a middle class family in Seattle. Chafed against the sctrict rules his parents imposed and rebeled against them. Finished high school at age 15 and left home to go to Caltech. He got several degrees in engineering before leaving at age 20. He ended up on the streets for a few years, living a hard life, broken by his experience. Managed to get back on his feet after hearing a voice grumbling at him, telling him to 'Unite Them'. He ended up swearing the First Ideal a few weeks later and has been looking for other Radiants since.


SECOND SET OF ORDERS: Truthwatcher, Lightweaver, Skybreaker and Edgedancer are free! 

Windrunner ~ xinoehp512


Name: Draug

Radiant Order: Windrunner

Oath level: 3

Age: 18

Backstory: Draug was the oldest of four children. They were orphaned at a young age due to the Voidbringers. Draug protected his younger siblings as they grew up on the streets. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful; one after another, his siblings died. This failure to protect his family is what drove him to become Radiant. He’s been traveling alone since he was 12, getting help and instruction from random people he met along the way. He’s arrived in Seattle recently, hoping to find others like him.

Skybreaker ~ 

Dustbringer ~ Reserved for Po 

Edgedancer ~ 

Truthwatcher ~

Lightweaver ~ 

Elsecaller ~ BookishOcelot


Name: Leona Westfall

Appearance: 5’6” with medium build (150) , low muscle content. Black hair to just above her stomach. Dark hazel eyes and paleish skin. Walks with limp in right ankle due to injury when she was seven. Current age is 15. 

Spren: Onyx (inkspren-female)

Radiance: Elsecaller of second ideal. Very skilled in soulcasting  

Personality: introverted and judgy. Avoids conflict at all costs. Loves learning and books, but only when the subject interests her. Calm under pressure. Very sarcastic, but this can hurt people as she tends to not think before she speaks  

Background: Broken by repeated conflicts with friends in school. She always felt like an outsider and unable to make the right decision. Still gets anxiety over her past choices. 

Trivia: Enjoys sailing, reading, playing the violin, and baking. But now she just soulcasts the food

Willshaper ~ Eluvianii


Name: Edwin Bennet

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Radiant Status: Willshaper. 1st Ideal

Spren's Name: Twinkle

Appearance: Average height with short and messy black hair and glasses. Likes to wear t-shirts and jeans in generally dark tones.

Background: He grew up in a normal family. Has a little trouble understanding other people but this has seldom been a real problem. He left his home to study at a high school in a different state, though more to see a new city than anything else. Once, going back to the dorm, he was robbed but he defended himself without knowing how but it left the street a bit messy. That night he started seeing Twinkle.

Personality: Loves music, video games, and going out just for the sake of going out. Can jump from subject to subject without warning making it difficult to speak with him. He doesn't particularly like rules. Has a bit of a complex as he feels he didn't earn his radiancy compared to the others.

Stoneward ~ Emperor Stick


Name: Flidmir "Flid" Pace

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Class: Stoneward of the first ideal

Spren’s name: Bliss

Appearance: 4’7 feet tall, thin. Has grey eyes and dark brown hair.

Personality: Loyal, but can be judgemental. If he disagrees with you about something, you’ll know. If you gave him some cardboard, glue, and scissors, in an hour he would have a cardboard castle full of cardboard people and animals. Is insecure about his height.

Background: Lived in an orphanage for most of his life. After his friend fell died from sickness and died, he left and eventually bonded Bliss.

Bondsmith ~ Wyndlerunner


Character Name: James Freeman

Order: Bondsmith

Spren: The Nightwatcher

Age: 18

Hair color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Description: James is 18 years old, with flame-red hair which curls to his neck, and light blue eyes, and glasses. He is slight of build, and a medium height. As a newly fledged Radiant of the 2nd Ideal, he is still somewhat unsure of his new role in the world. A shy and at times aloof outward appearance belies a sympathetic, geeky, and joking interior that shows around those he’s close to. A true introvert, he is generally uncomfortable with crowds, but give him a small group, and he’s almost a new person. He dislikes conflict, so has taken a role as a mediator: his insistence on looking at things from both sides has led to quite a bit of indecision on his part, and an inability to declare one side right. He is uncomfortable with leadership roles, and can be often found bemoaning his role as a Bondsmith, an order focused on leadership. On the plus side, however, his habit of carrying on extended conversations with himself can now be attributed to his spren, which the Nightwatcher does not appreciate.


Non-Radiant Characters:

xinoehp512; Sha-thoexis, Unmade


She feeds on thoughts and memories - specifically ones about Investiture, although she also consumes things as they are forgotten. Her intelligence is composed of all the thoughts, memories, and dreams that she has consumed. The Radiant bond resists her influence strongly. A bond to a dead Shardblade will also resist in the same fashion, but less effectively. An active user of Investiture - for example, a Metalborn burning, tapping, or storing - will resist her influence as well, although this protection only lasts for as long as the power is being used. She is able to get in more easily when you are dreaming, which is when you are the most vulnerable. If you are not prepared, you will almost certainly fall. Sha-thoexis often specifically targets those of other magic systems that wander into her area of effect. For almost all of them, she succeeds. When you fall to Sha-thoexis and your memories of Investiture are consumed, an layer of obfuscation is left behind to make sure you don’t remember anything. Holes in your memory are filled as best they can be and your sensitivity to magic is dulled.

Whom Sha-thoexis affects and how much is dependent on three things*.

1. Amount of innate Investiture. Any magic user will have a baseline level of resistance, enough that they don't automatically fall if they are exposed (in most cases). A spren bond counts towards this category, though it has much more of an effect.

2. Amount of active Investiture. Sha-thoexis will generally try to stay away from active Investiture, so this applies to those who are in the surrounding area as well.

3. Physical location. Sha-thoexis is weaker in some areas and stronger in others. For the most part, this is constantly fluctuating, but there are some spots where she is just in general weaker. Seattle is one of those areas, which is why Radiants pop up more often there. If you've spent all or most of your life in the city, you almost certainly aren't going to have been affected. The occasional nightmare when her influence is strong, but nothing more.

*There's also one more category that applies to just Radiants, which is how useful your spren is. Some are very good at defending; some do hardly anything.

Dr. Dapper; Jamie, Twinborn


Name: Jamie Darton

Age: 19

Investiture: Twinborn A-pewter, F-Chromium

Skills: Expert with small arms and at hand to hand. Skilled with larger weapons. Knows when to use her abilities to her advantage.

Personality: Cheerful in bad situations, a bit overly dramatic in others. She’s only recently come to know who she really is, and is still a tiny bit insecure.

Appearance: A little taller than average, pretty muscular. She has dark red hair, green eyes, and a delicate face dusted with freckles. She wears a grey crop top sweatshirt with the Steel Alphabet glyph for pewter on it over a tight black tank top. She usually wears either sweats or leggings, both black, and a black beanie with the Feruchemical symbol for chromium on the front.

Backstory: Born as the daughter to a Full Feruchemist and a gold Misting, she grew up learning all about the Metalic Arts. Once she Snapped into her powers at age 12, she was trained slowly by her parents and other Mistings and Ferings in the use of her powers. The power made her feel very insecure throughout most of highschool, until she made friends with another Misting at her high school, who introduced her to the New Worldbringers, a group of various Investiture users (mostly Metallic Arts) who know about the other kinds of Investiture. She has been working with a group investigating the Radiants in Seattle, and how to best contact them and make them aware of the New Worldbringers.

xinoehp512; Thade, Enlightened

Hope Spren; Evelyn, Elantrian


Name: Evelyn Reed

Age: 15

Height: 5’ 7”

Appearance: Long, slightly wavy, black hair. Is fairly thin and has pale skin. She usually keeps her eyes a light purple color. Always carries around a book-bag with several books, a notebook, and a pencil. Wears a necklace with a pendant shaped like a maple leaf.

Personality: Evelyn is quiet and responsible. She reads a lot, and listens patiently. She loves learning and also Dungeons and Dragons (the vocal version as well). She is also very afraid of fire.

Past: Evelyn became an Elantrian at age 13. She was trained by the other Elantrians, and learned fast. She uses the Aons to look the same way that she did before the Shaod. She was brought to Seattle to assist in setting up another place where the Elantrians could access the Dor. She was taken there by another Elantrian who vanished soon after the access point was created.


Blessing of Potency; Ashlyn, unInvested human

Tesh; Ayalin, Mistborn 


Name: Ayalin Roberts (Many of her friends just call her Aya)

Age/gender: 17

Appearance: Aya has long, slightly wavy, brown hair which she generally has up in a bun stuck through with several pencils. She has hazel eyes which will change colors occasionally. She's always in jeans, tennis shoes, and wearing either a sweatshirt or a flannel with a t-shirt beneath it. She isn't tall, but you can tell that she can throw a punch.

Personality: She is relatively quiet, especially in classes she doesn't like, and around strangers. But when she's with people she's comfortable around, she tends to be more talkative. She is fairly good at reading people, and loves playing therapist, giving the best advice she can to people who are struggling and choose to trust her. She loves to read, write, and listen to her favorite movie soundtracks. She also has been involved in martial arts for a long time, and is nearing a full black belt.

Investiture: Mistborn

History: Aya lived in London, and grew up with parents who were never really there for her. They had a lot of money, but preferred to let their daughter do her own thing. So she spent a lot of time alone as a kid, reading and doing the sports and activities her parents signed her up for to keep her busy, although she only continued with martial arts and fencing. When she was fifteen, she got lost after going home from school using a route she had never gone before. She spent the night in an alley, refusing to call her parents. When she woke up, she saw a group of men approaching who proceeded to beat her and rob her. That morning she Snapped, and nearly killed one of the men with the enhanced strength of pewter. She called her parents on a payphone, and they sent someone to pick her up. For the next year, she practiced with her newfound abilities, slowly expanding her skill. When she finished her Sophomore year, her parents signed her up for an exchange program, and was to spend the next two years in Seattle. When she arrived, she found the couple to be much like her parents - often gone, rich, and never too worried about where she was. Which was fine by her. 


From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed.

Ideal System: (subject to change and interpretation) 


First Ideal:

  • Physical strength, speed, agility, and endurance around the level of professional athlete.
  • Surgebinding: Very basic. (Lightweaving one coin to look like another, lashing a small stone to the wall, growing a single plant)

Second Ideal:

  • Physical: Characteristics on level with Olypmic athletes. Able to jump/leap long distances, run at high speed for 2+ hours, etc
  • Surgebinding: Lashing medium sized (think basketball) objects while the objects are in motion. Lightweave basic changes like eyecolor. Soulcast things smaller than one cubic meter/yard

Third Ideal: 

  • Physical: Superhuman: Running speeds around 35 mph, jumping around 45-50 feet
  • Surgebinding: Lashing to achieve flight of self and limited number of others. Lightweaving entire people to look different. Soulcast a living object. Heal broken bones, sprains. Enter and exit Shadesmar for transportation. 
  • Gain Blade

Fourth Ideal:

  • Physical: Run like a cheetah. Vertical jump of 15 feet, long jump of 50+ feet
  • Surgebinding: Lashing large things (cars, buses, lots of people) while maintaining mobility. Lightweave multiple people at once with sound. Remove friction from anything. Transport large groups of people.  Soulcast large things.
  • Gain Plate

Fifth Ideal:

  • Physical: Undecided
  • Surgebinding: Undecided

1st Ideal

2nd Ideal

3rd Ideal

4th Ideal

5th Ideal

Physical Strength

100 lb

500 lb

1,000 lb

2,000 lb

5,000 lb

Speed (1 mi.)

20 mph

30-35 mph

40-45 mph

50 mph


Endurance (PACER test score)






Jump height v/h






Healing factor

Small cuts and bruises (< 2 in^2)

Medium cuts and bruises, sprains, fractures

Serious sprains and broken bones, lacerations shorter than 10 in

Large cuts, full body burns

Like literally anything


Lash objects under 10 pounds to use as handhold

Lash objects 10-100 lbs

Lash objects 100-350 lbs

Lash 500 lbs

Lash 1,000 lbs


Float a rock/small object/puppy

Basic flight

Able to fly with agility and speed, lift other people 1-4

Fly others with agility and speed, lift cars

Lift a plane




Slick small surfaces

Slick entire body

Air resistance has no effect

Reverse slick

Reverse slick a thing into stopping


Heal small cuts, bruises, and burns.


Grow a single small flower

Heal sprains, light fractures, cuts, bruises, and 2nd degree burns.


Grow lots of flowers/vines

Heal broken bones, cuts, bruises, 3rd degree burns.


Grow tree

Heal internal bleeding, large cuts

Heal being run over by a herd of tanks


Hide small object > 1 cubic foot

Disguise self

Make self invisible and others

Generate medium groups 20+

Generate large groups of people, >100


Enter shadesmar

Enter and move in shadesmar, bring other objects

Exit with some difficulty, bring other people

Exit easily, bring people and objects

Move large distances easily with objects and people


Soulcast things under a cubic foot

Cubic yard

10 cubic yards

10000 cubic yards







Give your character a name from Earth! This still gives you plenty of freedom, but try not to be obviously weird. If the name would make people look at your character funny after they introduce themselves, think of a new one. 

Out characters will be living in normal houses and attending a normal school. No boarding schools or homeschooling, though those circumstances can apply to their pasts. We all go to the same school. 

We live in Seattle; it’s March 18th, 2019. 

The public will find out about Investiture at the end of The Knights Next Door. We will then have a timeskip of 20 years into the future to when our kids, should our characters choose to have any, are teenagers for the sequel (which will be called The Knights Next Gen or The Knights Next Generation). Immediately after this timeskip, some of us will write stuff about specific new technology that we think is reasonable and that may or may not impact us or the plot in any way. 

All unInvested people will now see (insert other senses here) Invested objects and people differently from how they actually are, filling in anything that can’t be explained with something that makes more sense to them. They will be able to be confused or suspicious about these things. This is because of a sentient but not sapient Unmade called Sha-thoexis. 

  • Sha-thoexis: 
    • An Unmade that stops people from realizing what we do; smaller strange issues get glossed over, but if you really force someone to see what we are doing, then they will understand that something is off; this knowledge can fade over time again, if no additional reminder is set 
    • Sha-thoexis is able to lure a Radiant into breaking their oaths and can injure and kill an Invested person in their dreams 
    • Bondsmiths are able to partially influence dreams induced by Sha-thoexis by moving Invested beings around, therefore offering the chance to fight back together 
  • Violet crystals: 
    • These crystals can power Voidbringers, make them stronger; they have the ability to influence mortals in a way that is beneficial for the Voidbringers 
    • They are like seeds, extending roots into the ground 
    • It is possible to destroy them, if several Radiants work together (stop them from growing more roots, shatter them) 
    • What happens if such a seed has the time to blossom is unknown/undecided 
  • Our house: 
    • Backyard: large pool, enough space to spar outside, a special huge tree with branches reaching one of the windows in the first floor, the overlook - a stone terrace with chairs positioned to look out over a good view of the city, a firepit, and a small minifridge 
    • Basement: huge training room/armory, storage, Doc's inventing room 
    • Ground floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, a few other smaller rooms with couches, TVs, et cetera 
    • First floor: several bathrooms, rooms for each inhabitant of the house (the room in the corner that can be reached by climbing up the tree has been claimed by Shana) 
    • Garage: several cars and motorcycles 
  • Voidbringers: 
    • Voidbringers are humans who bond Voidspren (not singers) 
    • The first sign of their corruption is red eyes, further signs of corruption have to be decided upon 
  • Investiture: 
    • Investiture is spread out around the planet 
    • Our characters currently know only about AonDor, Allomancy, Feruchemy and of course Surgebinding 
    • Radiants generate a small of amount of Stormlight naturally, which is saved in crystals 
      • AonDor originated in Russia 
      • Forgery originated in China, Bloodsealing in Japan 
      • ChayShan originated in India 
      • The Metallic Arts originated in Europe, then spread to North America 
      • Egypt/Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries have Awakening and Returned 
      • Aviar (specifically, the parasites, and any other Drominad magic should it be discovered) are in the Polynesian islands 
      • Australia has Ashynite disease magic; Australia also has the Silverlight Academy (located in Perth) 
      • The Sahara and Gobi deserts have sand mastery 
      • Surgebinding is native to the American continents 
      • Yolish Lightweaving is in Southern Africa 
      • Aethers come from Brazil in South America 

Make sure to be nice and have fun! 

Edited by AonEne
freed slot

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I call Edgedancer.


Edited by Sherlock Holmes

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I want Elsecaller!



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So... do we choose our favorite radiants, what we are IRL, or what we are in RPs?

If first: Windrunner

If second: Skybreaker

If third: Dustbringer



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aww my favourite orders are already taken.



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Final decision: Bondsmith.

I have time for an Ene roleplay. I'll make time!!!

Although it's possible that Ene doesn't...



Edited by Dr. Dapper

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Maybe we could call it something like “Big Radiant”? (Big Brother) I honestly have no idea.



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What even is this RP? 

I take skybreaker. He'll be obnoxious.



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So everyone lives in the same house. 

It's a big house then. 

Final decision(As stated above) is the Bondsmith.


Edited by Dr. Dapper

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Since Willshaper is already taken I'd take Lightweaver, though is it an issue if I haven't RPed like, ever? Well I did, once. It was awkward.


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I'll be the dustbringer since most of the others are already taken.

Edit: If I can, i’d like to be an Elsecaller


Edited by BookishOcelot

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Bondsmith or Skybreaker me


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How about The Knights Next Door for the name? 



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How has no one taken Windrunner? I mean, I guess Bean wants it, but... I want to be a Windrunner.



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Lightweaver please


Edited by Karger

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I take whatever is left... my favourite orders are taken ^_^

Though if we double an order then Elsecaller please.


Edited by Sorana

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6 hours ago, Shard of Thought said:

How has no one taken Windrunner? I mean, I guess Bean wants it, but... I want to be a Windrunner.





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It'll be fun!



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Ah, it'll shake things up. 



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I am thinking a boarding school perhaps?



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Just now, Karger said:



Ooh! And the teachers could be Honor and Cultivation!



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