Physics of the Metallic Arts

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5 hours ago, Scion of the Mists said:

I think an easier way to go about it is to push and pull from different points in your body.  This would allow both your forces to act on the center of mass of the object, which would eliminate the torque. 

Ah! I didn't know that was possible. That does make things much easier. It would apply torque to your own body, but since you need to be a mistborn to pull this off anyways, pewter can help with the strain. So you'd just need to make sure you're firmly attached to something large enough to keep you from beyblading.


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On 3/16/2019 at 8:45 PM, CosmereScholar said:

There are also distinct problems in Wax's conservation of momentum. He mentions several times that changing mass during a fall does not slow him, because acceleration due to gravity does not depend on mass. While this is true, he should definitely slow down temporarily if he increases his mass, otherwise, he would be gaining momentum.

There is always a frame of reference in which you are at rest. As soon as changing mass in an unaccelerated case changes speed, you kill relativity.


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