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Some ideas:

  • A fantasy story told in the form of a "fake" Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia about an otherwise nonexistent series of fantasy books.
  • A fantasy story told in the same form but as if it were the Wikipedia of an alternate world.
  • A two-level fantasy story told in the Wikipedia-like format, with the caveat that the otherwise nonexistent books have articles about them with citations that refer to "outside" events in a higher-level fantasy setting (e.g. in an article about Book 5 in the series, say, there would be a footnote that would refer to the inspiration for a scene in the fictional Book 5, and the inspirational event would itself be part of another layer of fantasy storytelling).

OTOH this seems "obvious" enough of an idea to have already been pursued...


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Sounds like massive dumps of exposition to me. However I can see it working potentially.


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