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There was a flash of light. Enigma-2 was alive again. He took an gasp of breath, that was unnecessary due to his machine frame. Enigma was a Exo, a machine with a sentient human mind, thus he didn't need to eat, drink, or breath. Enigma-2 rubbed the back of his neck and looked his ghost, Sienna, from which the light had originated.  

"Dying sucks." those were his first words.

"You could avoid it by not being shot." the reddish brown shell replied looking at his with her singular eye.

"Insulting but true." Enigma-2 said. "What of Arac and Mya?"

Arac and Mya were apart of his fireteam. Arac was a titan and Mya a warlock respectively. 

"I am picking up no traces of nearby life signs." Replied his ghost.

Enigma-2 slung his pulse rifle over his shoulder and drew a hand cannon.

"I can't contact the Vangard or anyone for that matter down here. Lets get out of this cave" His ghost suggested.

Enigma-2 began to make his way over to the exit but three bodies caught his eye. Two of which were Mya and Arac, their ghosts lay broken next to them. It was their final death. The third was husk of the servitor that was supplying ether to the fallen in the area.

"Rest in piece friends." Enigma-2 said in a hushed voice.

He ran up the sloping corridor and out into the forest air.

Sienna his ghost hovered, then called out over the vanguard channel. "Hello? Is there anyone in the vicinity that can respond?"



Tagging potentially interested parties.

@Snipexe, @I think I am here., @Sorana



Key information

Ghosts- A Ghost is a sapient robotic drone created by the Traveler shortly after the Collapse with the purpose of locating, resurrecting, and supporting an individual capable of wielding the Light.

Traveler- The Traveler is a mysterious spherical entity floating above Earth. Massive in scale, it hangs motionless in the skies above the Last City built in its shadow. The Traveler is an ancient and immensely powerful machine, and the source of Ghosts and the paracausal powers of the Guardians. It is a source of Light, though not the only source in the universe. Its outer surface is made of Neutronium and "Electroweak matter", both hypothetical materials; the former is believed to make up Neutron Stars, and the latter is based on a fundamental force that hasn't existed since the dawn of time.

Last City- final bastion of humanity

The Golden Age- era in history when the human race had achieved a very prosperous existence, having colonized the entire Solar System.

The Collapse- cataclysm in human history that nearly brought the species to extinction. Following the Golden Age after mankind had colonized the Solar System, the Darkness attacked humanity and pushed it back to its homeworld, Earth.

The Vangard- elite Guardians who coordinate the Last City's defenses, organize assaults on enemy strongholds and assassinations of their leaders, and mentor newly-risen Guardians. Some Guardians work directly for the Vanguard as scouts, investigating potential threats to the City far afield. There is one for each class.


Playable Races

Exoself-aware war machines

Human- sapient species native to the planet Earth

Awoken- resemble baseline humans, with the notable exception of having pale blue, purple, green, or gray skin. They also have luminescent eyes with glowing irises.


Classes for Guardians


Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. You're no outlaw – at least not any more – but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. Your unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever.

Subclasses in spoiler


Gunslinger—"A lone wolf who lives for the perfect shot." A medium to long distance Solar class suited for engaging single or sometimes multiple targets with precision shooting and large amounts of damage.

Super—Golden Gun: Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light

Grenades—Incendiary Grenade, Tripmine Grenade, Swarm Grenade

Melee—Throwing knife: Throw a knife from a distance.

Jump—Double Jump; Triple Jump

Bladedancer—"(Destiny 1) Beautiful lethality, relentless style." An Arc-powered class suited for close-range crowd control.

Super—Arc Blade: Charge your blade with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning.

Grenades—Flux Grenade, Skip Grenade, Arcbolt Grenade

Melee—Blink Strike: A powerful melee attack with extended range.

Jump—Double Jump; Blink[9]

Nightstalker—"Draw from the Void. Light the way." A Void-based support class suited for weakening enemies while strengthening Fireteams as well as featuring crowd control, stealth, and tracking. 

Super—Shadowshot: Tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening and suppressing them for you and your allies.

Grenades—Spike Grenade, Voidwall Grenade, Vortex Grenade

Melee—Smoke: Throw Smoke to slow and disorient those within its cloud. There is an option within that column to alter smoke and make both disorient and damage enemies over time whils they are in your smoke cloud. Using a smoke and grenade at the same time is often referred to as a "wambo combo".

Jump—Double Jump; Triple Jump

Arcstrider—"Flow like lightning. Strike like thunder." An Arc-based subclass suited for close-combat and mobility. 

Super—Arc Staff: Charge your staff with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning.

Grenades—Skip Grenade, Flux Grenade, Arcbolt Grenade

Melee—Pressure-Point Punch: Deliver a precise, Arc-charged punch to enemies.

Jump—High Jump; Strafe Jump; Triple Jump


Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies are the only thing that stands between you and the lost wonders of our Golden Age

Subclasses in spoiler


Voidwalker—"From the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions." A heavy-damage Void subclass with an emphasis on recovering health and ability energy.

Super—Nova Bomb: Channel some of the Traveler’s mysterious forces and unleash them in an explosive, large area-of-effect attack. When used, the user jumps and releases a large Void Light blast from one of their hands.

Grenades—Vortex Grenade, Scatter Grenade, Axion Bolt

Melee—Energy Drain: A powerful melee attack which drains energy from enemies and uses it to reduce the cooldown of your grenade.

Jump—Glide; Blink

Sunsinger—"There are flames that even the Darkness cannot extinguish." A support-focused Solar subclass for buffing yourself and your fireteam. 

Super—Radiance: Fill yourself with Solar Light, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of all your abilities. This Super ability will create an aura around the player, charging their grenade and melee attacks much faster, and can be upgrade to either share the effect to allies in your aura, reduce incoming damage, or create a phoenix-like effect where it can be used whilst dead, bringing you back to life while shortening the overall usage time.

Grenades—Solar Grenade, Firebolt Grenade, Fusion Grenade

Melee—Scorch: A powerful melee that ignites enemies, causing damage over time.


Stormcaller—"Harmony within, hurricane without." A crowd-control subclass fueled by Arc Light.

Super—Stormtrance: Chain Arc Lightning from your hands.

Grenades—Pulse Grenade, Storm Grenade, Arcbolt Grenade

Melee—Thunderstrike: Deliver an electrocuting Arc melee strike at extended range.


Dawnblade—"Spread your wings and set the sky ablaze." A Solar-powered aerial offensive subclass with an emphasis on mobility and damage-dealing. 

Super—Daybreak: Charge a sword with Solar Light and fly into the air using wings of pure fire. The sword can be used to project blasts of flame at enemies.

Grenades—Solar Grenade, Firebolt Grenade, Fusion Grenade

Melee—Energy Palm: Deliver a scorching Solar strike to opponents.



The first Titans built the Wall, and gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same high place, steadfast and sure, protecting all who shelter in your shadow. You hail from a long line of heroes, forged from strength and sacrifice. Our enemies may be deadly and merciless, but so are you.

Subclasses in spoiler


Striker—"At close quarters a fist is better than any gun." An Arc combat class with a heavy emphasis on armor and crowd control.

Super—Fist of Havoc: One of the powers of the Titans is an Arc Light area-of-effect ground punch.

Grenades—Flashbang Grenade, Pulse Grenade and Lightning Grenade

Melee—Storm Fist: A powerful melee attack which utilizes arc light to annihilate enemies.


Defender—"The wall against which the Darkness breaks." A defensive class used for both shielding and strengthening offense. 

Super—Ward of Dawn: The Titan casts a small bubble shield of Void Light around itself and allies. Guardians who enter the shield receive a temporary boost to defense or offense when they wander back outside of it.

Grenades—Magnetic Grenade, Spike Grenade and Suppressor Grenade.

Melee—Disintegrate: Another powerful melee attack, which upon killing an enemy, creates a Force Barrier around you, absorbing incoming damage.


Sunbreaker—"Forge the fury of undying suns." A Solar artillery class focused on strong offense, recovery, and ability buffs. 

Super—Hammer of Sol: Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies, whether up close and personal or at a distance.

Grenades—Thermite Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Incendiary Grenade.

Melee—Sunstrike: Ignite your enemies with a heavy solar strike.


Sentinel—"Valiant heart, unwavering resolve." A Void class that can be focused for offense or defense.

Super—Sentinel Shield: Summon a glowing shield and use it to destroy your enemies however you choose.

Grenades—Magnetic Grenade, Voidwall Grenade, Suppressor Grenade.

Melee—Void Fist: Disintegrate enemies with a Void-charged punch.



Enemies (Any google image search with the name will yield photos of appearance.)

Cabal- a warmongering race of giant bipedal humanoids with a heavy-set, rhinoceros-like appearance. The Cabal are an extremely tough species, willing to defend their territory until every last one of them is dead. Their architecture is very industrial, with an emphasis on burrowing into mountains for defense. The are a very industrious, militaristic species whose social structure and way of life revolves largely around conquest and expansion,

Fallen-  known in their own language as the Eliksni, are an insectoid alien species that fights against the remnants of humanity, as well as the other races vying for control of the Solar System. Notorious scavengers and raiders, the Fallen seek to reclaim their glory by taking control of the Traveler at any cost. The Fallen are a nomadic race of pirates and scavengers descended from a once-great civilization.

Hive- The Hive are an extragalactic race of aliens that worship and serve the Darkness. The Hive are a eusocial species, similar to Earth colonial insects.

Taken- The Taken are beings originating from multiple species that have been corrupted by the Darkness and altered to better serve its purposes.

Vex- The Vex are a race of time-traveling cybernetic war-machines. The Vex have been described as a "hyperintelligent time-spanning thought-mesh", a collective mind composed of countless component intelligences distributed across time and space. The mobile Vex machines encountered by Guardians are merely containers for these intelligences, which carry mind cores filled with milky radiolarian fluid - hypothesized to be the only remnant of their distant biological origin.




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Interested ;)I'll think about a character later.



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No need for a sheet unless you want to.

Thanks for the post means I can continue the story without editting.

"No response." Sienna looked at him.

"Figures. I need a vantage point." Enigma-2 replied.

"Climb a tree?" His ghost suggested.

Enigma-2 shook his head. "Remember that hill where we killed that fallen captian not to long ago? That'll be good enough."

He started off at a jog headed due north. There weren't any enemies, which concerned him. He kept his hand cannon handy and kept running. 

He reached the hill and shot a flare. He turned to his ghost.

"That might have not been the wisest idea."

"You think?" Was the reply.

He check his ammunition in his cannon and his rifle. He could hear the sounds of the fallen approaching.

"Make a final call."

"If anyone can hear this we are a lone hunter guardian. Please respond. Over?"


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This looks interesting. Too bad I probably just necroed it...



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