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So I just had this thought: What if Prof directed a play and David was the stage manager? This resulted in a series of vignettes I wrote between David and Prof. My friend wrote a couple of these so I will post mine and then post the ones she did. Spoilered for length, this has no actual spoilers.




*Prof talking to other Reckoners*

Prof: I'm just not sure how to end this musical number

Cody: They all dab

Prof: That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard 


Prof: I told you to never say that word again

*Prof talking to David*

David: So I heard you're directing a play

Prof: What you've heard is true

David: So am I going to be in it? I mean, I've got the looks, I could be your leading man.

Prof: David, you'd ad lib the whole thing

David: And what's wrong with improvising?

Prof: Actually...I have the perfect position for you.

David: Sweet, so do I get my script now or...

Prof: *sets a script on the table* Start getting a prop list together, you're going to stage manage

David: So I won't have any lines? Or do some of these wicked dance moves? *Dances awkwardly*

Prof: I'm...uh...afraid not


My Friend's




Prof: *to actor* Keep swirling the brandy throughout the scene.

David: *Spontaneously dumps brandy over actor's head*

Prof: David, what are you doing?

David: Wouldn't that make it more interesting?

Prof: Whatever, go do some paperwork or something


Prof: *Talking to a woman, hitting it off quite well*

David: *Approaches Prof, ironically swirling Brandy* Oh, hi there. I'm Prof's stage manager.

Prof: *Whispering* David, you weren't invited to this party. How did you get past security?

David: Well, I have my ways.

Prof: What did you do?

David: I kind of snuck in through the...*gestures to ceiling panel on the floor, then to the ceiling, which is missing a panel*

Prof: David, please leave


One We Both Made



*Prof and David Talking*

Prof: We're choreographing the big number today. Are the yo-yos ready?

David: Uhh, about that...

Prof: What is it this time?

David: Well, you see, they're a little broken. They don't yo no mo.

Prof: *about to scold him* That one was actually okay.

David: Really?

Prof: No.




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They don't yo no mo

Lol I bet Abraham would get super into his character. Like he'd play the villain or a character with a tragic past and he'd get like super deep and take it really seriously



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Another one:


Prof:  Alright now David, when Megan gives the cue, lower the prop.

David:  *holding the prop's rope* What?  What's the cue?

Megan:  *Gives the cue*

*Prop crashes to the ground*

These are great.


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I wonder what mizzy would end up doing...

Maybe like, singing her heart out cuz she just loves music and has a crazy awesome voice and everyone's shook and like, "holy cow you sound amazing!"  but it turns out she can't act for the life if her.


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