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Siri and the Godkings priests (palace intrigue)

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Sort of an odd thing to dwell over possibly, but did anyone else wonder about the specifics about some of the stuff going on behind the scenes at the palace for the first couple of weeks of Siri's arrival? Especially as far as the relationship between Siri and the god kings priests go? With the initial reading it's so easy to get caught up with all of Siri's fears, isolation and humiliation it's easy to not think about the particulars about what was going on, but after I thought it over after the end of the book, I started to reevaluate the ealier sections of the novel, though wasn't entirely sure given that it didn't get explicitly outlined in the text or the authors notes. But there were a few things (perhaps obvious to most other people, though I've not seen it mentioned much) that seem fairly probable to me.

1. Bluefinger sabotaged Siri's wedding night instructions

-Siri spending her honeymoon kowtowing in the nude, waiting for her husband to make the first move, was not the priests plan. They really did want a legitimate heir, so not even prudes like them would have planned around that. It seems probable that Blue-finger (befitting his status as the highest ranked non-believer) was supposed to give Siri wedding night instructions that would have compensated for Susebron's own innocent nature. Such as her taking the initiative to couple with him. But Bluefinger gave Siri the "don't do nothing on pain of death" as part of his own agenda that he was plotting.

2. The priests think Siri is a wannabe martyr

-Working under the assumption that Bluefinger WASN'T giving Siri counterproductive instructions, the priests assume that Siri is refusing to couple with the god king, and is making a spectacle of protesting her marriage to him by melodramatically kow-towing to him all night. This assumption is framed by their intelligence about about Vienna being a devout Austrist who hates Hallandren, and guilt over their part in making Susebron so powerless and naive that he can't deal with a rebel princess insulting him to his face. 

3.Bluefinger plays everyone like a fiddle 

-Bluefinger needs to slow things down in order for his plot to succeed, and his position as head steward acting as go between Siri and the Priests gives him ample opportunity to pit them against each-other, that makes each party think the other an unreasonable cremhole. Treledees's threats to Siri for not performing her wifely duties come from being mislead into thinking Siri is making acts of outrageous defiance, while Siri imagines him to be one of many over the top forces arranged against her in the palace as opposed to potentially being a merely unsympathetic individual.


I suppose this might be a line of thinking that other people already considered, but since I didn't see it discussed often, I was curious if anyone else made this evaluation?

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17 hours ago, RShara said:

Have you read the Warbreaker Annotations? It's like an extra third of a book of just background stuff.

I have. Though as far as I can recall, they don't elaborate as much about certain things in the early chapters as much latter on after certain things were revealed. It's partly what made me curious.


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