Different interpetations of Shard's Intents

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This is more a big "what if" than a theory. Maybe it has been discussed already but I was just wondering...

Ati describes himself as "Change", rather than just "decay". Rayse does the same, his religion is the "Passions", and he claims that all "passions" are his. But both are known for the negative aspect of their Intents, Ruin (a kind of change) and Odium (definitively a strong emotion / passion).

AFAIK the shards have their own intents, period. But I figured the holder might fine-tune it. Ati might have even tried but failed, given he has been described as a good man. But imagine what kind of story would we have had if instead of Ruin and Preservation, we got Progress and Stagnation, wit these names, the Good/Bad roles seem to be reversed! Or if Odium was Love, could even work as a villain too, Love can be pretty toxic if it devolves into jealousy. Honor might have been Stubbornness. Endowment might have been Martyrdom, always giving herself for others.

Heck, Sazed names himself Harmony because he believes he controls two oposite forces, but the forces have him trapped and limit his actions, so they are not very harmonious... He could have named himself Discord, to represent this conflict, if the depressive side of him were the dominant when he took the shards...

You get the Idea.


As I said it's not even a theory. Ati would not have ended as he did if it were that simple as to change perspectives. But I think it's a fun "what if" exercise.



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I actually very much think this is a possibility... Just not consciously on there part. I've written a thread on it in the past. 

I think Ati tried to contain an Intent he saw as monstrous, and that belief is what turned him into the monster he feared. 

I think Odium wants to be Passion... But deep down the Shard is Odium because that is what he subconsciously interprets it to be (and seeing as Brandon has said that Devotion is being used as a synonym of Love, I don't think he can be "Passion" in truth unless it's the definition of Passion that means suffering) 


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Wo, the Mighty Calderis agrees with me! I feel honored :D

I lurk a lot and post very little, but you are a constant in these forums :)

Your thread is interesting. I was discarding this as just a what if but you gave it a structure good enough to consider it. The WoB does say that the holder shapes the intent. So, imagine someone like Adolin or Waxillium picking Odium and getting Valor instead, or something like that... Huh... Food for thought!


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