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the winter system

What Happened In The Oregonverse

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Post all stories relating to alternate timelines here. What Happened Out Of Canon is for crack interactions with the main Oregon/Edmonton timeline and Fanfics of Oregon is for serious interactions with the Oregon/Edmonton timeline that can’t be fit into the story.

Vanilla Sabotage: Bad End

The core vanilla four reimagined as Epics. Alternatively known as the edgy one.


What Happened After Calamity Left

The core vanilla four reimagined as Epics, but after Calamity is gone. Primarily silly.


The Road Trip From Damnation 

Mom Trattner, Obliteration, and Darkrose take a family vacation.


Game of Offices

Portland, Oregon is now a company office where everyone involved is scheming. May or may not involve actual bloodshed


The corruption was never a factor. 


Calamity High

Everyone is a high school student.


Vondra Babysitter

Everyone but Vondra is a small child.


Invocation College

The only corruption is the one that every  college student experiences.


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