Is it possible to travel through the Spiritual Realm?

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So when Dalinar unites the Realms, he refers to the Spiritual Realm not as a place, but all places at once. Since it seems that Bondsmiths are able to join the Realms and create portals between them, could one theoretically travel through a Bondsmith’s perpendicularity and use the Spiritual Realm for instantaneous travel? I don’t think this would work for going anywhere, as the rift only connects to one place in the Physical Realm, but one might be able to travel to a different perpendicularity, as that path to the Physical/Cognitive Realm already exists. If this is possible, however, that would make Bondsmiths extremely powerful.

It actually makes me wonder how Radiants with the Transportation Surge travel, though I’m pretty sure this isn’t it.

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We know that Spiritual travel is possible. Oathgates use some version of it and Brandon's current conception (not yet canonized) is that humans got from Ashyn to Roshar via the Spiritual Realm rather than the Cognitive. Point to point transportation that doesn't require the user to walk through the Cognitive also exists, which pretty much requires the Spiritual. This ability is implied of Elsecallers and seen in Elantris.


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