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In the metaphysics of Ripheus and his universe(s), the fundamental geometry of things is given from a special sequence of graphs. That is, the graphs, as geometrical, shape the fundamental units and interactions of physical matter. These graphs are independently identified but now anyway, adding in "dimensionalization," which is the increase over time of the number of space dimensions, the system results in what I at first thought would be an impossible geometrical situation.

The idea is that the sequence starts with a triangular graph, which imposes 2-dimensionality on physical space. (The triangle is a graph of the "Riphean" Trinity, the Trinity in his world.) The next step converts the triangle into a tetrahedron by itself, or a tessellation of tetrahedra and octahedra. These make space 3-dimensional. The original multiplication is of the triangle by a factor of 4. Now, the next step takes the tetrahedral component of the 3-space and makes it into a "5-cell":


This is because the multiplication is by 5; the corresponding polytope is 4-dimensional. The philosophy of the system has the next multiplication proceed by a factor of 4, which would result in a 5-dimensional object with 4 5-cells for its sides. However, without dabbling in geometrical degeneration (, such a figure is impossible.

What happens to the "missing" facet of the 5-dimensional graph-crystal? Here, I play on the concept of "holography" in physics. But rather than assume that 3-space is a hologram projected "upward" from 2- or 1- or whatever-space, in the Riphean system, 4-space contains "reverse holography," structures that correspond to the "missing" 5th-dimensional structure.

The information that is holographically reversed into 4-space, "travels" along a dynamical "corridor," and this results in a phenomenon known as the hyperloop: energy that dimensionalizes into 5-space refracts through the incomplete hypercrystal, is sent "down" into 4-space, then ascends again, then descends again, and so on and on, constantly building up an internal surfeit of metaphysical force. This would be a perhaps needless mathematical fantasy except that it plays into the explanation of the Anomalies (the error in the Keyscape that generates the Anomalies, feeds off the constant surfeit of moral-magical force: each packet of hyperlooped energy is siphoned into 3-space across a vector perpendicular to the ascent-sequence itself).


As noted in the main thread on this topic, the in-world derivation of the mathematical laws of gravity depends on an obscure correspondence between the tetrahedral-octahedral manifold of tessellation, and the close-packing-of-equal-spheres problem---and the quasi-topological relation between a tetrahelix and a string of spheres. The hyperloop helps describe (or circumscribe?) gravitational curvature, though, due to the relationship between geometrical degeneration (in quasi-Euclidean concepts/terms) and things like "lunes": The idea would have to be that some of the abstract information "coded for" among the sequence of graphs, is "embedded in" physical space according to a sort of "analogical hosotopy" (forgive me for this almost impenetrable and perhaps not even accurate phrase!), which plays into the overarching conversion of pure rectilinear matter in space, into the intrinsically curving order of matter in space "under" gravity.


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Now this is an interesting thing to find on a Monday Morning! 

I think I followed most that, or at least the surface level of it.  You mentioned a plurality of Universes in this model, where do they fit in?  Also, in the hyperloop paragraph, what you describe sounds a lot like a description of mechanical resonance within the hypercrystal structure, does that fit?  Can you elaborate on the nature of the Metaphysical Force you are envisioning in that part of the structure?  Is it the same force as the " moral-magical force" mentioned later?


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On 1/27/2019 at 11:33 PM, QuaN7umVo1D said:

 I have no idea what I just read, but I like it! 

The trick, so to speak, is to think of the physical world as like a graphing calculator. The laws of physics are the functions whose inputs yield the geometrical outputs of space. So you might represent the "computer of the universe" as running the following program (where t-units are Planck intervals):

  • Over the interval t(xy), increase the number of spatial dimensions by 1 (this principle guarantees that, unless otherwise noted, the number of spatial dimensions is always increasing; there is a convoluted philosophical reason for dimensionalization to halt at a certain point, but in this post that philosophical logic is not important).
  • Make sure that no given space is perfectly empty anywhere by
    • Enclosing every given space.
    • Tessellating every array of space.
    • Occupying every region of space.*
  • Choose the simplest function to graph out of the possibilities at any time (Occam's Razor).
  1. Over the interval t(0, 1), graph a triangle.**
  2. Over the interval t(1, 2), multiply the triangle by a factor of 4 and render the resulting figure in the appropriate number of dimensions.
    1. Multiply either the facets by 4 (to get a 3D figure enclosed by 12 lines = an octahedron) or the figure as a whole by 4 (to get a 3D figure enclosed by 4 surfaces = a tetrahedron).***
  3. Over the interval t(2, 3), multiply the tetrahedron by a factor of 5 and render in the successor dimension.
    1. Technically, I should also come up with a "law of physics" based on the octahedral element from the previous stage, but I have not done so yet.
    2. I also should, technically, come up with a "law of physics" based on multiplying the number of tetrahedral-octahedral surfaces and not just the figures as a whole, but I have not done so yet.
    3. 5 tetrahedra enclosing a space in simplified form are known as a "5-cell" or pentachoron.
  4. Over the interval t(3, 4), multiple the pentachoron by a factor of 4 and render in the successor dimension.
  5. ERROR: a minimum of 6 pentachora are required to enclose a 5-dimensional space.
    1. Rectification: A hosotope/degenerate geometry can bypass ERROR.
    2. Spheroidal lunes are hosotopical.
    3. Therefore, at interval t(3, 4), curve (spherate/spherize/w/e silly/fancy word you wish to use) space hosotopically.
      1. HYPERLOOP(A): Graph the "missing" rectilinear facet of the 4(5-cell) as an extra surface in a lower dimension of space.
      2. HYPERLOOP(B): Over the interval t(HYPERLOOP A1, A2), increase the dimensionality of the extra surface over and above its normal-matter parallel.
      3. HYPERLOOP(C): When HYPERLOOP(B) reaches geometrical degeneracy, holographically reverse its function into the nearest regenerate dimension of space.
      4. :loop(A)


So I have a new theory of how to make the 24-fold multiverse emerge in this sequence. The first step is to have the universe-graph programming stream result in different sequences dependent on special choices at given junctures. So, as outlined earlier, there is a branch that yields either tetrahedra or octahedra first, and then adds in the other as per the axiom of tessellation. Now, if dimensionalization halts at 3 space dimensions, then the pentachoral figure is not produced, but the tetrahedron is multiplied by a factor of 5 to yield an icosahedron. And then the 5-dimensional figure is not produced, but a 3D figure with 80 triangular faces; and this is the hypercorrespondence. Now in 4 dimensions, the icosahedron corresponds to the 600-cell, so there is a function known as the

  • SUPERCORRESPONDENCE: For the 3D figure at the second to last, and last, of the main stages, there is given a 4D or 5D figure that specifically corresponds thereto.

This is over the

  • HYPOCORRESPONDENCE: In one of the alternative graph sequences, the icosahedron is reduced back to a tetrahedron. That is, the last stage does not multiple but overrides by the factor of 4.

Now, IDK what the 5D analog of an 80-faceted 3D figure is, but whatever it would be, that would be the supercorrespondent space, here.

So, 4! = 24, and there is a function f(x) = 4!x in the Riphean system (at the last stage of the main graphic sequence), so the number 24 is important for that reason. For philosophical reasons, these 24 things are the universes. Now, let's say we had a meta-graph in which twenty-four 24-cells were arranged in an icositetragon around an icositetrahedron. This inter-crystal array is an image or symbol of the form of the Riphean multiverse; the interior 24-hedron is the Keyscape. (I think that there must be a 24-surfaced 4D structure where the surfaces are tetrahedra and not octahedra, but I have not found a well-named example yet. So for visualization purposes I will for now suggest looking at the rotation-loop of the 24-cell, imagining that twenty-four times over, arranged in a rough ring, with the entire ring rotating around the icositetrahedron.) And I'm sure there's a relatively easy way to fit the icositetrachoron into one of the graphic sequences described above.


Why does the sequence start with a triangle? Let's say, "because of the Trinity," as stated below. The first fourfold increase is due to the categories of kinds of free will in general (that is, there are four ways to "have" free will). The fivefold increase is due to the semantics of symbolic moral (deontic) logic (my personal assessment of those semantics, to note; other authors might propose up to an 18-fold multiplication, if they were to apply their models to my fantasy scenario). Then the second fourfold increase comes from the categories of making amends (of which there are four: apologies, punishment, forgiveness, and redemption). According to Alessio Moretti's philosophical analysis (his and his team's), there are actually an infinite number of dimensionally increasing graphs of moral-logic relationships; but past the hosotopically-inclined graph, the super-set of graphs is devoid of particular narrative content (for mortal beings who cannot compute the super-set totally in themselves). So I don't have a proposal, as yet, for what meaning to assign to the super-set.


*[AFAIK, fractals are the only geometries that occupy space to infinite magnification. The interior of the smallest physical-matter enclosure of space would therefore be of fractal form (of whatever appropriate dimensionality). Videos of fractals usually present the images as of only one fractal, surrounded by some sort of "empty space." So to preserve perfect occupation, it would be necessary to assume that the universe-computer was graphing at least 2 "parallel" fractals, in the interior of every simple enclosure.]

**[In the Riphean narrative, the Trinity exists, but is not known under the formula "three divine persons in one divine nature" but "three divine questions with one divine answer."]

***[This is why I ended up thinking I was "on to something" with this whole picture of physics. I had independent reason to couple tetrahedra with octahedra and then discovered that their pairing (in a specific ratio) tessellates space, and IIRC, besides a cubic tessellation, the tetrahedral-octahedral manifold is the simplest rectilinear tiling in 3D.]

On 1/28/2019 at 5:58 AM, Quantus said:

You mentioned a plurality of Universes in this model, where do they fit in?

Very carefully :P

On 1/28/2019 at 5:58 AM, Quantus said:

Also, in the hyperloop paragraph, what you describe sounds a lot like a description of mechanical resonance within the hypercrystal structure, does that fit?

There's a lot about the mathematics of music that plays into this all, so I hope so!

On 1/28/2019 at 5:58 AM, Quantus said:

Is it the same force as the " moral-magical force" mentioned later?

Yes. The overarching metaphysics are addressed in a different thread... I think it was one from a few months back called "Your own magic systems" or something?

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@Ripheus23, I swear I have never felt more dumb in my life, but I apreciate you explaining it further and I did manage to understand some of the stuff this time around :)


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