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So the human body is pretty piss poor when it comes to holding Investure, which is why Stormlight leaks out of the body or why Raoden almost got flattened by the Dor when it got backed up. But how come Breaths are so good at being stored that they literal CAN'T leave the body unless under a specific command? And whatever the answer is, do you think it could be applicable to any other of Investure?


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You got it wrong.

It's not that bodies are bad at holding Investiture; they're bad at holding Stormlight, only. That's a trait of Stormlight to leak and Breaths tend to cling to things.

Remember this:

Stormlight is leaky
Breaths are sticky

and you should be good.

As for the Dor, it was trying to force itself through a wrong exit point (Shaod has not been completed), so that's about it.


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Breath is more of a permanent sort of Investiture, while Stormlight is more liquid-y, complete with its own cycle, to the point where just about everything is bad at holding it due to imperfections, perfect gems being the exception.

Also the Dor only did what it did because it's mindless and is just seeking an out, shoving itself through an unmatched hole.


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Yeah, it's not something that's applicable across magic systems, it's just a factor of how Breath works compared to Stormlight. Other examples of Investiture leaking or not:

- Allomancy draws all its power directly from Preservation and the key that you use to tell that power what to do isn't either 'leaky' or 'sticky', it just needs to get into your body and stay there long enough for you to burn it and follows the same pattern as anything else you might ingest. The only time you'll run into an 'Investiture leakage' system is if you're using so much of it that you're getting close to Ascension.

- Feruchemical metalminds do not 'leak' Investiture, the only way it can be lost is if the metalmind itself is damaged, which can 'corrupt' the Investiture like damaged sectors on a disc.

- Hemalurgic spikes do leak because they're Ruin's magic and entropy is pretty much his whole theme. Even so, there's a threshold beyond which a spike won't lose its charge.

- Invested sand from Taldain can apparently lose its charge if you keep it away from any Investiture source for long enough, which probably has to do with the biology of the lichen that's actually storing the Investiture.

- Aviar talents are permanent, so long as the bird remains healthy enough to keep the worm alive.

- For we know of Ashyn's magic, the power lasts only as long as you're sick because it's essentially a magical virus that your body becomes immunized against. It's 'built in' to the system that it's a temporary magic.

- Forgery isn't 'leaky' but the effective duration of the stamps depends on how plausible the Forgery is, in the case of inanimate objects a really good Forgery can last effectively forever. They fail within a day tops on humans because they change so much that the shifting Connections and Cognitive changes make what was a plausible stamp no longer so.

- The magic the Dakhor monks use has no 'leakiness' to it and is noted to be somewhat better at dealing with the range limitations that all Selish magic has.

- Forton's potions retained their effectiveness despite needing to be shipped to Hrathen and then stored until he had the opportunity to use them. If these decay, it's probably due to whatever goes into the potions going bad (a la milk spoiling) rather than the Investiture itself fading.

So yeah, it's all down to the individual magics and how they operate.


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