What was the first Sanderson Cosmere book you read?

What was the first Sanderson Cosmere book you read?    96 members have voted

  1. 1. What was the first Sanderson Cosmere book you read? (If it was a non-cosmere one, pick the first Cosmere one and the Non-Cosmere option too)

    • Way of Kings (SA)
    • Mistborn
    • Elantris
    • Warbreaker
    • Ars Arcanum/Short Stories
    • Non-Cosmere

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On 1/16/2019 at 0:15 PM, Quantus said:

Mistborn, though in retrospect it was actually probably Wheel of Time so I should have hit non-Cosmere. Im pretty sure that is what introduced me to his writing and made me seek out his other works. 

Same, I first heard of him when he was selected to finish WoT and then I gave Mistborn a chance. Glad I did!

9 hours ago, Eran of Arcadia said:

Arcanum Unbounded, which in hindsight was probably a mistake. Granted, I was hooked from Emperor's Soul, but Secret History of Mistborn was just weird and confusing.

Wow, that must have been frustrating. MB:SH without Mistborn is like watching all the Marvel after-credit scenes without seeing the movies. :) 

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