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Doomslug Theory *SPOILERS*

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Defending Elysium describes one of the primary alien lifeforms, the Varvax, as crablike creatures with exoskeletons but who were actually tiny creatures living inside nutrient baths in these exoskeletons.  Varvax consume nutrient baths, but WoB says that they consume something else that would be extremely telling.  My thought:  mushrooms! 

Doomslug could be an alien creature who lived inside an exoskeleton until he crashed on Detritus and busted his exoskeleton open.  M-Bot has been finding Doomslug mushrooms to survive on.  And the "Krell" are actually Varvax, so while M-Bot isn't Krell, his passenger in the foldout jump seat was. 

Questions still remain. Who was M-Bot's pilot, other than his name of Commander Spears?  What were Spears and Doomslug trying to accomplish?  Will Doomslug be able to liaison with other Krell on Spensa's behalf or give Spensa vital info to escaping the Krell?

If Doomslug were imprisoned in the same way that other Varvax in Defending Elysium were, no Sense or FTL would be possible at all - or at least that's my impression.  The cytonic-suppression device would also likely never be able to cover an entire planet.

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I think the pilot is the FTL.  M-Bot says that the component is missing.  The pilot is missing.  Doomslug isn't missing. 

When Rig tells Spin that someone must have taken the hyperdrive device, she speculates that the old pilot took it.  Irony.  Yes, yes he did.  He takes it everywhere he goes.

The empty box is a red herring and a nod to the room at the PC that held the secret FTL communications device, guarded by some dude wtih a strange lever.  The lever was a coffee machine and the guard was the FTL device.

Gran-Gran-Gran (Gran-Gran's mother) was the engine.  Spensa was the FTL.  And the pilot before her was, too.  Doomslug could possibly become M-Bot's FTL, too, but I don't think he has been before.


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