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Purity and the Evil

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OK, so I came up with a new theory about the Evil. My idea is that Uli Da was not the only Sho Del who went to the Threnodite system, but that two others accompanied her. One died long ago and its Shade form is Purity; the other "recently" died and became the Evil. My guess is that they absorbed enough of Ambition's Investiture to become highstorm-level mobile (and in this case morbid) perpendicularity-beings. Purity's perpendicularity is Purity's Eye, which is moving with the planet it's on. Since a Sho Del would look like a monster (


They are "Fain creatures", who are seen as demons on Yolen. All Fain creatures are all-white, four-armed, vaguely reptilian, ...

... their Shades, in themselves, look like horrible monsters, so that humans don't necessarily know that they are Sho Del Shades. (At least, they see the Evil and think, "Woah that's really freakin' Evil!")

Maybe there are even more, and still-living, Sho Del, the Deepest Ones?

Next, referring somewhat to this thread: 

... Based on this question (about silver), I am going to speculate that the real distinction is that aluminum directly interferes with Physical nodes in an Investiture circuit, while silver interferes with Cognitive nodes. Since the issue is circuitry, aluminum and silver can affect Investiture in other Realms but you catch my drift (if there's a real drift to it :P).

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