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As part of my multiplanar-shenanigans notion---and IRL theological speculation---I have contemplated the following model of the afterlife:

Four types of death-state, two terms: {Heavenly, Neutral, Annihilated, Infernal} & {Finite/Eternal}

Combined like so:


Neutral(F) then Heaven(E)

Infernal(F) then Heaven(E)

Heaven(F) then Neutral(E)


Infernal(F) then Neutral(E)

Heaven(F) then Annihilated

Neutral(F) then Annihilated

Infernal(F) then Annihilated

Annihilated (immediately)

Neutral(F) then Infernal(E)


Heaven(F) then Infernal(E)

I'm guessing that it would technically be worse to get a glimpse of Heaven and then go to Hell, rather than just go straight to Hell. Neutral(E) is Limbo. For narrow-minded but not bloody-minded versions of Christian-like religions, I could see (Heaven(F) then Neutral(E)) as a decent "that's for the virtuous pagans" option?

EDIT: Infernal(F) then Heaven(E) = Purgatory

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I tried looking for a Catholic "formula" to go with, didn't find one... I'm sure they exist (scholastic theologians being who they were!) but I've decided to go with a two-part function. One, if you die before the world ends and go to an F-state, you stay in the F-state until the world ends. If you die while the world is ending and go to an F-state, you mystically correspond to exactly one other person in the past who went to an F-state, and you stay in the F-state for as long as that previous person did.


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This is an interesting afterlife system you've developed here. So in this universe of yours the world has a finite lifespan, correct? Seeing as how the finite stage of afterlife correlates with that of the world. So there is a creation/destruction cycle to the world then. Interesting.

I've got a couple more questions I hope you wouldn't mind answering (afterlife systems fascinate me so sorry if the questions are a bit excessive):



In the living world, how knowledgeable are people about the afterlife and how it functions?

Are people aware of the finite lifespan of their world?

What defines a 'good' or 'evil' action/life? Is there some form of objective scale like in Egyptian mythology?
What of a soul that is not fully developed or not functioning properly? (an infant or an elder suffering from something like dementia?

Who determines who goes through what form of afterlife? Is it one divine being? A god of sorts? A council of spirits like in Greek Mythology? 

Does a spirit's time in the finite term inform what the infinite term will be? i.e: Will a spirit that feels genuine remorse be granted access to Heaven or neutral?




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So far I've explored these notions in relation to Judeo-Christian themes. For example, I've had it that demons go straight to Infernal(E), but fallen angels are counted as non-demons and are the only beings that go to Heaven(F)--Infernal(E). Mortal sinners of various stripes either get annihilated immediately or eventually, and by comparison/contrast maybe virtuous atheists get Heaven(F)--Annihilation, ironically? The worst mortal sinners get Neutral(F)--Infernal(E). Of course, there might be uniquely evil mortal sinners who also uniquely end up in Infernal(E) or Heaven(F)--Infernal(E), like an Antisavior figure or what.

The story, if there was one to all this, might be set after the end of the world, with someone in one or another realm awaiting the eternal deposit of a soul in an F-state. That would be the premise, at least, I suppose.


So, the main antagonist popped into my head later last night, like so: he is someone who corresponds to the first fallen angel, and he dies during the apocalypse, so much of the story has to do with his presence in Paradise after the end of the world, as he makes mischief in trying to bring the demons and fallen angels out of Hell before he himself ends up in Hell. The story would be set, say, 10,000 years after the apocalypse, on the edge of the Antisavior being sent to his eternal denouement. (I'm picking 10,000 for the moment on the ground of the line in "Amazing Grace" that goes "When we've been there 10,000 years...")


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