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First Mistborn? (Spoilers for Hero of Ages)


Something that I've wondered about since reading Hero of Ages: who did Rashek turn into Mistborn after taking the power at the Well of Ascension? In the stories from his religion it says that they were his friends and companions, but as we know they are actually the first generation of kandra. So if they weren't his friends who were they to him?(If the answer is known I apologise for wasting your time with this post.)


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They were foreign kings that he bribed rather than conquered.  


Brandon Sanderson

The First Noblemen Weren't Rashek's Friends

I'm curious to know if anyone figured out the logical problem with the Terrismen becoming nobility. It's what everyone assumed, and it's been mentioned in the previous books. Everyone knows that the Lord Ruler made his friends into Allomancers.

Only, he didn't. That's simply a fabrication he allowed to continue as rumor, then become fact, so that he could cover up the origins of the kandra. The men who became the first Allomancers were actually foreign kings. Rashek knew that he could conquer the world if he needed to—but he also knew that it would be a lot easier to rule that conquered world if he had allies and kingdoms who joined him out of desire, not out of fear. So, he offered Allomancy to the royal families who would give their allegiance to him. Once he showed off his own power as a Mistborn, he managed to get several important monarchs to throw their weight behind him. They got to be Allomancers.


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Thanks. I figured there was an explanation.


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