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So with the news that a full hemalurgy chart is delayed until who knows when, I decided to try my hand at figuring it out for myself. I'm stumped. At first it looked pretty easy: the pure elements steal innate traits, the alloys steal Metallic Arts powers. But then why would Aluminum steal Enhancement Allomancy? I can only come up with three possibilities: 

  1. It's an in-universe mistake. Khriss is simply wrong about what Aluminum does, which is totally possible, since Brandon has said that the little Ars Arcana are in-universe reference documents that can be wrong.
  2. It's an out-of-universe mistake. Brandon just hasn't gotten around to correcting it, and is going to play it off like he did with brass and electrum being reversed.
  3. The final two quadrants are genuinely "backwards" in Hemalurgy, and the table is a different shape than we think. Or at least the groups are arranged differently than we think they are, like how the periodic table has a zig-zaggy section for the "metalloid" elements.

So with all that in mind, this is my best guess so far: 


Even aside from leaving Nicrosil, Bendalloy, and Electrum blank, I'm really not happy with how the green and purple sections seemingly reverse the pattern. The only thing I can think of is maybe the shape is wrong. Maybe the Metallic Arts stealing metals should be up against each other, forming a "stripe" (or a "spike?") shape section through the middle of the chart? That sounds weird and contrived, though. 

Does anyone else have any ideas? Am I missing something here?


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What do you mean, delayed? Last I heard, it's been sent off to the printer for inclusion in the Hero of Ages leatherbound:



Will there be a Hero of Ages leatherbound edition?

Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW]

Yes, it will be this Christmas. Isaac just turned in the Hemalurgic Table artwork. So we shipped it to the publisher last week, so we should have them in time for Christmas. And the Hemalurgic Table, he knocked that one out of the park. We've been waiting a long time to get that one.




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"Delayed" as in "I searched the WoB archive for hemalurgy table and found three posts, each one saying it would be out 'next year,' with the last one dated almost a year ago." I didn't go through every WoB with the hemalurgy tag because I didn't feel like spending hours scrolling through all the Hero of Ages annotations just to find what I was looking for. If you have new information that I've missed, then fair enough.

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