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Not sure if this is the right forum, so apologies if it's not.


After I got out of work yesterday, I was able to stop by JordanCon for a little bit.  During his signing, I asked him a question:


Q: Zahel has parted ways with something he's had for a while.  Will we ever get to read about how that happened?

A: I may not write the actual story, but you will find out what happened, yes.


Later, at the Write-a-thon, I asked another question:


Q: Shadows for Silence - where does it fall in the overall cosmere timeline, in relation to the other books?

A (paraphrased): In the latter half of things, but before the Stormlight Archive.


He didn't clarify - and I forgot to follow-up for clarification - whether he meant before the main arc of Stormlight but after the prologue to WoK, or if he meant even before the prologue to WoK.  Personally, I think SfS happens between the prologue and the main arc, considering how much time passes between the prologue and the first chapter.


This question was asked during the Write-a-thon, so if anyone was recording that, we should have Brandon's exact answer.


During the Write-a-thon's "intermission", Ben McSweeny and Isaac Stewart came down while Brandon took a break, and Ben did some drawings.  The first one was of Stick, and then he added Shallan to it.  The second one was Syl, with part of Kaladin's head, too.  Third was a Parshendi in warform (though I do remember someone in the chatroom requesting a Parshendi stickform), and the fourth was Szeth vs a koloss.  The first one was just Sharpie on paper, but the other three began with a pencil sketch.  Someone from the Waygate Foundation took pictures, so hopefully they'll be up on WF's website sometime soon.


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