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So, forgive me if this has already been discussed elsewhere, but:

Do we know if Awakening actually alters the pigment of the Awakener's color source, or only the ability of people to perceive that color?

Lots of naturally occurring colors, especially blues, aren't pigment at all, but structural--the result of various types of light scattering. You especially see this in things like bird feathers, insects, and so forth.

Notably, this is also what causes blue and green tones in human eyes. But we don't see lifeless shambling in grayscale except for their eyes. They're entirely colorless. 

I mean, it could just be an oversight or a conceit for thematic purposes. But perhaps it shows that the draining of color we see in Awakening isn't as sinple as alternating pigments.


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I looked but I can't find the WoB on this.

But if i remember correctly, when someting looses its color due to awakening, this change happens in the spiritual realm. So i would guess its actually perception.



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