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I thought the Reachers would be the Truthwatchers companion, but seeing evidence that Timbre is Ico's daughter I doubt they are. Other Radiant spren I've been able to guess (like ash spren for Dustbringers) but I haven't seen any to connect to the uncorrupted spren. 


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The Reachers are confirmed to be Willshaper spren yeah.




Lightspren, the ones who like to travel, are they the Willshaper spren? I thought it was pretty obvious. 

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Also the stone-like spren seen in Shadesmar were the Stoneward spren (we still don't know what they are called).

I don't think we saw the Truthwatcher spren during the Shadesmar sequence. It's been speculated that the "keenspren" Wyndle mentions at one point are Truthwatcher spren, but that's pure speculation.


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