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Game 4 recruitment is now open!


Don't tell me I spelt colours wrong because I didn't, it's you guys that spell it wrong ; )


As I have previously stated in the role creation thread it is set on Nalthis during a peace meeting between Idris and Hallendren. Unfortunately a few Pahn Kahl agents are present and trying to sabotage the peace! The Pahn Kahl wish to kill everyone and the Idrians and Hallandren each wish to survive with more remaining members than the other. To be clear they still win if they have less people but the other nation wins against them. The primary objective is still the Pahn Kahl though.


The next thing that needs mentioning is that I will be away over the weekend and likely not have net access which is why I am posting this now. I'll be able to post again on Monday.


Being Idrian or Hallendren is part of your role and will be assigned so don't declare yourself as either. Everyone will know who is Idrian and who is Hallendren and the Pahn Kahl will appear as one or the other.


Here are the rules in a spoiler tag due to their length. This game is going to be a bit different to previous ones, it should be interesting :) If you have any comments or thoughts on the rules then please go ahead and tell me, but it would be preferable if you did so in "The Art of Creating Roles", I'll be posting the rules there too. These rules may be adjusted based on feedback.



Nalthis Elimination Rules


Days and nights will both last for 48 hours. From previous games an extension is frequently asked for anyway. During the night cycle all order must be in by 36 hours in at which point the returned will be told who is going to die and have 12 hours to decide if they want to act. The 48 hour cycle should also help stop Claincy from going crazy ;) As I have a fair bit on outside of this and there are going to be many, many night orders to process.


Victory Conditions

I didn't make this clear before, so to be clear.

If the Pahn Kahl kill everybody they win!

If all the Pahn Kahl are killed and there are more Hallendrens than Idrians remaining the Hallendrens win and the Idrians are runners up.

If all the Pahn Kahl are killed and there are more Idrians than Hallendrens remaining the Idrians win and the Hallendrens are runners up.


This game will likely need to be played to the end rather than to the point where the number of Pahn Kahl == the number of other remaining players. Simply because there is a very good chance that whoever is left will still have powers that could make a difference.



Breath is treated in discrete increments, drab, normal, 1st heightening, 2nd heightening etc. The amount between them is all considered the same. So if a normal person gives their breath to someone of the 2nd heightening they will reach the 3rd heightening. A simplification, but a necessary one.


Idrians will all start with 1 breath, normal. (except for any returned among them). Hallandrens will vary. No-one will start off a drab but some Hallandrens will start off at normal, others at the first heightening, others at the third, and maybe 1 or 2 at the fifth. It depends on the number of players. Pahn Kahl will start as normal by default though a couple may start with more depending on player numbers.


You can elect to give someone your breath by pming the Narrator saying who. It will be noted in the next writeup that someone did so, but not who. The recipient will be informed who by pm who gave it to them and how much. Giving someone your breath prevents you from using it for any other purpose during that cycle. You can only ever take one action per night cycle. (Except at the 10th heightening.) To be clear: giving breath is an action.

You cannot give part of your breath to someone, it's all or nothing.


Anyone can use their night cycle to try to obtain a breath. I will choose how many breaths are available each night cycle based on how much breath is currently in-game. There will always be at least 1 though. At the end of the night I will do a lottery system where I randomly select players who spent the night trying to obtain breath to receive 1 additional breath. Any player of the 4th heightening or below gets 2 "entries" into this lottery while any of the  5th heightening or above (including returned whether they are hidden or revealed) gets only 1 entry. Even if you have two entries you can still only gain 1 breath per night.


Any player can give someone their breath during the day cycle but they have to announce it publicly in-thread rather than through pm. They also lose their vote for that day.


Drabs: A drab has a 1 in 5 chance of their vote not counting due to being ill at the time the voting happened or simple lack of will. They can still vote, but the tally will not be increased for their vote. The chance will be rolled at the start of the day but the drab will not know if their vote will count or not.



Achieving any of the heightenings gives you access to a new power that you can use. Using any of these powers consumes your night action.


1st Heightening [Aura recognition]

As your night action you can send a pm to the Narrator asking if a specific player has the 4th heightening or higher.


2nd Heightening [perfect pitch]

As long as at least 1 person has the second heightening pm's are allowed, passive ability.


3rd Heightening [perfect colour recognition]

As your night action you can send a pm to the Narrator asking what heightening a specific player is at between: drab, normal, 1-3, 4-6, 7-10.


4th Heightening [perfect life sense]

As your night action you can ask the narrator to tell you about any powers that were used on you in the last cycle.


5th Heightening [agelessness and poison resistance etc.]

If you did not use your powers for anything else this cycle you can survive one attack, this only works once however.


6th Heightening [instinctive awakening]

You can spend a night researching one of the commands that costs 5 breath or fewer to decrease it's breath cost by 1, to a minimum of 2. You can only research each command once.

I liked the idea of secret commands but I didn't come up with enough. Oh well.


7th Heightening [breath recognition]

You can ask the narrator the types of awakening or heightening abilities used that day.


8th Heightening [Command breaking]

If a strawman is used against you you can choose to spend the next night breaking it's commands and making it work for you instead. On future nights you can use it as if you had created it. You cannot recover their breath from it, but neither can they.


9th Heightening [Greater awakening (stone and steel)]

[audible command]

Able to awaken steel. See awakening.


10th Heightening [Colour distortion]

[Perfect invocation]

Everyone knows you have reached this heightening, but you can make 2 uses of breath per night. You still cannot awaken and then draw the same breath back in one night. If you awaken something and that drops you below the tenth heightening you cannot use another action that night.



You can use some of your breath as your night action to awaken something. This immediately drops your heightening level and anyone who detects your aura that night will see the new aura. You can later spend your night action to recover the lost breath.


1+ breaths. Create a lifeless.


Creating lifeless requires the body of a dead player to do. To attempt to create a lifeless send me a pm during the night indicating the dead character you want to use and the number of breaths you wish to use. Whoever spends the most breath will get to create the lifeless using that breath. All other players who tried to awaken that lifeless retain their breath but perform no other action that night. If there is a tie, nobody gets to create a lifeless but the body will still be available the next night.


The Idrians do not like lifeless, so as a diplomatic gesture all lifeless must be kept in a barracks, any lifeless found outside the barracks must be immediately surrendered to it and they join the other lifeless that the people with the lifeless commands control.


After you have made a lifeless you can use it on any following night to protect one person, it will defend them from the Pah Kahl or from other lifeless but not from awakened swords (but will also defend them from awakened ropes during the night cycle). Using a lifeless like that reveals them and they join the barracks and cannot be used again. (Though they may well appear in writeups when the lifeless commands are used.)


In the meantime the lifeless will defend you from any attacks and awakened ropes again excepting attacks with an awakened sword. If it defends you from any of these it is revealed at the end of the cycle and joins the other lifeless. Every cycle that the lifeless is defending you there is a 10% chance that it will be discovered and forced to join the other lifeless, it will still defend you that night though.


2 breaths. Awakened rope, command "Hold things when thrown". You retain the rope and may use it during any day cycle to cancel 1 person's vote. After that you will need to recover the breaths from it to use it again.


3 breaths. Create a strawman and tell it to spy on someone, it detects if they:-do nothing, recover breath, awaken, command, kill, purchase breath or use a special role ability. Existing strawmen can be commanded to do something as your night action without needing to create a new one. Ordering a strawman to spy on someone is still an action so having multiple will be of little use.


4 breaths. Awakened rope, command "Hold things when thrown", prevents the target from taking any action that night cycle. It must be used immediately and you must recover the breath to reuse it.


8 breaths. Create an awakened sword. On later nights you can use the sword to kill someone. If you kill someone with an awakened sword it will go in the writeup that that person was killed that way. Every time you use the sword it consumes a breath, if you become drab from this you die. If someone kills you they take the sword. A Pahn Kahl using the sword does not get the option to steal the targets persons breath, like when using lifeless.


Other roles


Pahn kahl. The Pahn Kahl get access to a google doc to conspire in. Each night they can choose 1 of themselves to kill a target. They can also choose to try to force that player to give up their breath before killing them. If they do so they have a 50% chance of succeeding.


Returned. Returned can be of any faction. Returned can either be hidden or revealed and can switch between the two at will. If they are hidden they gain no bonuses from their returned status except that they are told who is going to die 12 hours before the night cycle ends, the returned can then choose to give up their life/divine breath to save one of the people who is going to die. That will also heal any injuries the person has taken. If the returned has extra breath the target will receive them.


When revealed they have all the normal benefits of someone with the 5th heightening and register as such. They still have their save action, but everyone knows they are returned. Their votes also count for double.


Returned also die at the end of the fifth night unless they are given a breath to consume or receive it through other means.


Mercenary. [idrian only] The mercenary can choose someone to protect each night cycle. If that person is attacked the mercenary kills the attacker but is wounded in the process and is unable to protect others again unless healed by a Returned's divine breath. Edited just to be clear.


Spy. [idrian only] The spy is essentially a seeker. They can find out one person's alignment each night (Idrian/Pahn Kahl/Hallendren). They also get to know if the person is an awakener/normal/drab.


Idrian Agent. [idrian only] The Idrian agent has no special powers except that they appear to be from Hallendren but win if the Idrian's do. They will appear as Idrian if the spy spies on them.


Idrian Monk. [idrian only] Twice during the game the Idrian monk may declare someone to be innocent and no Idrians can vote for that person during that day. Any Idrians who have already voted for that person must switch before the end of the day, if they don't because they don't their vote is negated. This includes the Idrian agent, but not Pahn Kahl or the Hallendren agent. To use this ability the Idrian agent must publicaly declare it in the thread with at least 12 hours of the day remaining.


Hallendren Agent. [Hallendren only] The Hallendren agent has no special powers except that they appear to be from Idris but win if the Hallendren's do. They will appear as Hallendren if the spy spies on them.


Lifeless command. [Hallendren only] Not so much a role as a specific command. For example "There's always another secret". One player will start off knowing this command. They can send the Narrator a pm with the command and a target to kill as their action for the night cycle. They can tell anyone the command, however, if two people command the lifeless in the same night the lifeless spend the night running back and forwards and do not kill anyone.





There's always another secret.

Kill Claincy.


Anyone who knows the command can send the narrator a pm with the command and with instructions to the lifeless to accept a new command. If anyone does this the old command no longer works and the lifeless ignore any other commands given that night. If two players try to change the command on the same night nothing changes.





There's always another secret.

Accept new command:
Brandon is awesome!


So the lifeless can still be used past the death of the original person who knew the commands, but be careful, tell the wrong person and the Pahn Kahl could gain control of them.


So there you go. Sign-ups are now open and I will be back to respond to input/feedback/questions/etc on Monday :)

If you read this, put the word potato in your first reply, it'll be fun!


Update: 2/04/14 12:32 AEST



If everyone could please write in this google doc the time (in GMT) that will best suit them for the start of days and nights. Due to the 48 hour time the writeups should always fall at this time. I will try to find a time that I can do that best suits the most people.


Update: 04/04/14 17:06 AEST

Colours of War will begin on Friday at 22:30 AEST (12:30 pm GMT)!


I have posted all the rule changes, additions and modifications above (in green). Thanks heaps to everyone who helped develop these rules =D Please tell me if you have any questions or if I missed anything.


Update: 09/04/14 10:09 AEST


More rule updates & clarifications copied here for ease of reference.


When giving someone a breath during the night send a pm to me saying you are doing so, you can also send a pm to the person to let them know but the pm's should be separate. I'll explain the reasoning behind this if anyone asks :)


I do not require you to include me in pms. There is nothing like uber-tin in this game and my inbox is already getting swamped as is :P Thanks to those who did, but it isn't necessary.


When sending in night orders please do it in one of the following ways (and be consistent across nights):

-Send me a new pm titled "Game 4 Night X <characterName> and tell me your night action in there.


-Post it in the thread I sent you your role in but note the night and post it in blue and in a larger font. eg. "Night 1 Claincy: Narrate"


That will just make it much easier for me to keep track of everything and make it less likely that I will miss or forget one of your orders if I read it when I don't have a chance to add it to the spreadsheet.


When trying to buy breath you can say anything along the lines of "I'm buying breath" or "I'm entering the lottery" so long as it makes it clear what you are doing.


Some info on the order of night actions. To reiterate what I said earlier (just in case) before all night actions have to be in by the 36 hour mark as the last 12 hours is for the returned to decide if they want to save anyone. The returned shouldn't tell anyone else who is going to die during this period. I'm watching you... ; )


Saving someone as a returned takes your night action, cancelling whatever you were going to do. IF your action was a kill you cannot do this. (So a kill through lifeless commands or an awakened sword.)


Night activities all occur at the end of the night, the order is a little odd if you think about it, but spying and aura recognition detects people as they are at the start of the night. For a more exact order:

-Spy, aura recognition

-awakening (except awakened rope will still cancel spying and aura recognition...go figure)


-Breath Lottery/Giving breath


-returned saving


Final Player List


  1. (The Only Joe) Jeo ~ Local Chef [deceased-Pahn Kahl normal]
  2. (Alvron) Fron ~ Dye Worker [deceased-Idrian normal]
  3. (AonarFaileas) Aodan ~ Scholar [deceased-Idrian Monk]
  4. (SirVarrock) Vard ~ Local Smith [deceased-Hallandren Agent]
  5. (Mailliw73) Aili ~ Minor cook at the Red Salmon [idrian Returned]
  6. (GreyPilgrim) Grim ~ a Guard [deceased-Idrian normal]
  7. (Nepene) Alan ~ Librarian [deceased-Idrian Mercenary]
  8. (Aspren) Asgren ~ Traveling Historian [deceased-Pahn Kahl]
  9. (Dyring) Dyrii ~ The Mad Hatter [deceased-Idrian normal]
  10. (Tulir) Tril ~ A Wanderer [deceased-Pahn Kahl normal]
  11. (Herowannabe) Rowan ~ Silent Hunter [idrian normal]
  12. (Macen) Cen ~ Lore-craftsman [idrian normal]
  13. (Sphinx) Sifa ~ a Brewer [idrian Monk]
  14. (Chid) Chide ~ The Paranoid [inactive-Idrian spy]
  15. (the Gleeman) Thomas ~ Meddling Wanderer [deceased-Idrian normal]


  1. (Gamma Fiend) Gammer ~ Old Woman [deceased-Hallandren normal]
  2. (Bartbug) Bartholomew ~ Chedesh Remnant [Hallandren Awakener]
  3. (Metacognition) Cog ~ Local Craftsman [deceased-Hallandren normal]
  4. (el_warko) Elo ~ Short Bard [deceased-Pahn Kahl Awakener]
  5. (Swimmingly) Swimim ~ Crazy Poet [deceased-Hallandren Awakener]
  6. (Awesomeness Summoned) Summon ~ Messenger [deceased-Hallandren Awakener]
  7. (Wyrmhero) Wyrm ~ Scholar [deceased-Hallendren Returned]
  8. (PorridgeBrick) Rick ~ A Stick [Hallendren Awakener]
  9. (little wilson) Wil’son ~ Fabric Merchant [deceased-Pahn Kahl normal]
  10. (Quiver) Ver ~ Inept World Hopper [deceased-Hallandren normal]
  11. (Edgedancer) Ben ~ Non-denominational Priest guy. [deceased-Hallandren normal]
  12. (a smart guy) Sart ~ an 'Artist' [Not quite dead-Hallandren Awakener]
  13. (Adolin_Dustbringer) Jim Bob Dirt ~ Dirt Salesman [Idrian agent]
  14. (Nard1993) Dainard ~ Stable Boy [Hallendren Lifeless Commander]
  15. (JasonPenguin) Peng ~ a Thief [deceased-Pahn Kahl Awakener]


Day & Night Cycles

Day 1 The beginning
Night 1 Tension Rising
Day 2 A sudden Transformation
Night 2 A Deadly Division
Day 3 Lacking Cohesion
Night 3 Scant Illumination
Day 4 Overdue Progression
Night 4 Gaining Adhesion
Day 5 Momentous Transportation
Night 5 Painful Abrasion
Day 6 Intense Gravitation
Night 6 Aan
Day 7 Ashe
Night 7 Ene
Day 8 Nae
Night 8 Are
Day 9 Ate
Negotiations Phase 2
The Treaty


The writeup secret:


The writeups from night 1 to day 4 all had the name of an allomantic metal beneath them. In the steel alphabet these spelled "surges". Night 4 and day 5 also had the names of allomantic metals under them but this time they were  for the related number rather than letter. So Tin and Pewter meant 3 and 4.


The other component of the puzzle was in the titles. Aside from day 1 each title up till day 6 contained one of the surges. The numbers 3 and 4 in the metals referred to the cycles that the surges were from. The only pair of surges that belonged to an order of the Knights Radiant that can be taken from the surges in day 3, night 3, day 4 and night 4 is Illumination and Progression. The two surges that the Truthwatchers had, hence the answer was Truthwatcher.


The cycles after all the metals and surges had been included contained hints to the answer until Mailliw73 figured it out.



Spiritual Realm

Pahn Kahl

Player Details

Player Actions

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I'm In First! I'm Jeo, chef at your Local Restruant, The Red Salmon. I sell all sorts of Food, including Potatoes. And I'm a Generally Likeable Person. I'm more than Willing to let Everyone Meet here.


Yes, I'm attempting to Replace the Inn.


EDIT: Spelling

Edited by The Only Joe

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I'm in. :D

Gammer is a prickly old woman, wise in her old age, but absolutely no patience to speak of. She says whatever is on her mind whenever she wants to say it, and she will not tolerate fools. You will speak to her with respect. Gammer is retired, so has no real profession. But gossip mongers always have her name on their tongues, and she is undoubtedly at the center of a web of information and lies.

(So, basically, a cross between Cadsuane and Lady Olenna Tyrell). I doubt I'll be surviving long this game anyways, though. :P

Edited by Gamma Fiend

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I was going to sit this one out but it looks way too complex to let the fun pass by.


Fron works in the dye plantations, harvesting the Tears of Edgli.  Most of the times he wears gloves covering the coloured stains on his hands.  When not working in the fields, Fron spends his time at The Red Salmon drinking wine and smoking his pipe.  A jagged scar runs diagonally through his lips from his chin to just under his right eye.


I decided that each of my characters shall have something from past games.  Thanks Peng for scarring all my future faces. :P

Edited by Alvron

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Dude, Clancy, I am in love with this idea. And just in time, during my reread of Warbreaker! It's almost like you (life)sensed what I was doing!


I jest... the name's Bartholomew. I am a remnant of the ancient Chedesh, and spend my time hunting the fragments of info of my culture that remain.


Also, for the sixth heightening, you could have it so that you automatically get your breath back, instead of spending another action.

Edited by bartbug

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Cog, the craftsman, at your service.


Ever since he was a small lad, Cog was fascinated with how things worked. He would constantly get in trouble for "breaking" his toys; even if he did get very proficient at putting them back together (sometimes even making them better).


His love for complexity and puzzles drove him to building his own contraptions, like a bit more sane Leonadro da Vinci. The craftsmanship, utility and variety of his works are beyond compare. He runs a shop just down the street from the Red Salmon, one known by the children as the Workshop, due to Cog's propensity to sometimes give away some of the toys and puzzles he's created. 


Looks good, Claincy! There are a few questions and a few clarifications IMO, but I'll ask them over in the ACR thread. This looks like it should be a lot of fun! (Also edited your post to fix the tags. It will make it easier if you decide to divide things up like I did for game 2 and if not, then at least it's uniform! :P )

Edited by Metacognition

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I'm up for another round.


Aodan, once renowned scholar, is going to be at the negotiations as well. Up until recently, he was well respected within the academic community... but for some reason speaking of Realmatics and denouncing the Returned as merely being Cognitive Entities that sustain themselves with Investiture gets oneself labelled as "crazy" and "heretical." Somehow he has the feeling that he was sent to this meeting just to be moved somewhere out of the way. At the very least, he's heard that this area has some of the best potatoes.


This Game looks like its going to be really interesting Claincy, there's a lot of neat ways it could play out.

Edited by AonarFaileas

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Count me in! I am Vard, the local Smith.  I spend my days in my smithy, crafting quality weapons and metalworks to supply both the palace and the general populace. Also, I enjoy potatoes in all their various shapes and forms.

Edited by SirVarrock

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Aili, the woman who loves potatoes. She is a minor cook at the Red Salmon and makes all the potatoes. She is kind of eccentric and says things at random occasionally. But only when they make sense to her, which means nothing to anyone else. "The rain is exceptionally colorful this year, isn't it? It has every color of the spectrum. I can see a cobbler in it. Oh look, there's a young recruit! And there's the sad farmer. Oh, poor man. He sees everything and can't stop his secret compulsion for learning and deciphering."


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Count me in.


Elo is a bard, a very short bard (4'11"), with a very large temper  :angry: and the voice of an angel.  He is mouse blond with a mullet down to the small of his back, a handle bar moustache to his shoulders and light grey eyes.  He keeps chin shaved for the ladies ;) (who find other reasons to spurn his advances) :(.  He wears a matching brown leather vest with very very tight, very very short lederhosen, socks and sandals.. He has a powder blue 12-string flying v lute strapped to his back.


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I'm not actually going to be playing, I'm just putting this post in to keep tabs on the game.


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A dishevelled man,

Swimim tends to use haikus.

He might be crazy.

No cause for alarm,

Simply measures words deftly.

Psychotic? Oh, no.

His hair is matted,

Eyes with full bags of empty.

Careful around him.


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I regretted sitting out on the last game so I'll definitely be joining back up this time. Probably gonna have to read through the rules a few times before things get going. It'll be a very different game than the previous eliminations with the new roles.


Summon is my name and I'm the quickest messenger in town. If you need a verbal message, letter, or parcel delivered in record time, I'm your man. I'm never late and almost always on time.


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Grim is a guard at the Green Potato, an inn, the owner of which is not too happy about restaurants like the Red Salmon ruining his business. Grim is a most decidedly grim man. His abilities far exceed those normally associated with a simple guard. He is a man of duty, though that means nothing about his morality. Let's just put it, those who cross Grim do not see much more daylight.

This is my first game, so I apologize in advance if I don't quite get it at first. I will take the opportunity to scan through some of the past games this weekend to get a better sense of the feel. Looking forward to this!


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"Oh Dear, Competition? Hmm. . . This Might be fun, Does Any one know who the Owner of this, Green Potato is? I should very much like to, (Dramatic Pause) Negotiate with Him. Just about What he sells and so Forth. I'm Fine if he's just selling Alcohol and Pahn Kahl Food, Because I don't sell that, but if he sells anything else, I'll have to have Words(oR) with Him. Why, I do Believe I'll Have to Leech away his Reserves, until he no longer feels the Thrill of attempting to Ruin me."


Bad Puns for Everyone!


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"Alas, I am merely the guard of the Green Potato. Don't involve me in your petty disputes, Jeo. Master Clement does not like me to talk to 'Restaurant People'. However, if you must negotiate, I suggest sending Summon with a message.

"And, if you do send a message, keep your puns to yourself. They're so bad they could kill a Returned."

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Ah, awesome. My first game of elimination, but hopefully I won't do too badly... Well, let's find out!


Wyrm shall be a scholar of BioChromatic research, and he hopes to follow the same path that the Five Scholars did before him. He has, however, only just started properly delving into the world of Investiture and Realmatics, so he's missing large pieces of the puzzle when it comes to figuring things out. He likes spending time outside when it comes to writing up his notes, and so he'll often be seen pouring over a thick tome with a hot drink in a local cafe. However, he's far from the best when it comes to research, and will probably find himself quickly in over his head when his studies start to bring him into the social circles and hidden plots of those living in the great city.

Edited by Wyrmhero

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Rick is a Stick. He is not fire. He is most definitely not a crazy beggar who wanders the streets, telling all to convert to the great Church of the Stick.


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Alan is a librarian for a minor noble. He buys rare books and orders them for the pleasure of his master. He is often seen in a pub drinking over some tome or trying to interest one of the locals in the minor details of warfare in the distant past or the cuisine of a far away land.


His favorite color is grey.


The sixth heightening could give you the ability to research an ability and lower its breath cost by one, to a minimum of one.


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Wil'lson is a fabric merchant. She sells all sorts of colors in her little store. From basic blues, reds, and yellows to more obscure colors like chartreuse, firebrick, and thistle. She loves bright colors and would never be caught dead in something drab, like brown or gray. She is fairly young--early thirties--with long dark mahogany hair, with strips dyed various colors (purple, yellow, sky blue, etc). She's a big fan of order and often uses lists in her business and any other situations in her life. Some might say she's a List Master...maybe. But first and foremost, she's a merchant of color, and she loves it.


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Asgren is a Historian. He travels the world far and wide, though he has yet to get further than the Red Salmon down the road. He's particularly interested in ancient writing systems, as well as some of the really really ancient writing methods, for example lists. After all, we need to learn from our past mistakes. Hahahahahahahaha  




...Where was I? Oh, right. Potatoes. 


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I upvoted the OP simply because he agrees with me on the spelling of colour.The church of the stick reign supreme, towering over the lesser weeds!


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So we have quite a Crowd so Far, 30 people, all of whom will be supping in my Restraunt yes?

  1. (The Only Joe) Jeo ~ Local Chef
  2. (Gamma Fiend) Gammer ~ Old Woman
  3. (Alvron) Fron ~ Dye Worker
  4. (Bartbug) Bartholomew ~ Chedesh Remnant
  5. (Metacognition) Cog ~ Local Craftsman KILL HIM!!!
  6. (AonarFaileas) Aodan ~ Scholar
  7. (SirVarrock) Vard ~ Local Smith
  8. (Mailliw73) Aili ~ Minor cook at the Red Salmon
  9. (el_warko) Elo ~ Short Bard
  10. (Swimmingly) Swimim ~ Crazy Poet
  11. (Awesomeness Summoned) Summon ~ Messenger
  12. (GreyPilgrim) Grim ~ a Guard
  13. (Wyrmhero) Wyrm ~ Scholar
  14. (PorridgeBrick) Rick ~ A Stick
  15. (Nepene) Alan ~ Librarian
  16. (little wilson) Wil’son ~ Fabric Merchant
  17. (Aspren) Asgren ~ Traveling Historian
  18. (Quiver) Ver ~ Inept World Hopper
  19. (Dyring) Dyrii ~ The Mad Hatter
  20. (Edgedancer) Ben ~ Non-denominational Priest guy.
  21. (Tril) Tril ~ A Wanderer
  22. (Herowannabe) Rowan ~ Silent Hunter
  23. (a smart guy) Sart ~ an 'Artist'
  24. (Macen) Cen ~ Lore-craftsman
  25. (Adolin_Dustbringer) Jim Bob Dirt ~ Dirt Salesman
  26. (Nard1993) Dainard ~ Stable Boy
  27. (JasonPenguin) Peng ~ a Thief KILL HIM!!!
  28. (Sphinx) Sifa ~ a Brewer
  29. (Chid) Chide ~ The Paranoid Also a Stick
  30. (the Gleeman) Thomas ~ Meddling Wanderer

EDIT: Tell me if I Missed someone, and I'll update the List.

Edited by The Only Joe

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This game to win, life.

Less the cost of lives spent here,

Lifeless legions rise.

This life but a game,

Costing our lives, less our Breath.

I weep at our loss.

Lifeless live, Breathing.

Lives lost to the savage game,

Their Breath persisting.


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Grim grunted. That insane poet, Swimim, was coming through, rambling on as was his wont.


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