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Once you’ve got a character—epic or maple—figured out in the question thread, post it here!

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Epic name: Barrier

Epic Nickname: Knox

Real Name: Lukas McKnight

Real Nickname: Luke

General Appearance:
• Gender:
• Age: 26
• Hair: Black
• Skin tone: Tan
• Height: 6’4
• (Usual) Clothes: Whatever’s suitable for the occasion. Usually a black hoodie and athletic pants, with a tight fitting lucky grey t-shirt underneath. He has a trio of long scars down his right forearm as a result of a fight with a bear, and an identical set of tattoos on his left he got after he killed the bear.
• Build: Lean. Not skinny, but certainly not a bodybuilder.
• Eyes: Blue.

Primary Power: Basically building in fortnite. He can create matter with absurd structural integrity in any shape comprised of a single plane, I.e a ramp/ wall. No prof-esque bubble traps, and nothing smaller than 25 square feet, give or take. Used mostly for cool bases and cover in combat, as well as trapping the odd civilian before tossing in a grenade. The constructs are dark blue and appear to glow and pulse softly.

Secondary Power: Basic physical enhancements all around. Faster, stronger, tougher, smarter, better sight and hearing, faster reflexes, more endurance, and more agility than any regular human. Just around the level of an Olympian in most things. Capable of surviving a 3 story fall, and of sprinting at 30 mph for a few hundred metres, as well as lifting 400 pounds and under.

PAPEL: Easily getting around new places by building his way wherever he wants to go. Setting up bases in moments.

MO: Searches for those who he thinks will present a challenge in a contest. Proceeds to fight them, or those they love, but won’t always kill them if he is satisfied and impressed by them.

Brief Backstory: Growing up, Lukas spent most of his time with a few friends doing dares, playing sports, getting in fights, and generally trying to push the limits of what he could do. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces at age 19 at the urging of his father to try to instill a little self-preservation, but instead Lukas became even more of a risk taker, often being given the worst duties as punishment for all the things he did. He ended up abandoning the military, and became a nomad, traveling around Canada on his own two feet with nothing more than a sleeping bag, a few boxes of granola bars, a pair of IMI Desert Eagles, and a swiss army knife.

After becoming an epic, he began challenging others to duels in an attempt to prove himself or die trying. While in Calgary, he met Silhouette, who aided him in defeating an illusion Epic when he was near death. They decided to stick together, and after being kicked out of town by (insert our Calgary dictator here) they decided to head to Edmonton to continue his search for a match.


Extended Backstory: TBD

Weakness: Failing to meet his goals

Faction: Unaligned




Epic name: Silhouette

Epic Nickname:  Shady. Only used by Knox and those that wish to die.

Real Name: Jack Hallen

General Appearance:
• Gender: Male
• Age: 28
• Hair: White with black frosted tips
• Skin tone: Pale White
• Height: 6’6
• (Usual) Clothes: A specially designed black suit, intended to allow maximum movement, with no shoes.
• Build: Extremely lanky, but more solid than he appears.
• Eyes: Brown

Primary Power: Illusions. Silhouette can create shadowy images that appear to have substance. They are easily identified due to silhouette only being able to make grey illusions, but at night they are often hard to see. Silhouette can use these as though they were real, physical manifestations of his will.

Secondary Power: Shadowmelding. Silhouette can briefly turn into shadow, and though he can move in this state, he cannot control his actions. Instead, he must picture where his shadow will go and it’s actions before entering the form, where those instructions cannot be changed until completed.

PAPEL: Phasing through walls to listen in on people, making illusions of something distracting so no one notices him.

MO: Wants to kill anyone with extreme wealth.

Brief Backstory: Silhouette, AKA Jack Hallen, was a law student who enjoyed boxing all through high school, and kept at it through university. His father ran a small auto shop, and lost an enormous lawsuit to the richest man in town over the Hallens right to their land. They were kicked off the property, and all of the family members began to work shifts to put the smartest of them, jack, through school. He was a fairly standard student, above average in sports and school, but nothing about him really raised eyebrows except his determination. He went to law school to try to make the world a better place, to fight against those who took advantage of the hardworking men and women of the world like his father. After becoming an epic, his values became warped, and he began going after people not for their deeds, but simply because they had money. He would shadowmeld his way into their homes, then beat them to death with his fists. He takes a perverse pleasure in killing those with money, and will sometimes elevate those in poverty to high status before killing them for it. 

He spent most of his adult life in Calgary, where he developed something of a rivalry with another illusion epic. When he saw another Epic in combat with the illusionist, he joined in and helped Knox finish him off. They decided to join forces after being kicked out of the city for the battle, and now they’re heading to Edmonton to see what there is to see


Extended Backstory: TBD

Weakness: Losing his belongings to another.

Faction: Allied with Knox, unaligned.

The Belt:


A group of Epics and Maples serving Orbit who want total control over the city, but currently make up a small criminal empire.




Orbit is a gravitational Epic with near-perfect control over his abilities. He effectively has telekinesis, as well as the ability to do anything lashings would be capable of, on a scale of around a city block. He keeps a constant gravitational field around himself designed specifically to block any projectiles that come near him, as well as repel attackers. He's a big man, weighing in at just over 280 pounds, and 6'6. He's pasty white, and wears a crisp black suit at all times, with a brown tie just beneath his many chins.

Orbit operates a network of thugs and minor Epics all over the city, using AmberLight to supply the city with as high a high as they want--for a price. He uses his gravitational powers to avoid being affected by time warping, and has been preparing a coup on Epoch for some time now. With other factions about to move in and further destabilize the city, now is his time to move.


Other notable epics in the Belt:




An Epic capable of creating small, golden-yellow packets of a substance that places anyone who digests it into a state of euphoria where they are stronger, faster, and more confident. Also, no munchie side effect.


An epic capable of turning his body to metal, and of lengthening his fingernails. Used in conjunction, this can create some deadly claws. Acts as a main enforcer for Orbit.


An Epic who never misses red balloons when using a bow and arrow. Totally useless in combat unless you can turn into a red balloon, but extremely useful for a number of other tasks when messages or supplies need to be sent through slow zones and Orbit isn't around. A tactical genius, but as a result of an amputation as a child he has no left leg and rarely leaves the main base.

Frank Dourian:

Ruthless Maple who runs the day to day business of the empire and handles most of the interrogations. Secretly Orbits right hand man, although all the other lieutenants think he's the least listened to.



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Placeholder for when I've finished characters.
Also pinned the topic.

Epics (Those who are from Oregon may not be fully up to date)
Scribbler: (Fully corrupted)





Real name: Lucy Lockser
Appearance: Young for an Epic at 15 Lucy is short even for her age, she has brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail and is constantly chewing gum. Her body has been covered with tattoos since she became an Epic, though she has kept her face clear the rest of her body is crawling with tiny words that she can actualize in an emergency. Her wardrobe consists of precisely two t-shirts and a pair of jeans, she dislikes wearing anything resembling an Epic costume.

History: Lucy received her powers after the defeat of Koschei and as such was somewhat ashamed of herself initially for being an Epic but after seeing that she could prove helpful to Vondra and his new community she regained her confidence, she is disdainful of most other Epics and prefers to interact with Vanillas. She's still somewhat terse and withdrawn after the shock of getting her powers.

Powers: Primary ability- Ink manipulation, Lucy has full telekinetic control over ink in all its forms, her control is fine enough to maintain the shape of any words she has written as she moves them about.
Secondary ability: Written actualization- Lucy can actualize anything that she has written, causing its effect to become reality.

Word actualization (Tier 4)
    - Power (Tier 4) (Variable, tied to limitation)
    - Limitation (Tier 3) (Time and resource required, requires access to the area during this time, otherwise not limited in any way)
    - Range (Tier 4) (Any known distance within several kilometers)
Ink manipulation (Tier 2)
    - Power (Tier 1)
    - Range (Tier 3) (Sight)
    - Limitation (Tier 2) (Unique, rare substance (Requires to be mixed with own blood), limited offensive or defensive capabilities, however very fine control)
Power duality (Tier 5) - can largely mitigate the limitations of primary ability with secondary ability




Epic name: Impact
Primary power: Can impart momentum to anything she touches, the momentum is applied only to the point of contact so if she uses this ability too quickly she can crush things.
Appearance: Identical to MV in every way, they wear the same clothes and style their hair in the same manner every morning making it almost impossible to tell them apart.
They have long blonde hair, blue eyes and generally wear relatively normal clothes consisting of t-shirts and skirts from pre-calamity times.

MV: (Redeemed)





Epic name: MV
Real name: Megan Pierce

Primary power: Momentum shifting- She can shift all of the momentum from one object to another, although she needs contact with at least one of the objects, this shift conserves momentum so if she moves the momentum of a car into a coin the coin will be travelling much faster. When she shifts momentum it applies to every particle of the object, so if she uses this on a speeding car it will stop instantly but not as though it had hit something, unless she deliberately includes the people inside though they'll still fly through the windscreen.
long blonde hair, blue eyes and generally wears relatively normal clothes consisting of t-shirts and skirts from pre-calamity times.
Personality:As relatively new Epics they are both still getting used to the corruption which can at times make them extremely aggressive, however as they've not used their powers to their fullest strength yet they're not as corrupted as most other Epics and usually just act somewhat snobish. MV is generally more talkative and not as intelligent as her sister, taking the lead in most situations, although in private this is usually reversed with her listening to her sisters advice.

Momentum manipulation (Tier 4)
    - Power (Tier 5)
    - Limitation (Tier 4) (Must have existing momentum, can be used defensively in multiple ways)
    - Range (Tier 3) (Sight for one, touch for another, though largely circumvented by simultaneous applications of power)

(Going to be taking a major backseat here in all likelihood, likely not actively RP'd at all but is around if people want justification for Epic tech)





Epic Name: Penumbra
Real name: Jeff Carlisle/Purple Phoenix

Passive ability: Resurrection-When killed he will resurrect in a nearby shadow, this does have some consequences however so he's not too eager to do so.
Active ability: Shadow manipulation- He can fully manipulate any shadows he's in contact with, they can exert a good amount of force (He could lift a medium-sized car with them) and can detach from the surface they're on He must remain in contact with the shadow he's manipulating, he usually stretches his own shadow out until it touches others, allowing him to control them.

History: Jeff Carlisle's third personality, the only personality which is aware of his true Epic abilities, this personality has no memory of Jeff's life pre-calamity and doesn't remember much about what happens to Purple Phoenix either, as such his personality is entirely based around the traits which Epics acquire upon ascendance without any human filter. He is completely contemptuous of vanillas and lesser Epics, bearing a particular hatred towards energy Epics much as Purple Phoenix himself does.
This personality was formed after Purple Phoenix fell from the museum, part of his resurrection ability is that it fractures his mind each time he resurrects, the first time when he blew up himself and the energy epic who killed his team he formed the personality of the Protector.

Shadow manipulation (Tier 3)
    - Power (Tier 3)
    - Limitation (Tier 4) (Almost universally available, fine control but not at microscopic level)
    - Range (Tier 2) (Visible range to a hundred or so meters)
Resurrection (Tier 4)
    - Power (Tier 4)
    - Limitation (Tier 3) (Requires shadow to resurrect, minor ammount of time taken)
    - Range (Irrelevant) (Self range)






Epic name: Neverthere

Powers: Astral Projection - can project an illusion of herself anywhere within a 50km radius, the illusion is capable of speech but cannot otherwise interact with physical objects, will blur into mist if touched. Neverthere receives all sensory information as she would if she were actually in her illusions position.

Appearance: A young woman of 22 years of age, Neverthere commonly wears a t-shirt and skirt with no shoes, preferring bright colours such as pink (Somewhat less extreme than Funtimes) she continues to wear glasses even after becoming an Epic due to her former shortsightedness, her illusion is always an exact copy and so wears the same clothes as she does.

MO: Bubbly and annoying Neverthere acts in an extremely irritating manner to both Vanillas and Epics, she has little to no fear of any confrontations as she uses her projection for most interactions with others.

Currently wearing a pink t-shirt with a black skirt and has a pen resting on her ear.

Astral Projection (Tier 3)
    - Power (Tier 1)
    - Limitation (Tier 2) (Unable to physically interact but can observe without limit and project with no time delay)
    - Range (Tier 5) (Hundreds of kilometers)

New Epics



Image result for fire



Primary ability: Manipulate molten rock (Can move, maintain temperature or rapidly cool it) Secondary ability: Able to transmute his own body or anything inside of it into lava.
Passive ability: Immune to any damage as a result of heat.
MO: Eats copious amounts of food then throws up lava which he keeps handy for offensive or defensive purposes.
Background: TBD

Molten rock manipulation (Tier 2)
    - Power (Tier 2) (Too slow moving for rapid offense)
    - Limitation (Tier 2) (Unique, rarely obtainable ability, can be offensive or defensive)
    - Range (Tier 3) (Sight)
Molten rock transmutation (Tier 2)
    - Power (Tier 2)
    - Limitation (Tier 2) (Defensive primarily, immune to direct damage from effect, single substance transformation)
    - Range (Tier 1) (Self, inside of self)
Heat nullification (Tier 3)
    - Power (Tier 5) (Completely immune to heat)
    - Limitation (Tier 2) (Highly specific, rare type of damage)
    - Range (Tier 1) (Self)
Power Duality (Tier 3) - Secondary ability negates some of the limitations for primaty ability, Passive ability renders both primary and secondary ability safer to use.

Iva (Rarely corrupted)


photo afd15381-6347-47be-9581-fe69473a30cc_zpsjedu8lam.png

A canceler Epic who can cancel any Epic power that is used directly on him. Alternatively if he spends a number of hours with an Epic he can permanently cancel their powers. The Epic is aware of this process so he can't do it stealthily.

Is aiming to slowly remove the powers of every Epic in the world, is very opposed to killing even Epics as he believes he has the means to redeem them all.

Power canceling (Tier 3)
    - Power (Tier 5) (Completely cancelled)
    - Limitation (Tier 3) (Passive, Highly specific, semi-common type of damage)
    - Range (Tier 1) (Self)
Power removal (Tier 3)
    - Power (Tier 5) (Complete removal)
    - Limitation (Tier 3) (Time intensive, Epic alerted)
    - Range (Tier 2)


Alexia Gardener (Lexi)



Alexia Gardener

(a.k.a Lexi)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition
Slight frame, athletic build with small amount of visible muscle over her torso and arms, leg muscles more noticeable.

Body Features

Extremely pale skin, thin waist, slight hunch to her shoulders.

Facial Features

Round faced, almost perpetual dark circles under her eyes, sunken and hollow look.

Identifying Characteristics

Multiple, small pock marks along her left arm, skin still stretched and burned around them.

Physical quirks

Hunch to shoulders.

Special abilities

Practiced scavenger

Apparel & Accessories

Warm jacket
Leggings (Worn under other pairs of pants)
Somewhat tattered pair of khaki’s
Grandmothers hair clip

Specialized Equipment

.22 bolt action rifle
Glock 22

Mental characteristics


Primary school education at a formal level, since then has received little formal education, her parents occasionally teach her things when she displays an obvious lack of knowledge about something.


Works in her parents bakery, largely in trying to source ingredients and scavenge replacements for parts.

Failures & Embarrassment
Tried to bake a cake for her mother’s birthday and accidentally used salt instead of sugar. Lexi is no longer allowed to try to bake anything.

Mental Trauma

Attempted to make a home-made grenade once, while collecting the gunpowder it became wet and upon trying to dry it accidentally lit some of it. The resulting small explosion sent pieces of heated metal into her hand and sparks onto her arm, she still carries the scars.
Intellectual Characteristics

Doesn’t like being seen as ignorant but rarely actively pursues new knowledge.

Morality & Philosophy

-Alignment::CG— Tries to protect herself and her family first and foremost. Lexi has had to make some questionable moral choices in order to protect them at times but rarely hesitates in the moment.

Personality Characteristics


Trying to keep her family alive and as prosperous as possible, saving her parents from having to deal with the harshness of life in the city as much as possible.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Has lots of theoretical knowledge about cooking and baking from her parents, though little practical experience. Experienced in combat, both through her firearms and when necessary some degree of hand-to-hand fighting.
Frequent travel without parental supervision has made Lexi a relatively proficient Traceur. (Experienced in parkour)
Missing large amounts of knowledge normally acquired in a formal education, is particularly ill-equipped in matters of history and science, though she has studied some chemistry as part of her research into firearms.

Virtues & Personality perks

Courageous when the need arises, very loyal and loving towards those she is close to.

Vices & Personality flaws

Can be callous towards those she doesn’t know. (Especially Epics)
Enjoys being seen as capable, tends towards show-offishness.
Can seem ingracious.

Personality Quirks

Seems harsh at first but rapidly warms towards people she likes.


Contacts & Relations

Parents (David and Emma)

Religious Views

Atheist / Pantheist

Social Aptitude

Very curt with people she doesn’t know well, especially those who seem to be overly-friendly. Seems very socially awkward and aggressive at first, though is very warm and talkative towards those she deems friends.


“Screw it”(Before drastic action), “Far out” (Replacement curse), “Hmm” (Disapproving)


Speaks little with those she doesn’t know, usually grunts, nods and disapproving noises.
Frequently checks to make sure that people are ok, asks this question frequently to those she likes.

Wealth & Financial state

Modest lifestyle with her parents, many belongings in her own room but doesn’t have any land or buildings that are entirely hers.


Year of Birth

2006 (20 years old)



Current Residence


Biological sex




Gender Identity



Bluish grey


Medium length, straight, black hair, kept inside a hood or wears it in a bun so it doesn’t get in the way.



Quotes & Catchphrases


Aligned organization


Known languages




Jed Hierick


Jed Hierick

Jed (a.k.a. Jeddy )

Physical Description

General Physical Condition
Scrawny build, 5’11 in height, doesn’t seem particularly athletic or muscled.

Body Features

Pale skin, thin body hair.

Facial Features

Oval faced, sharp chin, ears lie very flat against his head.

Identifying Characteristics

Very patchy, thin beard. About half an inch long and missing entirely in some patches.

Physical quirks

Tilts head to one side when in deep thought, eyes drifting.

Special abilities

Medical knowledge

Apparel & Accessories

Blue Jeans, variety of Hoodies, mostly in plain colours.
Lab coat.
Leather bracelet.

Specialized Equipment

Medical equipment

Mental characteristics


Formal education to mid-high school, post-Calamity trained as an EMT by one of the hospitals that still operated to some degree


Employed as a medic by the Minor Epic Coalition

Failures & Embarrassment

Somewhat humiliated by his own cowardice as he has seen the horrors that some Epics commit but is too afraid to stand up to any of them or even suggest that they change their ways.

Mental Trauma

Was too concerned with his own safety to find his parents after an Epic attack, Jed is not even aware which Epic it was that ended up killing them or where their bodies were.

Intellectual Characteristics

Researcher, motivated by studying new things, primarily interested in biology and medicine.

Morality & Philosophy

-Alignment::LG—Believes that what the Epics he aids do is morally wrong but is too interested in self-preservation to stop them. Follows the status quo and tends to try to coast through without engaging much on a moral level.

Personality Characteristics


Used to wish he was a superhero, when Epics started laying waste to large portions of the world his motivation shifted towards becoming a doctor to help those who are wounded by Epics. After receiving some training as an EMT he believes he has outgrown his childish beliefs and is now motivated to continue serving the MEC as a medic in order to preserve his life and lifestyle

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Well versed in the medicine, though most of it beyond his EMT training his more theoretical than anything. As a former avid reader of comic books he has somewhat extensive in that area as well, though he rarely displays it.
Has a large gap in his knowledge of other subjects as he did not finish highschool he lacks some more basic knowledge in some disciplines but after reading textbooks from the university library has advanced knowledge on many subjects.
Poor combat skills, remembers how to hold and aim a pistol but has terrible marksmanship. No close-combat skills to speak of.

Virtues & Personality perks

Cautious, empathetic (Though not outwardly)

Vices & Personality flaws

Envious of Epics
Often lapses into heavy drinking if he observes Epics performing particularly horrifying or callous acts.

Personality Quirks

Frequently blames himself internally but rarely expresses this to others


Contacts & Relations

MEC – Employers

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Usually quiet but not shy, Jed speaks freely if people engage him in conversation, though he usually turns the topic away from himself when possible. Tries to portray a laid-back atmosphere.




Takes long pauses if the topic is about himself, as he tries to think of what he wants to say.
Diverts the topic away from himself when possible.
Usually has a mildly respectful tone and speech pattern, but rarely engages in outright pandering or groveling without being prompted.

Wealth & Financial state

Has very little in the way of permanent and personal wealth, most medical equipment in the MEC is largely acknowledged to be Jed’s but everything else he uses is solely at the mercy of whichever Epics allow him to keep it.


Honorary & Occupational Titles

Medic of the MEC

Year of Birth

2002 (24 years old)



Current Residence


Biological sex




Gender Identity



Hazel, gold flecks


Short, messy, brown, fringe parted to his right side.



Quotes & Catchphrases


Aligned organization


Known languages

English, French, simple phrases in a few others

Minor Epics / MEC


Primary power: Can create a shield that completely blocks one substance that he specifies. Can only create one such shield at a time.

Primary power: Can change peoples linguistic abilities, causing them to speak and understand a different language or not be able to speak or understand a language they already know. Effect only maintained while they are within range.

Primary power: Matter manipulation, can turn one kind of clock into any other kind of clock.

Primary power: (passive) Is surrounded with electrical energy while sleeping. Cannot manifest this ability while awake.

Primary power: Can manifest lightbulbs above his head, these lightbulbs stay lit even without a power source. Float above his head until touched at which point normal gravity applies.

Primary power: Supernaturally awful cooking. Any food that she attempts to manipulate in any way other than eating will turn into an intensely powerful poison.

Primary power: Can create shovels.

Primary power: Conductivity inversion. Can cause any insulator that she touches to be a conductor, and conductor she touches to be an insulator.

Primary power: Metallic oxidation, can cause most metals to instantly rust.

Primary power: Air walking, can cause his feet to treat the air as a solid substance.



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Yessss you actually named it that.




Real Name: Finley Booth

Appearance: Average height, dark hair, brown eyes, ethnically half Philipino half Scottish. Typically seen wearing a short sleeved button-up shirt and khakis.


  • Primary: Can create time zones of significantly increased or decreased passage of time. Time zones are imprecise and take time to create, but may affect a very broad area.
  • Secondary: Reincarnation. Shortly after death (~5m), reverts to a recent previous state when he was alive and relatively uninjured. This reversion affects both his location and memories, meaning he will not recall the exact circumstances of his death. However, he can often infer that he just died, because even if he is in the same location, things around him might have moved.
  • Tertiary: Long-distance clairvoyance. Can only view one area at a time (about 70m in radius), but the area can be quite far away from Epoch. This ability helps him place time zones across the city.
  • Weakness: Suffers from severe monophobia, the fear of loneliness. Can only use his powers in the presence of at least one person who is not hostile. Will not reincarnate if he dies alone. Has been leaked to everybody in Edmonton before the RP starts.

History: Finley Booth was born and raised in Edmonton, and became a local politician by trade. He gained his powers shortly after Calamity first appeared and the first wave of epics were created. Initially, he exploited his acceleration powers to become very wealthy by legitimate means, granting fields the ability to produce crops at breakneck pace, computers the ability to run many times faster, and workspaces the ability to squeeze more hours in a day. This was for completely selfish reasons, but he still wasn't properly corrupt at this point. That happened after a fire epic saw fit to kill him. After his first reincarnation, the corruption began in earnest. This is when he chose the name Epoch and set his sights on ruling Edmonton.

Epoch made a play to take over the city by sectioning it off with time zones. It didn't really work because everybody else had a common enemy, and epics like Orbit could get around the time zones. So Epoch made concessions like creating corridors through the barriers, but charged tolls for using them. This created an uneasy peace.

Doubletake was probably the most influential epic in the city, and she kept Epoch from pulling anything too dramatic by threatening to leak his weakness. The arrival of a bunch of refugee epics from Oregon, in conjugation with the power vacuum created by Doubletake's death, has destabilized the city significantly. On one hand, Epoch would like to capitalize on that, but on the other hand, the leakage of his weakness has him playing defensive most of the time.



Real Name: Graydon Bolt

Appearance: Above-average height, dirty blond hair, green eyes. Speaks with a Quebecois accent. Generally wears a black trenchcoat, and carries a C1 submachine gun.


  • Primary: Can create a bubble around himself that dampens all movement but his own. Bubble has a fixed size of about 6 meters, and is most powerful at the center, weaker around the edges.
    • Right above his skin, the effect is strong enough to render small caliber bullets harmless (it does nothing to stop some of the more exotic and imaginative forms of attack, however). Further out, the effect resembles an exaggerated version of air resistance, making fast movements difficult and sluggish.
    • Movement dampening works on sound vibrations. Right above his skin, the effect is strong enough to cancel out virtually all sound, rendering Quietus perfectly silent but also deaf. Further out, the effect muffles sound without completey canceling it.
    • Movement dampening also works on biological processes like the human pulse. This creates an unfortunate feedback loop where the body begins to shut down to conserve oxygen, only to have the dampening effect stack, eventually resulting in death by asphyxiation. Dizziness will set in after about twenty seconds of exposure, unconsciousness after about four minutes, hypoxic brain damage shortly after, and death after about ten minutes. This process can occur significantly faster at the very center of the bubble, typically with sustained physical contact.
  • Secondary: About a quarter of the energy stolen by the slow bubble is returned as a boost to movement speed in real time. This grants a modest speed enhancement, but a variable one.
  • Tertiary: Quietus' eyes can percieve a slightly broader spectrum, allowing for infrared vision in dark environments. Pupils will be obviously dilated when viewing infrared.
  • Weakness: Being laughed at. His power will never block out the sound of laughter, although it will only actually disable his powers if the laughter is directed at him.

History: Graydon gained powers as a mercenary in Epoch's service. He didn't really care enough about leading to challenge Epoch. He also correctly reasoned that high-ranking enforcers can get away with an awful lot. So he kept on working for Epoch, and became the head enforcer mostly by virtue of being the most powerful epic working for him. Like Steelheart, he is basically going out of his way to come across as scary, because he never wants anybody ever to have cause to laugh at him.



Real Name: Tarina Hill

Appearance: Above-average height, black hair, blue eyes. Wears a dark green cape, because it trails behind her and makes it even harder to track her movements, and because she thinks it looks cool.


  • Primary: All observers experience a mental block where it becomes impossible to know both her location and velocity vectors with certainty. This messes with the aim of anybody attempting to attack her. It also negates the majority of precognitive abilities as a side effect. Basically, it makes her movements impossible to track very well.
  • Secondary: Tireless. Cannot become physically exhausted, and does not need to sleep.
  • Tertiary: Can maintain two seperate trains of thought at once (no more than two, though). This can be helpful, or not, depending on how easily a task can be performed in parallel.
  • Weakness: Blindside has a particularly bad memory of nearly drowning when she was a kid.

History: When Calamity first appeared, Tarina was an intelligent first-year college student at the University of Calgary, who enjoyed physics and running on the cross-country team. After the epics began to rule Calgary, she worked as an architect for a transmutation epic, and spent several years doing this.

After Calamity granted her powers, she left the transmutation epic, concluding that working for them was beneath her. She approached Calgary's ruling epic, demanding a place in the ruler's inner circle of epics. They were not impressed by her power, and informed her that "there were no vacancies at the moment." In response, she attacked and killed one of the epics running the city, a powerful precog, and then asked them again if they had any vacancies.

Most of the epic's associates wanted her dead, but the ruler was amused, and let her take the precog's job. She did this for a little while, and managed to avoid lethal competition mostly because nobody was quite sure how she had beaten the precog, and everybody assumed she was hiding a much stronger power. As she continued in this position, the initial wave of corruption faded. She's still corrupted, but not as badly as most of Calgary's major players were.

Then Calgary experienced a change in regime. Like a lot of Calgary's upper crust, Blindside didn't like the new leader, and left the city to find a place for herself somewhere else. She picked Edmonton.

Lorri Jackson


Real Name: Lorri Jackson

Appearance: Average height, red-blond hair, brown eyes, Welsh. Usually wears a down jacket and jeans.

Abilities: Not an epic. Has some other random abilities, though, such as a really good memory, a good singing voice, and a statistically anomalous ability to survive dangerous situations.

History: Formerly an occupational therapist living in Lacombe. When Lacombe was completely and brutally destroyed in an epic's rending, she escaped as one of the few survivors. And she hated what epics had done to the world. More than that, she reasoned that humanity must be pretty terrible, if they behaved like monsters the instant they had the power to do so.

So when she heard some homeless guy in Calgary yelling about how humanity should all be destroyed, and the universe with them, it sounded pretty reasonable, all things considered. Since then, she has been a follower of the epic Armageddon, plotting the destruction of Calgary.

Then most of Armageddon's converts were slaughtered by a rival epic. For a second time, she found herself one of the few survivors after the wrath of a powerful epic. Only a small few followers remain from Calgary.

Now they are traveling to argue the virtues of universe-destruction to the people of Edmonton.



Real Name: Unknown

Appearance: Unknown


  • Nobody can willingly be within 50m of her. Those that attempt to do so will inexplicably find excuses not to. An individual who is particularly determined to approach Pariah will experience confusion, as their mind tries and fails to come up with a good enough excuse to not enter the area, and will ultimately be able to identify that some kind of power is keeping them from entering the area. However, they will still find it impossible to make themselves enter the area.
  • Can transform herself and everything on her person back and forth between a totally invulnerable, immobile statue composed of a smooth, nonreflective charcoal-black substance. Transformation is instantaneous and happens the moment she wells it to.
  • When not transformed, may charge up over about three seconds and then release a powerful, focused bolt of violet energy that causes a smallish explosion on impact.

History: Attacked Edmonton some time ago, damaging several buildings and killing a handful of normals as well as a lesser epic. Got pinned down in a firefight with two of the local powers, and then stuck in a slow zone while in her statue form.

The city's epics continued to periodically fire upon her from outside the slow zone, forcing her to remain transformed while the slow zone intensified over time.

She is now sealed there, a jet-black statue glaring at everything around it. People still never walk through that part of the city, her power still keeping anybody from entering the area.

Theoretically, she will eventually get free, when she finally drops the transformation and steps out of the effect. But there will be warning of this as she moves herself out of the time zone at a glacial pace. Or there will be much less warning, if the time zone disappears.




  • Can shoot short-ranged concussive waves of red energy out of his hands, capable of throwing people backwards.
  • Enhanced strength and toughness. Any attack against him is distributed over the entire surface of his body.
  • May break off a splinter of his powers, forming a slightly different variation of his current powers, and gift it to a normal via touch. May also reclaim the power with a touch, reassimilating it and adapting his own power based on the combat experiences of the gifted.
    • Can try to control what type of variation he produces when gifting somebody, but the results are highly unpredictable and might not be at all what he wanted or expected.
    • For the purposes of adaptation, combat experiences with other varations of his own power are virtually useless.




  • Can shapeshift to assume the appearance, voice, and mannerisms of anybody they have ever seen. Gains the physique of whomever they are imitating, but not any powers they might have.
  • Can store objects in the form of tattoos on their body. Presses an object into their skin to transform it into a two-dimensional, stylized, life-size tattoo of the object, and then can retrieve the object at will.




  • May cause objects to resist changes in direction, making things move in straight lines. May apply to self, or temporarily to anything else within two meters.
  • May grant things durability that scales in proportion to their ground velocity. May apply to self, or temporarily to anything else within two meters.

Some New Character Ideas:


Name: Phoebe Peterson

Appearance: Pale skin, angular face and sharp chin, streaked blond hair, brown eyes. Typically wears baggy jeans and a tank top. Is a chain smoker.


  • Can control smoke. Works so long as she can see it, or otherwise accurately determine it's location.
  • Initially unaware of it, but has a low-tier thinker power for creating unpredictable situations.

History: Formerly a university student in Oregon studying computer science, then Calamity happened. Is not badly corrupted, in part because she does not heavily use her powers. Is now one of the many refugees going to Olympia Polaris.


Name: Hamill Hibbert

Appearance: Think stereotypical comic-book hero costume, and you would be on the right track.


  • Encased in a personal shield, which emits a golden glow but is otherwise invisible. Shield protects against most things that aren't suffocation, and grants enhanced strength. Does not come with any form of enhanced-anchoring, so they can still be thrown around.
  • Everything about him is supernaturally attention-grabbing (ability cannot be turned off). Constantly speaks with amplified voice and surround sound.

Weakness: Q-tips. Q-tips completely invalidate his powers.

History: Grew up in Vancouver. Gained powers during an epic attack that resulted in the destruction of a nuclear plant via lightning, and is utterly convinced that he got his powers from radiation exposure. Ecstatic to finally be a superhero like he always wanted, he set about enthusiastically purging villainy from Vancouver (read: near-indiscriminate rending). After hearing rumors of conflict in Alberta, he resolved to journey there, because a troubled city like Edmonton clearly needs a hero.


Name: TBA


  • Can repair/replace body parts of self and others with any material. Prosthetics will generally function like the original body part.
  • Very limited telekinesis. Only works a couple inches above their skin, fairly mediocre precision, and can only move objects at a very low speed. However, the power works regardless of the object's weight, and has no Manton restriction.
  • Can intuitively identify physical vulnerabilities. This is limited to anything that could be calculated with pencil-and-paper using the mechanics branch of physics, and is very deterministic. Example: figuring out the structural weak-points on a building.


PRT Records


I'm bored, and also recently finished Worm, so I've decided to create a list of each epic's PRT threat classification.

PRT classifications are not really about direct combat potential, or even just general utility for that matter (otherwise I expect certain characters in Worm would have very different designations). This is also obviously subjective, but that's half the fun of it.

Power Types:

  • Mover: Powers that enhance mobility.
  • Shaker: Powers that have area of effect.
  • Brute: Powers that grant durability or strength.
  • Breaker: Can shift into another state.
  • Master: Can control others or create minions.
  • Tinker: Can create things, especially future tech.
  • Blaster: Powers that grant a ranged attack.
  • Thinker: Powers that grather information.
  • Striker: Powers that grant a melee attack or touch-based.
  • Changer: Can alter form or appearance.
  • Trump: Can manipulate other powers.
  • Stranger: Powers that improve stealth.

Knox: Shaker 7, Brute/Mover 1

Silhouette: Master 6, Breaker 4 (Mover/Stranger 4)

Orbit: Shaker 10, Mover 3

AmberLight: Master 3

Machete: Brute 4, Changer 2

Longbow: Blaster 0

Scribbler: Shaker 8

MV: Striker/Blaster 11

PPPPP: Shaker 7

Neverthere: Master 3

Magmaw: Blaster/Shaker 3, Brute 1, Breaker 1

Iva: Trump 6

Epoch: Shaker 10, Thinker 5, Brute 2

Quietus: Shaker 6, Stranger 2, Mover 2

Blindside: Stranger/Mover 5, Brute 2, Thinker 1

Pariah: Blaster 6, Breaker 5 (Brute 9, Mover -1), Stranger 5

Archetype: Trump 7, Brute 3, Blaster 3

Surrogate: Changer 5

Railway: Shaker 3, Blaster 2

Typhon (speculated): Blaster 12, Brute/Trump 10, Mover 4

Kokichi: Shaker 9, Changer 2

Red: Changer 5, Thinker 2, Mover 2, Brute 1

Voidgaze: Blaster/Shaker 6, Brute/Mover 2

Ray: Striker/Blaster 6

Big Al: Tinker 1

Aunt Margaret: Tinker/Trump 5

Sentinel: Trump 8, Master 6

Chrysalis: Master 11, Brute 7

Roach: Brute 9

Armageddon: Master 8

Nicroburst: Striker/Trump 5

Jacklyn: Master 3, Changer 1, Stranger -1

Mystery Epic: Stranger 7, Blaster 3

Borrower: Trump 8

Phytomagnet: Tinker 3, Blaster 1

Ironwood: Brute 3, Trump 3

The Creator: Tinker/Shaker 8, Thinker 2

Justice: Master 3, Trump 1

Karabiner: Tinker/Trump 7

Arachnerd: Master 6, Tinker 1

Bloodlight: Shaker 8

Lethe: Stranger 7, Thinker 3

Sapphire: Blaster 4, Shaker 3

Upgrade: Striker/Trump 5

Euphoria: Master 9

Skinsaver: Striker 5, Thinker 2

Peregrine: Mover 9, Thinker 4, Blaster 2

Ethereaon: Shaker 3, Thinker 3

Taylor Swift: Brute 7, Changer 5


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 Epic Name: Kokichi

Nickname:  Discord, Chaos Agent, Lil (Word Not Suitable For Forum)

Real Name: Atsuki (暁) Chiyou (蝶)

Passive Power: Anime Aura. Both them and everyone in a range of up to a hundred feet away from them react to stimulus as if they’re cartoon/anime characters. If they say something shocking, jaws will literately drop. Mischief radiates from them with a too wide smile and a purple glow. If they’re flirting, roses will surround their face. They’re vulnerable to other Epics with joke abilities. If they’re forced into playing the straight man (in the humor sense), their abilities don’t work right. It’s not their weakness, just a natural extension of their strength. Being in extreme pain or chained up means they’ll lose control of their emotions. This might mean they’re vulnerable... or absolutely ruthless and terrifying.

Weakness: Being called butterfly, especially "my" butterfly.

Appearance: They’re nineteen years old but super short and malnourished. If you comment on their height, you’ll be in for some really strange experiences as their face distorts in anger. They’ve got absurdly pointy short neon orange hair with steaks of blue and have their ears pierced. They keep plain shock blue studs in their ears with Nyan cat barrettes in their hair. They’re Japanese American, though their grandmother on their mom's side is Russian, and very androgynous. They also wear a teal hoodie over loose sweat pants the same shade. On their feet, they’ve got bright orange crocs with socks on (which they think are very fashionable thank you very much. Nobody is quite sure if they’re joking about their fashion sense but they’re too terrified to ask. 

Modus Operadi: *blink* *they’re here* Gotcha nose! Literally! Oh hey, it’s bleeding! Want it back? There yah go! That’s your eye? No, I’m pretty sure that’s where your nose is supposed to be. *sparkles of innocence* See yah later! *steps out of sight for a second* *is gone.* Their hobby is stirring up fights and watching the ensuing fireworks. Often times with popcorn. Where’d they get that popcorn? Who knows. 



Real Name: Bianca (?)

Primary Power: Blood Manipulation. She can control her own blood and form it into relatively solid shapes. She can use it as a way to get around, but that requires a LOT of blood and isn’t very stable. She can kill people best by drowning them.

Secondary Power: Heartbeat Detection. She can hear other people’s heartbeats and use them as a way to detect emotion or to track them. 

Passive Power: Infinite Bloodloss. Cannot run out of blood but too much will make her dizzy. 

Weakness: Disappointing people 

Modus Operadi: ...kinky. Sucking up, sometimes literally, to powerful Epics. Often times killing them if she feels they’re disapointting her expectations. Kill Count: Very high.

Appearance, updated: Shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail. Usually some form of dog collar and unnatached handcuffs as bracelets. A long dark red duster over a dark black tank top and jeans with holes in them. She has a knife in a sheath on her belt and keeps thick marbles of her own blood in her pocket. All of her arteries have thick scars over them, which she makes no effort to hide. She also wears bright red lipstick. Her eyes are brown but they turn red when she uses her powers. I don’t know if I gave her an ethnicity before so I’m gonna say she’s tentatively biracial, half white and half Hispanic.


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Epic Name: Voidgaze

Normal Name: Rita Blue

Faction: Refugee

Primary Power: As long as she can see it Voidgaze is able to destroy everything that is white and in the process can inflict damage to everything adjacent to her target.

Seconadry Power: Voidtwist: Voidgaze can slightly influence the shape and movement of solid white objects. She can not completly reshape them. While twisting objects like this she can also make them stick to other surfaces.

Passive Power: Ressurection: Upon death Voidgaze respawns, fuly healed from any injuries she might have suffered, within a radius of 1 kilometer. In case she is aware of a white surface in that area she can use it to reappear, otherwise she respawns from a random surface in the area, which will subsequently be bleached white, as will everything else she touches.

Weakness: Starvation. Powers weaken the longer it has been since her last meal and cut off entirely after a day.

Appearance: Long white hair, that may or may not be bleached, fitting white clothing and pale skin. Early 20ths, but doesn't look the part, given Epic's slowed aging.

Pre-Oregon: Voidgaze was still fairly young when she gained her epic powers. Instead of joining the fights for power and territory she just took herself a nice house in Portland and piled up various kind of entertainment she could find. In present time she is barely seen outside her mansion, normally only when she needs to stock up on food. Given that she has no territory to speak of most other Epics in Portland don't pay attention to her. She herself has a "you leave me alone I leave you alone"- policy in regards to other Epics. She seldomly uses her epic powers because her lifestyle, which makes her rather pleasant when compared to other Epics. Of course this only lasts until she is in a position where she frequently uses her power.

Post-Oregon: To be elaborated on.



Epic Name: Ray

Normal Name: Rachel Butler

Faction: Refugee

Power: Forming energy lances, her fingers work but other objects such as toothpicks work better. When in contact with flesh she can discharge her energy into a small explosion, other material such as bones block this. (For reference see the part she blew up a part of Nighthound, I know you want it.)

Weakness: Alcohol

Trivia: -Short red hair and sporty looks.

-Prefers to wear jeans and T-shirts

-She was a bit of an upcoming athlete in her high school years, then her parents died in a car accident and everything went downhill from there.

-I feel sorry for her yet I can´t stop being cruel. What shall I do?

Big Al


Epic Name: Big Al

Faction: Refugee

Power: Can pull a Sausage McMuffin out of his Pocket. Even if he doesn't have a pocket.

Weakness: Any Taco Bell food item, or the Taco Bell Logo.

Credit: A Joe in the Bush



Faction: Refugee

A former guard of Altermind's Thoughttown and a member of the Faithful. After learning about Voidgaze, she requested to form a special unit to support her. She has followed Voidgaze ever since, even following the destruction of Oregon.

Will have to update some stuff later but might as well get up the basics.


Yessss you actually named it that.

I will add my random character concepts once I am back by my notes :P

The tags are great too. :P

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Liam the Moose (AKA The Moose, Liam Dunton, or the Man with the Van)


Name: See above.

Appearance: 32 year old man with dark brown hair and bushy beard. About 6 feet tall and muscular. Wears a variety of rock band shirts, as well as a prized Elvis t-shirt, along with a black leather jacket and jeans. He doesn't always wear the jacket, but substitutes it for a fur-lined hoodie with "MOOSE" in bold lettering on the back and a moose icon below.

Backstory:`A Maple who, since Calamity appeared, has been roaming the backroads of Canada in his red Volkswagen Samba, which he inherited from his late uncle. The Samba has been outfitted as his mobile home, featuring a couch, mini-fridge, generator, and arsenal. Liam houses his collection of Elvis vinyls in the Samba as well, which he listens to regularly. Originally from Peterborough, Ontario, Liam has visited every province except Nunavut by the time of Edmonton (RP).

The arrival of Calamity was the start of all bad things for Liam. Shortly after its appearance, his marriage began having difficulties, and he and his wife were divorced months later. The wife gained custody of his only child, his son Oliver, and the event left Liam empty. He blames the loss of his marriage on Calamity, as well as the loss of his job a month after the divorce. At the time, Liam was becoming more secluded from society, spending the time to restore the old Volkswagen Samba his uncle had left him. His behavior at work was removed and haunted, and several coworkers complained, leading to his firing. Seeing the beginning of the end, Liam began selling his furniture and random knicknacks from his attic. By the time he was evicted from his house, the rooms were nearly bare.

When the Epics began to appear, Liam's life had already flipped upside down, so he just loaded into his Samba and left town. He skipped from town to town, avoiding major cities like Toronto and Winnipeg and only stopping to stockpile food and gas. If he saw evidence of a nearby Epic, he took a detour. Despite his caution, he has had several encounters with Epics, in which he killed two out of three.

The first was a fire epic named Trailblazer. Liam had stopped for the night in a little town in Saskatchewan when he saw a nearby home in flames. Rushing to help, but not foolish enough to forget his shotgun, Liam successfully pulled a woman from the inferno. However, before she thanked him, she bolted for the trees. Liam turned to see a man cloaked in flame standing in the yard, staring at him. "That woman was meant to die. You foolishly intervened, and now..." the Epic trailed off, watching the woman disappear into the forest. Liam used the opportunity to whip out the shotgun and shoot the Epic twice in the chest. Where the shells hit, the flame sheathing the man flickered out. Apparently, Trailblazer was weak to people with beards.

The second was more accidental. While driving, he trespassed in a duel between two Epics, one with mind powers and the other an illusionist. In the course of the fighting, a massive boulder was projected onto the road, causing Liam to swerve and flatten the mind Epic with the van. He rushed out to see, and suddenly realized where he was. He and the other Epic stared blankly at each other for a few moments, both equally surprised at what had happened, before Liam jumped back into the van and sped away.

The first few years Liam spent alone. Eventually, he ran into Aunt Margaret, who sheltered him far a while when he was on the run from a particular Epic he had crossed paths with. In return, he joined her Circle of the Shield (as in the Canadian Shield). 

Aunt Margaret


Margaret Wilkins, otherwise known as Aunt Margaret, is a middle-aged engineer working in secret somewhere in the Canadian Shield. Formerly employed as a particle physics technician, the facility she worked at was shut down after Epics began to upset the Canadian government. She got employed at a library shortly afterward, and lived under the frequently challenged Epic regime over her hometown for three years. During that time, she studied the Epics that so frequently appeared, taking note of their abilities.

Everything changed when her library suddenly became a secret rehabilitation facility for the reigning Epic, Scattershot. Seriously wounded in a recent fight, but still victorious, Scattershot needed a place to recover without the public knowing his vulnerability. Thus, the lower floor of the library was converted from a storage room to a makeshift hospital. Margaret was sworn into secrecy, threatened with death if the secret of Scattershot's physical state got out. During the weeks that Scattershot stayed at the library, Margaret used every opportunity to observe the Epic's biology and how his powers had affected it. Pretending that she used to be a nurse, she assisted in medical procedures and checkups. In the process, she got her hands on a blood sample, which she froze and kept hidden.

Scattershot recovered, and the library was abandoned. His agents continued to patrol the area, and Margaret realized that if she was going to run tests on the blood sample, she would need to get far away from Scattershot. Thus, under the cover of night, she bestowed her position at the library to a coworker and fled the city, taking whatever belongings she could fit in her SUV along with an icebox with the sample. She stopped at a farm a safe distance away, and begged to stay. The farmer and his family permitted her to stay, and she got the guest room. The icebox and the sample remained secret. She waited a few months to gain the family's trust, then began to run experiments in the barn. She knew nothing of biology beyond that of an ordinary person, but she used all her knowledge of particle physics to test the sample. It was fascinating, but not enough. She realized that she would need more samples, more study, to truly understand what makes Epics what they are, and how they can do what they do. 

Finding new Epic samples would be tremendously difficult, she knew, but it would be best to gain a home base before she start looking for more. She left the farm and headed out into the unknown, careful to avoid dangerous Epics and certainly Scattershot. Her current location, as well as present company, is unknown.

Circle of the Shield


The Circle of the Shield is a secret organization that operates out of somewhere in the Canadian Shield, founded by Margaret Wilkins. The organization was originally created to continue Margaret's research, which requires biological samples from Epics. Because this is very dangerous, only the very brave joined, and their business and the headquarter's location was kept top secret. The Circle doesn't undertake publicly obvious missions, such as overthrowing an Epic overlord or supporting a resistance group, both of which might call unwanted attention to the Circle. Often, missions involve incapacitating select Epics, extracting a sample, then returning to base to deliver the sample to Margaret for testing.

The Circle of the Shield has grown over time, from only a few members to about a dozen operatives across Canada and a growing staff at base. The tech developed there is employed by the operatives and is occasionally leased to certain customers at exorbitant prices. Such transactions are few and far between, but there is a slim chance that one might find a piece of Circle tech out of an operative's hands. The operatives' identities are classified, and all know each other through callsigns. Some roam the countryside, like Moose, and others stay closer to base, leaving only on missions and return immediately.

Though the Circle of the Shield hopes for a day that humanity may no longer be enslaved by a minority of superpowered beings, they do not act to bring that day closer. Instead, they work quietly in the shadows.



Epic Name: Unknown. Perhaps nonexistent.

Real Name: Also unknown. This man is a true enigma.

Appearance: Male, blond, and tall. Approx. 6'3". Muscular, with a face reminiscent of James Bond (some of the Circle whisper that he actually is 007). Wears black sunglasses, dark colored muscle tees, and black pants with combat boots. Wears armored vests when in combat situations and carries a Desert Eagle in a holster.

Primary Power: Canceller. Sentinel can negate all active Epic powers within 30 feet of him, but must be conscious. Passive abilities remain on, but that is all.

Secondary Power: Petrification. Can freeze a target within sight when focused. Target person cannot move, but can think and use thought-based Epic powers. May be able to freeze two targets if there are no other distractions and is exerting a ton of willpower.

Sentinel was nicknamed "Sentinel" by the Circle of the Shield. He rarely speaks, nothing is known about his past, and is always watching, hence the name "Sentinel." Because of some past encounter between the two, Sentinel feels he owes a great debt to Aunt Margaret, so he decided to become her protector. Though the rest of the Circle rarely sees the two together, Margaret regards Sentinel as an old friend, and the few times Sentinel smiles is around her. He acts as the bodyguard of the whole facility, often found patrolling the campus. Though the full extent of his martial expertise is not known, Circle agents have witnessed Sentinel show proficiency in the quarterstaff, knives, handguns, rifles, machine guns, mixed martial arts, longbow, blowgun, and table tennis.



Epic Name: Chrysalis

Real Name: Wallace Green

Appearance: Constantly encased in thick red and black carapace. The carapace forms around him like armor, seamlessly connecting like shardplate. On the shoulder plates and head, thorny ridges protrude from the carapace. Stands about 6ft tall. 

Primary Power: Enhanced strength and endurance like that of a beetle. (approx. 1000 times his own weight)

Secondary Power: can grow carapace from his flesh. The carapace is impervious to nearly all weaponry except the most powerful energy weapons (total vaporization is necessary). The carapace is also fire resistant and can withstand quick temperature fluctuations.

Tertiary Power: Can gift primary and secondary powers to minions, up to about 1000. The strength factor of the minions (his "Swarm") is about half that of Chrysalis', and the carapace is slightly weaker, but still very strong.

Quaternary Power: Has a hivemind over his minions. Cannot control specific targets.

Current conqueror and ruler of Calgary, his "Hive". Employs a number of insect-themed Epics to maintain control of the city and provide utilities. The drones (his minions) comprise his elite task force, and act as bodyguards and take down resistance efforts. The next division of his army, Nymphs, are ordinary soldiers that are armored with discarded carapace plates. Though the carapace armor does not provide as much coverage as that of the drones' or Chrysalis', it repels gunfire and protects against explosions and fire. Nymphs usually carry a carapace riot shield, especially if they do not have a full suit of armor. They wield normal firearms. Chrysalis also employs a normal human garrison to handle mundane issues or for use as cannon fodder.



Epic Name: Roach

Real Name: William "Billy" Samson

Primary Power: Invincibility. He is physically invulnerable in every way.

Secondary Power: Can survive without food or water for an extended period of time.



Axes. Due to a childhood accident, Roach is susceptible to axes. A blow from an ax can harm him.

Backstory: Though Roach could easily topple governments, he has a really weak personality. He got picked up by Chrysalis, who uses him to do his dirty work, since Roach can't get hurt. He is constantly bullied, and doesn't stick up for himself.

Riley Henderson


Real Name: Riley Henderson

Epic Name: Hasn't thought of one yet, is kind of embarrassed about it.

Appearance: 19 y/o male, shoulder length dark brown hair (kinda greasy), a bit of acne scars on his face, but not much. 5' 11".

Primary Power: Heat energy transference. Riley can transfer heat from his own body into another object he's touching near instantaneously, and can act as a conduit between two objects. He can also draw heat energy from objects and store it within his own body.

Secondary Power: Thermal Vision. Can see heat signatures. With concentration, Riley can switch between normal color vision and heat vision.

Passive Power: Heat resiliance. Maximum body temperature ~2500 C (melting point of steel).

 Backstory (in brief): Rending occurred in high school. Doesn't remember it well, but several students died, and Salisbury High is now closed indefinitely. The Albertan Government saw him as an asset and offered him a job instead of killing him, so he agreed. He did their missions, but hated their treatment of him. Eventually, he escaped and began plotting the down fall of his "mortal enemies," the Feds.


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Power: Being incredibly persuasive.

Armageddon can convince people of whatever he tells them. However, this has limits. He can only convince people with particularly weak wills, approximately one tenth of the population. He can also never convince epics. (Note: One tenth may be too much. Open to objections.)

Weakness: Being wrong in his moral belief.

His powers are negated if he were convinced that his belief that the destruction of humanity is the only way to save them is wrong. This would take affect by having all of the people convinced by him suddenly going back to their previous belief.


^ Secrets. I have no problem with you looking at them, just know that you're character would never know.

Power: Blowing up the Universe

Weakness: People who disagree with his moral belief. (Very Long Range)

Real Name: Alexander Philips (Goes by Alex)

Epic Name: Armageddon

History: Armageddon believes that humanity is horrible, and should be destroyed. He spent years homeless in the streets of Calgary, and there saw the worst of humanity. After Calamity came, he desperately wanted the ability to end all life in this universe. He turned to chanting out to the people on the streets about his belief, hoping that people would agree, and turn their lives to his cause as he has. One day, he suddenly felt enormous power rush into him, and knew that his wish had been fulfilled. He immediately tried to use his power to blow up the universe, but it didn’t work. Confused, he suddenly realized it must be because he was exposed to his weakness. He decided that, if his power is his greatest wish, then his weakness must be his greatest hate. He decided it must be the heathens who argue with the truth. So once again he turned to preaching-but this time, people listened. At least one in ten completely agreed with what he was saying and agreed to help him. He has been biding his time, growing his army and hiding, poised and ready to attack. However, one day a new epic came to the city. Armageddon tried to put him under his cause, but the man refused. Going on a rampage, the man killed Armageddon’s entire army. Fleeing and worried, Armageddon ran, eventually ending up in Edmonton, hoping to once again grow his army and convince the world that destruction is the only way.

Personality: He has his odd moral beliefs, of course, and is willing to do almost anything to see them through. He doesn’t particularly care what happens to his followers, or anyone else, considering his plan is to have all of humanity die. He tends to be fearful of other epics who are stronger than him, especially when he is alone, and tends to spend his days in hiding, and trying to conceal his epic status.


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Name- Nicroburst. (I assume that Brandon exists in the Reckonerverse, he just never wrote the Reckoners.  If you guys could think of a good name that isn't Cosmere that would be great.)

Real name: Bob Joe

Occupation- Trying to survive.  He is actually surprisingly good at killing Epics, which comes in handy when they are trying to abduct him.

Power- Nicroburst.  He can enhance other epic's powers temporarily, the length of time increasing as the strength increases, and then they shut off temporarily, again length depending on strength, as well as the length of enhancement.  Requires contact.  This ability activates automatically.

Evil manifestation- Since his power isn't that strong, after he uses it being a jerk for a while.

Goal- Not being captured or dying.

Power specific weaknesses- Nicroburst doesn't work on most passive abilities, such as most PIs.

Actual Weakness- I'll give you a hint.  It could be figured out randomly.  It will be guessable, though it will be hard.  Look for when he's nervous/ reluctant to use his powers.  He won't act on his weakness though, as that is how MANY Epics get discovered.  It's not like he could do much about it anyways.



Epic name: N/A

Real name: Jacklyn Brooks

Age: 22

Power: Being supernaturally attractive.  If everyone currently alive was entered into a beauty pageant, barring any biases, Jacklyn would be somewhere in the top 50 at least.  Depending on the judges, she would have a decent chance of winning.  It sounds like a boon, but in a world of Epics, it can also be a VERY large curse.  This isn't obviously Epic-given to most, though some can tell (like Red).  Shapeshifting/illusion Epics will never be able to copy her beauty quite right, which leads to a minor side effect of being unable to be impersonated, as well as anyone attempting to do so to fall in uncanny valley territory.


1.  Over time, her relationships with others become more intense/passionate as she interacts with them/they think about her.  For example, a friendship will deepen and strengthen, whereas a resenter will slowly grow to hate her more and more.   If you see her, the relationship boost will happen as long as the relationship is actually growing.  If her face was put on a magazine cover, it would affect people who actually bother to read the magazine and take note of her, forming their own opinions about her.  If someone glances at the cover but doesn't really notice it, her power won't take affect.  But if someone even thinks subconsciously, 'oh, she's pretty' her power multiplies that opinion, and makes it easier and more likely for the target to form more, stronger opinions about her.

2.  Anything she does will be more suggestive/attractive naturally.  For example, if she is in a fight, clothing damage(linked) will occur, and any attempts to conceal her beauty through disguises or more drastic measures will inevitably fail.  Basically, she is the universes' reluctant fanservice girl(linked).  Also, if injured but not killed, the injury will not be one that would make her repulsive, such as massive facial scarring, but one that makes her more pityable, such as a broken arm which will then heal at a slightly accelerated pace.  A lot of anime tropes apply to her.  This also means that she is subconsciously twisted towards acting how people want her to act.

Currently: On the run from various Epics who want her as their “pet”/trophy.

Mystery Epic.


What you know:

Epic name: Blank

Powers: Optical illusionist gifter.  It has been revealed in-thread that he has a way of either projecting illusions long-range, regularly snoops around invisibly, or has a way to teleport.  Also has the ability to create forcefields, and either is intimidating enough or has a power that prevents minions from revealing any secrets, even when offered substantial bribes.

MO: Provides power.  In exchange, food is regularly delivered by Phytomagnet.  Also has political machinations in the background.

Viktor Eventide


Real name: Victor Eventide (added a K to make it sound better)

Powers: is a skill vampire.  Viktor can, through touch, gradually drain away skills.  He can target a specific skill, or just make everything drop almost imperceptibly.  This has diminishing returns;  if he drains a skill he is bad at, and the skill is of high "quality"(the target was good at the skill) he progresses in leaps and bounds.  If he drains someone who is only slightly proficient in the skill, and he is already very good, the boost will be almost nonexistent.

Weakness: Steaks.  As in the meat.

Appearance: dresses and looks like a stereotypical vampire.


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Epic Name: Borrower


Actual Name: Adam Clayton


Gender: Male


Age: 26


Appearance: Varied, but pale with brown hair


Primary Power: Can mimic powers of Epics within 100 feet, but must touch them to begin mimicking


Secondary Power: Can shapeshift without limits, but his mass will remain constant while shapeshifting and he must have a compartment big enough for his brain. This encourages him to gain as much weight as possible.


Personality: Almost overly confident, someone who can lead others without qualms. Wants to become the ruler of the world and thinks of himself as unstoppable. Rather impulsive but sees this as a weakness and over compensates. Intelligent with an IQ of 137.




People who he thinks are smarter than him.


Backstory: The Borrower has always been pushed to succeed. From early childhood, those around him would accept nothing but perfection, and layer on nothing but praise. He eventually went to MIT, where for the first time in his like, he wasn’t the smartest or the best. This terrified him, leading him to drop out before completing his degree. He proceeded to wander the States for a few years, feeling that he had let everyone around him down. However, when the Epics began appearing, he realized he once again had a chance to succeed. His hopes were realized when he was given the power to use other Epic's power, and he has been fighting for control ever since.



The Borrower walked into the small, meandering town. He failed to see why it was even still here; the most logical reason was that no one cared enough to take it out. The maples seemed almost happy. He even saw a couple of children playing what looked like tag. He had heard that there was an Epic ruling this town but hadn't heard much else about it. Well, I guess the best way to lure out this Epic will be to take away the things he seems to love, he thought. He walked over to the nearest maple and shifted a band of muscle over his neck. Slowly, he contracted, squeezing until the maple stopped struggling. He tossed aside the corpse, while the other maples scurried away. He walked out to the middle of the road just in time to see a person come down from the sky, landing nimbly in front of him.

   "I am Airdeath, protector of this town. Who dares to disturb the peace!" the Epic said, obviously trying to look intimidating, slashing at the ground with what appeared to be knives made of air.

   "I am the Borrower. Did you not recognize me?" he said, while walking towards the air Epic.

   "The Borrower? I've never even heard of you." Airdeath said.

   The Borrower, now mere inches from the Epic, leaned forward, and placed a hand on the Epic's shoulder. "Soon, there will not be a soul in the world who hasn't," the Borrower whispered. He then took a step back and used blades of air to cut off the pompous air Epic's head. It rolled to the ground, and the Borrower continued his trek towards Edmonton.



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Human Name: Joel Gilbert

Human Nickname: Gilly

Epic Name: Phytomagnet

Epic Nickname: Phyto


  • Gender: Male
  • Clothes: Brown and green military camo, full outfit
  • Hair: Deep forest green (RGB: 31, 61, 12)
  • Eyes: Lime Green (RGB: 50, 205, 50)
  • Skin Tone: Pasty white (I’ll explain later)
  • Height: 5’4” (This took too long to decide so I made it random :D)
  • Build: Heavily muscular to the point that he ignores speed in favor of sheer power

Primary Power: Phytomagnesis

            Phytomagnet can pull parts of plants (or entire plants) towards him, increasing the amount of force exerted at will, though for REALLY big plants requires effort (Maximum strength, enough to uproot a redwood tree if he tries hard and concentrates. Realistic/common usage, tearing up one of those small trees on the side of the road in a city). No contact required. In terms of physics, this functions much in the same way as burning Iron in Mistborn, though no matter how heavy what he's pulling on is, he won't be pulled towards it.

Secondary Power: Phytovállo (Literally Phyto- (having to do with plants), and vállo, which in Greek is “to stick.” I’m trying to be creative okay)

            Phyto can stick plant matter to anything. He can also remove anything he’s stuck, though both of these powers require contact. This power could be used to climb buildings by using something easy to hold onto like a tree branch or a clod of dirt and repeatedly sticking it. There seems to be no limit to how long a plant can be stuck for, though heavier plants like trees will snap under their own weight. It’s also important to note that only the part of the plant touching the object will be stuck, so something like dirt would likely fall apart unless he stuck the dirt together with itself. He’s used this power to cover his face with tree bark (hence lack of Vitamin D, hence pale skin).

Tertiary Power (This is basically just an extension of his Secondary, but relevant enough that I decided to separate it):

            Phyto can increase the structural integrity of plant matter by sticking individual parts of it together. This has approximately the tensile strength of glass, and the resistance to shattering of steel (Basically, you can’t pull it apart and you can’t break it easily. Like, have you tried pulling glass apart?). Finally, this increases the resistance to fire that his plants have.

History (this is my weak point when it comes to writing, so I’ll keep it nice and short):

            Joel Gilbert was a Sergeant in the Canadian Armed Forces when Calamity hit, and he was part of the holdouts against the Epic onslaught. After a brutal attack by some epic shooting green energy blasts out of her hands, he lay in his bunker, the only one of his squad still alive. Sitting in the middle of the room was a strange sight. A small marigold, which before the blast had been potted, was on its side wholly untouched. Joel reached out a trembling hand, and the flower shot towards his hand. He stared at his hand in wonder, and shakily stood.

Modus Operandi:

            While Joel still carries the M16 he used in the CAF, he also uses a shield made of enhanced tree bark (about 2.5' across by 4' tall). In addition, he's carved out crude bullets made of wood, which he's then enhanced, to use in his M16. Phyto finds joy in sticking plants to people to force a burden onto them, and also will trap people against walls. He despises people who chop down trees for any reason and does his best to kill them (he sees no problem with using his own powers to uproot them). He also likes eating carrots. Don’t ask why. He’s not sure either.



Maple syrup. If any of his plants are covered in it, they lose any enhancement he’s given. By touching him, it severely weakens his pulling force. If he actually eats any, he’s incapable of using any of his powers until it’s wholly digested. (If anyone wants an explanation, I can write one, I have the idea for it. I just don’t wanna write it yet.)

Usual Location:

            Sherwood Park Natural Area.



Epic Name: Ironwood
Real Name: Richard Licht
Real Nickname: You should already know it… :D
General Appearance:

  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Steel Gray
  • Skin tone: Off-white with gray undertones
  • ·Height: 6’ (1.8 meters)
  • (Usual) Clothes: Western Business Attire (Tan Slacks, White Button-up Shirt, Black Suit Jacket, Light Blue Tie, Black Belt (non-martial), Fancy-but-not-too-fancy wristwatch)
  • Build: Slender
  • Eyes: Hazel

Primary Power: Bark Armor
            Ironwood’s skin is covered in really tough bark (because looking up trees by bark strength is not something Google can do for me), and he has complete control over how much of his body is covered. The bark is strong enough to resist significant blunt force, shattering point at being hit by a car going 60 mph (95 kmph). The bark will resist cutting to a reasonable degree, though something like an ultra-sharp Katana would slice clean through. The back cannot be pried off, and if broken off, will shrivel within minutes. Because the bark is, in fact, made of bark, it can be enhanced by powers such as Phytomagnet’s.
Secondary Power:
            Ironwood can gift his powers to anyone within a 100-yard (91.5 meter) radius (about the size of a football field). When gifting, he retains control over how much of the body is covered. Due to this, he can manipulate the bark placement to essentially encase his target in unbreakable bark. He can gift to up to 5 people without weakening his bark--after that, he has to either weaken his own armor or weaken the strength of what he is gifting. After 15 people, whichever he didn’t reduce before is then reduced. After 30 people, all of the bark armor granted is as weak as normal bark. After 45 people, he loses his personal armor. (Numbers are open to change, just initial ideas).
Primary Application of Powers in Everyday Life (PAPEL):
            Ironwood is part of Phytomagnet’s inner circle, and is the head of his personal guards. He stays nearby at all times, though he’s almost never personally next to his boss. Ironwood keeps 4 or 5 maples armored at almost all times.
Modus Operandi:
            What little gifting Ironwood does is insufficient to affect his corruption in any way, so he’s plenty mean. However, due to several actions of Phytomagnet’s, Ironwood is absolutely, almost fanatically, loyal.
(Short) Backstory:
            Ironwood was your run of the mill, standard epic tryin’ ta start his own gang with his powers. He was doing okay, living mostly in the town of Bashaw, until the fire nation attacked a fire epic challenged him. Ironwood watched as his trees (as he called them) were burned down in droves. Furious, he cowered in a building, waiting for the end he knew was coming. Ironwood whimpered as his last tree, Ethan, was enveloped by the inferno, only to stare in wonderment as Ethan’s silhouette failed to crumble to ashes. An epic came running down the street, with some sort of wooden shield on his back. He unslung a rifle, aimed, and released a barrage of bullets at the fire epic, whose inferno snuffed out instantly. Somehow, he had made the bullets--and Ethan!--fireproof. “Where are you hiding, tree-brother?” he calls out. Ironwood, quivering, walks out from his hideout and bows down before the other epic. “I am here, master.”

  Reveal hidden contents

Cold water. If any of his giftees or their bark are even touched by cold water (defined as anything below 40°F/4°C) the bark falls off of them. If Ironwood or his personal bark is touched by the water, all of his gifted bark as well as his own bark falls off.

For the Purposes of Edmonton:

    Underling of Phytomagnet (so part of Epoch’s group? Not certain how that’s worked out yet).
Usual Location:
    Wherever Phytomagnet is (so usually Sherwood Park Natural Area).

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The Creator


Name: The Creator, or Creator.

Primary power: Matter Manipulation. He can turn anything into anything. Conservation of Mass applies. The big difference between him and other epics is that this isn't instinctive.

Below is an in depth description of how his powers work.



Essentially how this works is he has to call up the structure of the object in his mind, then he has to mentally deconstruct it to the relevant sub components*, then mentally reconstruct it. This can take as long as days for complex things, to a few seconds for turning lead into gold. After reconstruction is complete, the object changes. The object changing takes maybe a few seconds if its a large object, otherwise it happens in a second or even instantly. 

Deconstructing objects takes a lot less time.  Doing things in mass also takes a lot less time.^

As a summary of what he can do and the relative difficulties:

  • He can transmute elements relatively easily as he has practiced the most with this. 
  • Building individual types of molecules in also easy, but building enough different types of molecules to create an object is extremely difficult.
  • Changing the arrangement of molecules varies with complexity.

Its a lot easier to just deconstruct things, so when fighting he tends to do that, if he uses his powers at all.

A few examples.

  • Assuming he knew how your weapon was made, he could deconstruct parts of it in a second or less. (turn all the steel to helium, or something else)
    • if he wanted to change the entire thing into helium at once, then it could take a minute or two assuming he knew the weapon. If he didn't, he would need to analyze it, then deconstruct it. The second case would take maybe ten minutes of focus once he knew its structure.
  • Creating a weapon would require days of concentration. He would need to construct all of the molecules, then arrange them in the proper structure, and also think about the way things were made (hammered iron would take more time to construct then poured iron).
  • Creating life would take years of concentration because of its complexity.

*If he wants to bend something, or dissolve it, he doesn't need to picture the atoms or molecules, because those aren't changing. The only thing that is changing, is the shape. Whereas if he wanted to turn a phone into a flower, it would take a lot more concentration and focusing on objects on the atomic level.

^It's easier to construct things if he makes all of the water first, then the glucose, then another molecule etc. Then assembles the materials.



Secondary power: Able to borrow mind power from willing subjects to speed up the work. So with a large enough crowd of willing subjects, he could create life in days, assuming he knew enough biology.

Passive power: He gains a knowledge of the structure objects by holding them/being near them. More knowledge the more he holds/touches them.

I changed the third ability to a passive ability to increase his power slightly. This way he will be able to feel for materials in the ground just by standing. 

Appearence: Brown short hair and eyes. Around 5’ 10”. Clothing varies. 

Personality: Loves to be right. Nothing makes him happier to be right. He hates to be proven wrong if it’s by a inferior person. He won’t be mad if the scientist proves him wrong, but he will if some plebian from the street proves him wrong. This is also his weakness, as such he tries to avoid making assumptions or declaring his opinions. He is also arrogant when he is right. 

History: Originally from New England he was a molecular engineering professor. Immediately following calamity he began meditating for a week, at the conclusion of which the entire campus was turned into astatine except a thick lead sphere around him. After the entire collage burned away, he opened the sphere and walked walked away, taking care of any radiation that was left behind by turning it into gases.

He wandered around New England for a while, and realized that the more people he had following him the faster he could manipulate matter. He would give them riches (gold) in return for their devotion. He led this group from city to city collecting more people. Eventually, he moved them north into canada to escape the extreamly Epic dense population of New England. He would slowly move them west over the years until he reached Edmonton to avoid the other big population centers in the US.

His faction is TBD. He probably won’t run his own



Primary power: 

The ability to make binding promises between people. Both people have to know that they are entering into a deal though.

Secondary power: 

The ability to punish those who break said promises. This can take any form, a lightning bolt from the heavens, earth quake, or drowning in a sea of rubber ducks. The only constraint is that the effect of the punishment has to be agreed on when the deal was made. 

Tretiary power: 

The ability to let certain people make a certain number of promises, but not enforce them. She could give an agent of hers the ability to make 10 contracts in a city, then they would have no more power. 

Passive: The ability to remember at all times any deals that her power has made. 

Weakness: she was mugged on the street, but the mugger wasn't prosecuted. They were released. They came back and attacked her again. She is afraid of the guilty who walk free.


She was a normal collage student studying law, when she was mugged. The mugger wasn't prosecuted. They were released. Then they came back and attacked her again. She vowed to never let a guilty person walk free. Immediately following calamity, however, she was turned into an Epic. Seeing that this was her opportunity to restore order to the world she traveled from town to town gathering people and giving them the power to make binding deals. She bound them to her with them promising to try to rule lawfully over their town, and her promising to bring justice to anyone who killed her agents. After her first agent was killed she sent a fire to burn up the town. No one messed with her agents again.


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Epic name: Karabiner.

Real Name: Frederick Ratzenberger.

Real Nickname: Fred.

General Appearance:
• Gender: Male.
• Age: Forty-three.
• Hair: Blonde.
• Skin tone: Pale.
• Height: 5’9”
• (Usual) Clothes: Khakis, button downs, ties, loafers, and sometimes sport coats.
• Build: Stocky.
• Eyes: Blue.

Primary Power: Relink: Links manifestations of Epic power (portals, lightning bolts, fireballs, time zones, emotion beacons, etcetera) to physical objects by touching one to the other. This separates that manifestation from its creator, meaning that they can no longer control it in any way without other powers, and can only be done once for each type of power manifestation possible within each power of each Epic. Can undo any link he has created, though this takes contact and concentration.

Secondary Power: Chainlink: Linked objects cannot be taken from him or moved from where he places them unless he let's them, at which point he loses all power over them.

PAPEL: Is sparking rich from selling simplified Epic weapons that don't even hurt the source Epics. Has a car that uses a link to one of Funhouse’s (a spatial manipulator) spatial expansion bubbles, effectively making things inside smaller. It houses him, his merchandise, and his followers.

MO: His ever present competitive streak has been taken WAY out of control by the Corruption, such that he will kill you on the spot if he thinks you may have done something he couldn’t, he will kill you, making himself the best at everything by process of elimination. His ultimate goal is to become the source of all awesomeness, even if that sometimes means surrounding himself with naturally incompetent people.

Brief Backstory: Has been traveling the road circling Edmonton for two years, running the city’s Epic tech market, The Fence, disguised as a mobile trading post called The Picket. He is not always there personally, though, and has been known to disappear for a few months at a time to collect a new Epics' DNA and Relink their manifestations. It is rumored among the Fence that he does this by way of a teleportation device, though no one is quite sure whether it is DNA tech or his Linked gear.

Extended Backstory:


Frederick was always a businessman, no matter what got in his way. He was always a fairly school one, too, until his brand new beer company suffered a major blow to its customer base several years before Calamity arrived. The culprit was advertising. Advertising about the harmful effects of alcohol. He had the bad luck of being the only affected small business in one of the only places to ever take those messages seriously, especially with the aid of LDS missionaries in the area teaching people not to drink alcohol. They were significantly more successful than he was, and the new business he had invested so much in failed hard, putting him in a really rough situation as he lost his positions in other companies when they heard of his colossal failure. When he suddenly found his powers after Calamity’s arrival, a new business venture formed in his mind. Yes, it would be perfect. Nothing would stop him this time. He would make sure of that.




Frisbees with slogans on them. They were the beginning of his end before, and he still has nightmares about them. Contact with a Linked object will instantly destroy said Link, and contact with him will render all Links ineffective until he touches them again and can't see the offending frisbee.

Faction: The Fence (his trade empire, filled with minor Epics and Link powered Maples), formally known as The Picket.

Location: Precise location varies. His car houses the entire faction, and drives clockwise or counter-clockwise on an unknown schedule along the street that circles Edmonton.



Epic Name: Arachnerd.

Epic Niackname: The Blackweb.

Real Name: Cecelia Dillet.

Real Nickname: Celia.

General Appearance:
• Gender: Female
• Age: 19
• Hair: Long, naturally brown but made unnaturally black by her powers, held up by a pair of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils for maximum nerdiness.
• Skin tone: Pale white skin, no freckles.
• Height: 5'7"
• (Usual) Clothes: Overalls, t-shirts, and canvas shoes, all made of black spider-silk. Big, glasses in round white frames, white leather purse.
• Build: Thin, but not creepily skinny. Possibly the only thing going for her, in that regard. Her long legs contribute greatly to her height, and her posture is almost eerily perfect.
• Eyes: Deep, bright green, stares into your soul. Turn red when using her Spyders' senses.
• Other: Has an angular face, but again, not skinny enough to be creepy by itself. Carries a purse full of different types of pebbles and small jars of exotic spiders.

Primary Power: Mindweb: Mind control over all spiders within fifty feet, along with up to thirteen individual spiders at any range, though control must still be initiated within fifty feet. The spiders are usually controlled via mental orders which can be left with them when she is away. The special thirteen spiders – Spyders – can also be controlled directly and/or used as extra sensory inputs, and can see in different light spectrums if needs be. Her eyes glow red when using her Spyders in either of those ways. While under her control, the spiders cannot run out of web, venom, or energy, and can move endlessly without exploding from heart problems, except for those left with standing orders. These must fend for themselves.

Secondary Power: Creepflood: The ability to turn pebbles - including the smaller rocks in asphalt - into spiders of various sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on the type of pebble. Asphalt, for example, makes shiny black spiders with paralyzing venom and three inch diameters, while those found in a natural soil will turn into more fuzzy varieties with deadlier venom. The spiders she creates are different from actual breeds of spiders in many ways. Small, polished gemstones can turn into truly awesome spiders, such as her Jetmaw, a giant, acid spitting, jet-black spider she can ride, made from... Uh... Jet. She can only ever make one spider from any one type of gemstone, and can only maintain one Gemborn Spyder at a time. When a Pebbleborn spider dies, it does not turn back into a pebble, and she cannot revive spiders.

Tertiary Power: Webwring: Makes webs in her hands, though they don't shoot out like Spider-man's, and can't even be thrown to accomplish a similar effect because they're too lite. These webs cannot be cut without Epic cutting powers, and are strong enough to stop a car. Webs do not stick to things she wills them to ignore.

Quaternary Power: Blacken: Fibrous materials automatically turn an unnatural black while skin contact is maintained.

Primary Application of Powers in Everyday Life (PAPEL): Has her spiders fetch things for her and keep a lookout; usually keeps six Spyders in close proximity to give her special angles, with the other seven at large, gathering info. Also has her spiders make her things out of webs, such as shelter when travelling, or new clothes.

Modus Operandi: Not a crazed killer, generally doesn't even kill out of boredom most of the time, but perfectly fine with killing random Vanillas (and Maples, once she gets to Edmonton) who even slightly inconvenience her, though she'd rather watch them squirm under her seemingly deadly glare. Then kill them after they hurry to try and fix the problem. Sadly, she usually has to go straight to death-by-spider these days, so as not to become distracted from her mission. A thorough researcher, she doesn't go anywhere without finding out what Epics are there first, along with anything she can about the political climate and Epic weaknesses and/or telling behaviors. This is done easily enough, as she basically just sends an advance team of spiders (flying via web-parachutes when possible) to scout it out, though getting them there can take time. Personality is a strange mix of dark and bubbly. Kind of like some nerdy emo fangirl with a lot of caffeine.

Backstory: Began life in Cedar City, Utah, but moved to the Los Vegas area shortly after Calamity appeared. There she became an Epic and got entangled with Nate Snyder, who became Bloodlight around the same time she became Arachnerd.

Extended Backstory:


Cecelia was born in Cedar City, Utah, but moved to Los Vegas, Nevada right after Calamity arose. Her parents were killed by a necromancer Epic when she was twelve, then brought back in a perfectly state to attempt her murder. Alone and terrified, Celia managed to escape when he got distracted by another Epic and his minions rotted away before her eyes, dispelling any illusion she had had that her parents had been brought back to life. She found her way to the Snyders' Survivors, where she began serving as a communication and tactical expert, having read way more books about it than any normal person in her lonely childhood. She proved herself there time and time again, but she still felt her accomplishments were negligible next to those of the boy she fought so hard to keep alive. She had learned it all through books and a little practice, but he had actually worked for his ability, in her mind. What was more, he always knew just what to say, he was funny in a cute, non-nerdy way, and actually got along with people, something she had always struggled with. He had been given great responsibility because of who his parents were - more than she believed he should have been able to handle and had fulfilled it all in amazing ways. She eventually realized that he wasn't just awesome; he cared about her. Nate Snyder, who she knew held her heart, loved her in return. It terrified her. She desperately wanted some way to protect her from darkness and mediocrity she saw within herself. Then everything broke. She suddenly felt the urge to kill, to manipulate, and she gave in, unleashing a torrent of deadly spiders on the Survivors with a power she had never before known, and she saw Nate walk into the casino, trailed by  field operatives she had heard die, all of them glowing a dark, evil red. Her powers vanished, as, apparently did his, and they were left to weep the carnage they had created, finding for the first and last time comfort in each other's arms. They struggled hard for the next few years to resist their powers, slipping up sometimes and catching the attention of ruling Epics in the city. She realized his weakness just in time, and put provisions in place for him to resist his powers without trying just before she, having no such loophole, gave in for good and joined the ruling class of Epics. She was then tasked with finding and killing Bloodlight, who had hidden from them for some time. She is now on her way to Edmonton, following his trail closely.




Proof of resurrection. If she is aware of someone's certain death – whether she saw them die, saw them dead, or is just thoroughly convinced they are for other reasons – and then becomes aware – and convinced – that they are alive again, her powers will become inactive for a time, and will remain nearly impossible to trigger for as long as she is interacting with said resurrected person for the first time after she came to know of it. Her powers will remain dormant afterwards for a period of time equal to the time between her awareness of the death and her awareness of the resurrection. If the resurrection was faked or she didn't totally believe it, she will regain her powers up to twice as fast.

Faction: None. She is working solo, but will have made peace deals with the leading Epics – possibly with Justice as a medium – stipulating that she will get in, get Bloodlight – ostensibly for the purpose of taking his DNA – and get out, only harming those who get in her way and without disturbing the power structure.

Usual Location: Her headquarters, the Webyrinth located in (I forgot).

Usage of Powers in Edmonton: Can usually be seen riding Jetmaw or sitting in her Webyrinth, but also has Spyders throughout the city. May randomly rip up a section of street to make a spider army if needed.



Epic Name: Bloodlight

Real Name: Nathaniel Snyder.

Real Nickname: Nate.

General Appearance:
• Gender: Male
• Age: 21
• Hair: Short, would be a golden brown but it's sun-bleached to a more blonde color.
• Skin tone: Tan and flawless.
• Height: 6'
• Clothes: Cargo pants and polo shirts in various colors typically accompany his black bomber jacket. He wears combat boots to protect himself from his toes.
• Build: Sturdy, lean musculature and broad-ish shoulders.
• Eyes: Dark blue.
• Other: Carries an M1911 in his right hip holster, with an airsoft replica on his left. Don't ask why, it will make more sense if you read his Weakness.

Primary Power: Bloodlight: Bloodlight has a constant aura of dark red glowing energy he calls Bloodlight. It extends three inches from his skin, weakening his structural integrity by about half. He can pass this aura to any object partially withing its light and completely within 50 feet of him, which will give it all the same benefits and hindrances he gains from his personal aura, though with none of the control. He can also release or use the auras of these objects to pass on the power to more objects, but they must still be within 50 feet of him. People must maintain a chain of touching auras connecting them to Bloodlight or their auras will suddenly disappear, but if they do so he cannot withhold an aura from them.

Secondary Power: Backlag: Every second from the moment he enters his Epic state, the material and objective structures of all Bloodlit objects will instantly revert to the state they were in when they gained auras. Objects released from his power will Backlag one last time at a random point within two hours, but only the most recently Bloodlit person so released will do so, and their final Backlag could happen up to five hours later. Bloodlit people who have been effectively killed within will revive each Backlag, including the special one after released from his powers.

Tertiary Power: Backlash: Whenever a Bloodlit object is damaged by impact, it's aura will rapidly disperse into the offending object, causing it to disintegrate and Backlag faster than blinking, though anything with sufficient velocity could potentially pass through the space of the object before it backlags. The object regains it's aura at the next scheduled Backlag.

PAPEL: Due to... Stuff explained in coming Spoiler Tags... Nate is usually in control, rather than Bloodlight, so his powers aren't used on a regular basis right now, but he would normally use them for dumb things, like eating an ice cream cone over and over again without it melting, running out, or making him sick. He also uses it for normal things, like keeping his Mobile from breaking should he drop it on the ground, and sometimes even throwing his Bloodlit Mobile across the room at a random passerby and watching them die and un-die on the spot, as the look on their face afterwards is priceless. Then he tells them to bring his Mobile, and they always do.

MO: Nate is absolutely paranoid of getting hurt or endangered such that his powers have to kick in, and is therefore ridiculously cautious in his every step and choice. As Bloodlight, however, he has no qualms about killing someone three-hundred-seventy-four times in a row for even dumb reasons, as his power is big enough for nearly instantaneous Corruption when in use. This makes him literally have two personalities that almost cannot coexist.



Grew up in Nevada near Los Vegas, where he got his awesome tan and sun-bleached by being outside almost all his waking hours. When Calamity arrived, he and his parents and sister moved into a now rundown casino and turned it into a base of operations for the Survivors, a group of people they began recruiting with the aim of eliminating Minor Epics from play and not getting killed by more powerful ones, sometimes making service deals with them. He trained in the use of guns to better protect himself and the group, becoming the head of their policing force, which was sometimes loaned out to powerful Epics the Survivors didn't want as enemies. Throughout it, he felt feelings develop within him for the pale nerdy girls from Utah, who he got to work with very closely during dangerous operations when she acted as Mission Control, or when he wasn't in the field and she acted as tactical adviser to him. It helped, of course, that she wasn't scared of him like the other girls among the Survivors, and even tried to make time for him, ending up in the same task or operation a bit more than he could believe was chance. He, for his part, tended to pretend he didn't notice, and pulled strings with management not a few times to similar effect. Eventually, he realized that she was a lot more than just a friend or trusted ally, but he couldn't bring himself to tell her how he felt. She was just so much more awesome than him. All of his accomplishments could be attributed to the opportunities available to him as the son of the Survivors' founder and leader, while Celia had basically just showed up one day and started correcting technological errors made by less skilled Mission Controllers, saving his skin in a dangerous operation gone wrong when he was just his squad's map reader. And she had kept on doing it, proving her worth again again, saving his sorry neck more times than he could or ever wanted to count. All he wanted was to be worthy of the feelings he suspected she had for him. But then, one day, strange powers took over him while in the field, causing his entire squad to keep coming back after the minor Epic they were fighting - Clichain, an unlimited ammo Epic - killed them. That would have been fine with him, but he suddenly hated all of them, and killed Clichain twelve times before the Epic had the sense to run off. He turned around to find his entire squad cowering in terror, still reeling from the pain of dying over and over and over again, sometimes, he realized, at his own hands. The operation was a total failure, but with zero casualties. When he angrily went to find Cecelia and see why she had suddenly gone silent in his Rending, he was greeted by hundreds of terrifying spiders, seemingly directed by an Epic version of Celia, her hair and clothes turned an unnatural black. His aura faded, her clothes returned to their normal colors, and suddenly they both kneeling, sobbing, and holding each other as close as they could, all murderous intentions gone from their minds as they realized what they'd done.



Spiders. His powers cannot function within six inches of them, and one touching him will not only dispel his personal aura, but also all other Bloodlight he has made. If he is bitten by one, he cannot use his powers again until it has died, and biting someone who he has put into a resurrection pending state will cancel even that effect. Don't ask why, he's just arachnophobic. 

Faction: Factionless, trying to teach Maples to defend themselves from Epics and create an Edmonton version of the Survivors.

Usual Location: An apartment somewhere in no-man's land.



Epic Name: Mightwielder

Real Name: Henry Green

General Description: 5'7" ginger with a superhero physique. Thirty-two years old, not balding. I don't really know or care what he's wearing.

Primary Power: Shoots a beam of white light from his hands and/or feet, and with it every external power manifestation it has ever touched. The different powers do affect each other after they travel about four feet from his hands, so at certain ranges he could lose the advantage of having opposite powers like ice and fire, as they will cancel each other out in equal proportion. The beam cannot interact with powers beyond copying them, but certain powers *Nudge* can be copied which will push it's aside and whatnot. His maximum effective range depends on what powers he has, but his white laser itself goes about as far as a typical laser pointer.

Secondary Power: Enhanced Physique. This is fairly basic, making him look like he was raised in a gym, giving him a top speed of 26mph and near-perfect reflexes, but nothing more.

Brief Backstory: Grew up in Edmonton/Olympia Polaris. Experiences his Rending early in the story, and becomes an awesome bad guy.

Extended Backstory:


Henry wasn't a very nice guy even before the Corruption got him. He never really had been since his wife left him five years after their marriage. He had cheated on her, and rather than being ad, she had simply cried and begun packing her bag. She had told him he needed to learn to keep commitments, and he had just started crying. She had stayed for awhile after that, given him a second chance. He had failed yet again, and she had left. He had thought he was afraid of failing her, but he eventually realized he was more afraid of the ability to fail. Been a total jerk ever since.

MO: Kills people for no apparent reason, hates incompetent people especially.



Responsibility. Mightwielder's powers shut down if someone says they need him or he is given a task by someone he sees as superior.

PAPEL: See MO...

The Fence:



Boomerang: Boomerangs she throws will always return to her hand when she holds it out. Boomerangs will gain whatever force needed to return, even through walls and other obstructions, breaking through weaker things and bouncing around stronger ones, but always in motion. Only one boomerang can remain thrown at a time, and it works only if the object was made to be a boomerang, though even Karabiner has no idea why. She has some supernaturally strong boomerangs from Karabiner's "lab," and runs field backup for most of his missions with the help of Skeet and Nudge.

Skeet: Can fire high-power concussive blasts from his hands, but they are equally distributed among all touching liquids and solids, so his power can kill an airborne human - among other things - but is harmlessly passed into the ground or water otherwise.

Nudge: Can shoot low-power concussive blasts into any single object, being, or manifestation of power. Powerful enough to crush a grasshopper against a wall, but mostly used for pushing button and steering fireballs off-course.

Pro: Supernatural aptitude for tasks which he has the proper equipment for. His adeptness is directly proportional to the quality of and specificity of the equipment, and does not work with clothing. Example: A multi-tool will make him pretty good at the jobs it's made for, but he'll be way faster with regular pliers than a Leatherman or Sog. A one-piece knife will make him better at knife-fighting than will a pocket knife, which will in turn be better than the knife of a penknife or multi-tool. Pro generally works in Karabiner's "lab," testing equipment and finding its limits.

Conn: A minor mentalist Epic, capable of duplicating and teleporting small objects across his body, creating weak hallucinations for all five senses within 20', and correctly guessing a person's thought out of up to 52 possibilities. Hallucinations must be connected to props or maintained by confusing hand gestures, and all possible guesses must be stated, individually or as an understood group (there are 52 cards in a deck and everyone knows what they are, so card tricks are like breathing). His hallucinations are enhanced by confusion in the target, while his mind-reading is enhanced by the target's understanding of the options. He was already a street magician before Calamity, and some thought him an Epic before he actually was one. He's a genius at deception, and even Karabiner doesn't trust him, but he's useful, regardless of what side he's really on.

Olympic: Enhanced physical ability. Weaker than super-strong Epics, slower than speedsters, less agile than some agility powered Epics, but still a bit beyond the normal human capacity for all of it. Generally runs point with Karabiner.

Klutz: Almost a High Epic, in the way that Smedrys are invincible. By taking on a clumsy tendency (dropping things, tripping, falling, slipping, bumping things, breathing wrong, or even choking on a drink) he can pass it on to another person a bit more powerfully. Can take a single tendency multiple times to affect one more target each, but generally has to be carried in an armored vehicle to be very powerful. Does not act as a PI, as he has to consciously take each tendency and assign each target, but he can use it to great defensive - and sometimes offensive, in the


Links: (Parentheses denote the source Epic)

(Haywire) The Haywire: A green laser with peculiar effects on Epics, Links, and Motivators, but which destroys other matter like other high-powered lasers. It enhances Epic and Epic-derived powers, but it also forces those powers to immediately activate, often breaking the rules of what the power should be capable of but always in a completely erratic manner. Karabiner almost never uses it for the risk it poses, but he would no sooner part with it for any price.

(Funhouse) The Picket: A bubble of "stretched" space Linked to the door between the cab and the bay of a van, effectively making Mobile objects within much smaller as the space is literally bigger. While the reverse could also have been achieved when Karabiner Linked Funhouse's power, it is much more useful to Karabiner as a mobile super-store, the space already expanded to it's maximum capacity. The bubble's location typically makes travel from the cab to the bay a very slow process, but it can be assisted by several bars on the ceiling, witch are outside of the bubble's range. Almost all of Karabiner's inventory and staff live in the expanded portion of the Picket.

(Shardlight) Shardlights: A pair of neurological-rehabilitation gloves with the power to create and move panes of colored energy that match the eye color of the user. These energy panes are practically indestructible and interrupt Epic powers that try to cross them. Additionally, they shatter when broken, and the shards explode on impact. The Shardlights can be closed into a fist and the intended panes will shatter. See Karabiner's intro for examples of use.

(Switchloc) The Scottie: A GPS device Linked with the ability to summon vertical columns of light to two locations and switch the contents of those two locations. One of the beams will automatically go to the strongest nearby electromagnet, so there is a special isolated "launchpad" inside of the Picket to keep things running smoothly. The other can also be pulled off course by magnetism, as Karabiner will learn when Polarity gets caught in the middle of a trip to Newcago.

(Alcatraz) The Quarantine: A heavy black umbrella that isolates all energies and matters within its range from those outside of it, efectively creating a spatial forcefield. Unlike other Links, the Quarantine isn't really suited to motion, despite being made relative to an umbrella, because it still keeps the same matter and energy - including the ground - in its bubble that it started with, so it creates holes behind it and smashes stuff in front of it, sometimes with improbable results.


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Comatose's Characters in Edmonton

See brief summaries for updates, bios for Oregon Epics slightly out of date.


The Honourable Rachel Notley - Premier of Edmonton (or a purely fictional version of her, ten years later).  60+ and kind of a dictator.  Still a fan of free health care though.  



Primary Power*:  Reading dead minds.  Through physical touch, the epic can read the minds of dead people, kind of like extracting data from a fried hard drive.  The state of the physical brain impacts her ability to gather information from it - the more damaged or decayed it is, the more difficult it will be for her to get anything out of it.  If the brain is 'fresh' then she can get almost any information she wants from it, but the temporary flash of so much information can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through.  She is essentially reading the past thoughts and memories once contained in the brain, so if certain parts are damaged, she will be unable to recover that information.  She cannot converse with or interrogate a dead person - she is limited to thoughts and memories that were actually experienced and recorded prior to the person's death.  

Secondary Power: The Dream Storm (please give suggestions if there is a better name).  Unbeknownst to this epic, whenever she loses consciousness, she generates something locals call "the Dream Storm".   The storm, roughly a third of the size of the city of Edmonton, starts as a luminescent mist of varying hue that spreads out accross the ground, about ankle height.  The storm then produces ghostly rain (also luminescent, the same colour as the mist) which falls up towards the sky.  People walking in the storm cannot touch or feel the rain itself, but it basically just makes people feel cold and clammy all over.  After reaching a certain point, high in the Edmonton sky, the rain stops, forming "puddles" which develop into strange constellations which light up Edmonton's sky, day or night.  The storm moves the epic's location at random, usually covering most if not all of the city at some point or another, depending on where the epic loses consciousness.  

Aside from feeling cold and clammy, bystanders, epic and maple, caught in the storm quickly grow disoriented and confused.  Staying out in the storm for longer than a few minutes results in increasing stages of memory loss.  These effects intensify the longer the person is out in the storm.  If the person stays in the storm for longer than a few hours, the memory loss effects begin to become permanent, but otherwise the person begins to recover when the the storm ends and they head indoors.

The intensity of the storm, its colour, and the constellations formed, all will depend on the types of dreams the epic is having.  

Primary Application of Powers in Everyday Life (PAPEL)*:

The epic provides services to others getting information from dead people.  The local faction leaders find it useful not to have to waste time torturing spies or informants when they can just kill them and send them to the epic.  

The epic is unaware of her other power, but the Dream Storm has become quite famous throughout the city of Edmonton.  Residents often stay indoors at night, the most common time for the storm to appear, and try to avoid it at all costs.  At the same time, many find it beautiful, and enjoy watching the colours from their windows.  The epic, due to her memory gathering abilities, does not quite realize she has never actually seen the storm herself, as she has viewed it so many times in the minds of her subjects.  

Modus Operandi*:

Just getting by.  Considers herself a minor, but relatively useful epic.  

(Short) Backstory*:


Extended Backstory:


Weakness (Spoiler please, not everyone wants to know)*:

Still coming up with this.  

For the Purposes of Edmonton:

See above.

Faction (if applicable)*:


Usual Location (if applicable):


Sapphire, Sangria, and Sable



Epic Name: Sapphire


  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Twenty-something.
  • Clothes: Fashionable but combat ready.  
  • Hair: Black, thin, down to mid-back, usually tied back in a stylish but utilitarian bun or pony-tail
  • Eyes: Light brown, almost amber.  Almond Shaped.
  • Skin Tone:
  • Build: Short and lean, but well muscled.  
  • Other Features:  Refined and delicate features, excellent posture, flat expression.  

Personality:  Sapphire an extremely intelligent (and arrogant) master manipulator whose primary tool used to motivate others is fear.  She believes that Calamity has chosen her to rule over maples and epics alike. A perfectionist, one of her biggest fears is failure or not being good enough.  She is an excellent actress, but had trouble showing genuine emotions prior to Calamity showing up. Since then, she's gotten worse . . .

Brand of Evil:  Megalomaniac.  Cares nothing for others.  

Natural Abilities:  Sapphire was an avid cross-fit enthusiast and martial artist (particularly Northern Shaolin Kung Fu) prior to being granted powers by Calamity.  Her years of practice, along with her natural athleticism, make her a formidable hand to hand combatant, even without her powers.  

Primary Power: Flame Generation & Pyrokinesis - Can produce and control hot blue flames from her hands, feet, or mouth (Basically fire-bending, but not as much movement required, it just helps her focus).  She can also manipulate fire she does not create, but when she starts to manipulate it, the fire will increase in temperature and turn blue. Her abilities are strengthened by warm weather, sunlight, and celestial events such as passing comments or meteor showers.  Cold or rainy weather will weaken her fire related abilities somewhat.

Secondary Power: Lightning Generation and Electricity Redirection  - Sapphire can produce lighting at will, from her fingertips.  Unlike her fire abilities, she cannot control lightning once it is produced, but she can redirect lightning or other electrical attacks which she comes into contact with.  Use of this ability requires a great deal of focus and emotional control.

History: Thinking about it.

Modus Operandi: Having assembled her team, Sapphire is looking for a suitable kingdom to rule over.  As she lacks defensive capabilities, she realizes first that she will need to gain the loyalty of some other epics and start building up support.  She primarily seeks to control others through fear. Sangria and Sable are Sapphire’s loyal henchwomen, and she seldom goes anywhere without them.  She knows both of their weaknesses, and uses them to help keep them under control.  



Sapphire’s weakness is betrayal by someone she trusts.

Attached NPCs:

Sangria - Painfully cheerful and upbeat, but don’t tell her she’s not the prettiest girl in the room or you will regret it.  Dresses all in pink. She has three abilities of varying usefulness: (1) Highly enhanced reflexes, flexibility, agility (basically most non-brute strength physical attributes); (2) Paralyzing Touch - she can paralyze any muscle she touches with intention.  It will usually take several well placed jabs to incapacitate a person on muscle at a time, but with her enhanced reflexes this isn’t too difficult; (3) Aura Recognition - she sees coloured auras around everyone she meets. Trouble is, she isn’t quite sure what they mean.  Weakness is not standing out in a crowd - if she blends in and remains unnoticed, her powers vanish. When she is sneaking or being actively ignored, her powers may weaken, but to fully trigger the weakness she would need to be unseen and unacknowledged despite being in plain sight.

Sable  - A contrast to Sangria, Sable is almost always bored and lethargic.  Goth. Her powers include (1) Never missing - works on guns, arrows, thrown objects, basically anything requiring aim, (2) Hidden Objects - with a touch, she can vanish objects (limited to objects she can hold in one hand) into a hidden extra-dimensional space, and then produce them at will, there is no limit to how many objects she can hide this way.  Weakness is platonic physical affection (hugs, affectionate shoulder touches, hand holding, friendly kisses, etc.)


Link to Epics of Oregon Post

Refugee Group


A group of 25-30 refugees fleeing the destruction in the fractured states.  The leaders of this group are leading everyone to Edmonton, but unbeknownst to them, they have some hidden epics in their midst.  

Group 1

Brandon Hennessy - A twenty-something  wannabe actor from Vancouver.  Too handsome for his own good.  No survival skills.  Used to be a slave to Radiance, an illusionist ruling over Vancouver, until she was defeated.  Coming up from the Dalles, where he ditched the Epic Taylor Swift after unsuccessfully pretending to be her boyfriend. 

Ian Buhler - A junior lorist around 30 years old, originally from Pennsylvania.  Was studying the epics of Oregon prior to its destruction.  Got caught up in Corvallis for a while but left after Euphoria went missing.  Ended up in the Dalles, and met Brandon shortly before the city was destroyed.  Outdoorsy and hates technology.  Long Bio:


Name: Ian Buhler

Age: Late 20s, early 30s.

Place of Origin: Pennsylvania?

Physical Description:  Ian is short for a man (about 5'5", though he tells people he's 5 1/2 feet tall), and very thin.  His skin is pale and freckle-less, making him very vulnerable to sun burns.  He has light blond hair that hangs around his ears and eyes in a roughly trimmed tangle, which he usually covers with a toque or hat.  He is clumsy, and his movements usually seem awkward or erratic.  He's the kind of guy who often ends up feeling completely invisible when he wants to be noticed, and incredibly suspicious when he does not.  His voice is low in the tenor range, with a slight nasal quality.  He wears a flashy pair of glasses with rounded rims, and is usually wearing some combination of casual and camping gear.  


Personality:  Ian is a talented researcher, and disciplined when it comes to study and research.  He has the ability to focus no matter what his surroundings are, a talent which can get him in to trouble when he becomes so focused that he becomes completely oblivious to what is going on around him.  Though he is quite good at problem solving and interpreting disorganized or difficult to understand information, he is horrible at explaining things to other people, and is easily frustrated when others do not catch on to things as quickly as he does.  He thinks of himself as a friendly guy, and hates disappointing or upsetting others.  He can come across as a pompous know-it-all at times, but usually quite charismatic and pleasant to be around.  While he is usually a fairly cautious individual, his strong sense of curiosity often overcomes his natural timidity and gets him into trouble.  He enjoys camping and the outdoors.  He uses technology in limited ways, mostly just to communicate with his peers and record information.  He has developed a working knowledge of how to fix common problems out of necessity, but anything more complex than the simplest of issues to be completely boggling.  Despite his general disdain for technology, he thinks very highly of himself, and would prefer to struggle along alone instead of asking for help.  He is slow to ask others for assistance in most scenarios, and finds it difficult to admit to mistakes.  


MO:  As a junior lorist field researcher, Ian travels around the Fractured States researching epics and reporting his findings to his mysterious superiors.  He is largely self sufficient, though he sometimes receives supplies (especially new electronics when his inevitably break down) from the lorists.  He does not know much about the organization he serves, and works mostly independently, enjoying his research in and of itself.  


History:  Before Calamity, Ian was a University Student who alternated between travelling and working on a Degree in English Literature.  A proud nerd, he spent most of his time debating the merits of classic novels and films with his peers, and the rest of his time reading or watching said novels and films.  He was in the process of preparing to Graduate and preparing thesis proposals to send out to Grad Schools when epics began to appear and tear the world apart.  After narrowly escaping death a dozen times, and wandering the wilderness alone, he eventually met up with some travelling lorists.  After getting to know Ian, the lorists quickly realized his talent for researching and cataloging information, and invited him to join the mysterious group.  After passing through the initiation process, Ian was given a job as an independent field researcher, and proceeded to wander all over the country in much the same way he had before, only this time he had a purpose to guide him, and a network of colleagues and allies to assist in his survival.  


Eventually, he made his way to Corvallis, where he hoped to study Euphoria's powers up close.  At first he managed to avoid being dosed by Euphoria's agents, lest their influence corrupt his ability to observe the epics of the city accurately.  Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him, and he fell in with the other humans for a "Emotional Temperature Check" appointment, in the hopes that he would be able to see Euphoria up close.  After waiting in line for hours, and going through air-port level security, he was disappointed to find that his visit was in vain.  When he reached the front of the line, he sat down in front of the wrong side of a pane of one-way glass, and slid his hand palm down through a hole in the bottom.  He felt the light touch of a single finger on the back of his handed, which lasted for less than a minute.  Then, a light next to his seat flashed, and security escorted him out, allowing the next person in.  


What Ian didn't realize at the time was that those brief moments had changed his emotional perception of the past few weeks, making him view them with fondness.  After that, he became less vigilant about avoiding being dosed with Euphoria's powers, and soon settled into his role as a servant in truth, instead of using it as a cover to gain information.  Weeks and months slid by almost unnoticed.  Even when Ian missed doses, he could only remember feeling anything besides happiness for the past week or so, and those memories were always altered at his biweekly Emotional Temperature Check appointments.   It was not until Euphoria vanished that Ian reviewed his journal and realized what had happened.  Not wanting to get caught in the Epic's spell of complacency again, Ian snuck out of Corvallis the next time the bubble dropped, and began making his way to the Dalles, in the hopes of studying some of the 'tame' epics who he had heard were living there, and to compile the research he had managed to gather in Corvallis to send to his superiors.  

RP Sample:



  Hide contents

 Ian stopped to make camp a few hours after sunset, only then deciding that he had put enough distance between himself and Corvallis to feel comfortable again.  After setting up a make-shift shelter using some rope and a sheet of poly from his back-pack, Ian lay down with a flashlight and his journal, hoping to find some much needed clarity. 

I am going to meet Euphoria tomorrow.  

The words, written with such arrogance and unabashed curiosity, now sent a slight shiver down his spine.  Surely he was smarter than that, wasn't he?  After weeks of evading Euphoria's power, he had walked right up to her.  What had he been thinking?  

His journal held the answer, written in a private code to avoid discovery by prying eyes:

I've decided I must meet her directly if I am to learn anything about her powers.  The effects of her abilities are widespread: you can see her nefarious influence in everyone, from the wide lazy grins of her frequent customers, to the slight skip in the steps of people who should be down-trodden slaves.  And yet, nobody can tell me anything about how her powers work.  The feelings of happiness just come to them, they say.  Others claim they are just always happy, or that they have been ever since arriving in the city.  I've uncovered vague mentions of 'Euphoria's Agents': men and women who stalk the streets bestowing her powers on their peers.  While this indicates that Euphoria likely has the ability to gift her powers, it answers few of my other questions.  These 'agents' have been nearly impossible to find or track, proving to be nearly elusive as Euphoria herself.  Her name is on the lips of every human and epic  in Corvallis and the surrounding area, and yet no one can provide me with even most mundane of personal details.  Her false joy rains down on the city like Rainmaker's unnatural sunlight, but unlike the sun there is no trace of the source . . . 

Realizing that this bit went on a while--apparently he had been feeling particularly eloquent that day--Ian skipped over a few pages of metaphor to the part where he began discussing his plans.  

And so, out of desperation, I have come up with a plan.  Every human citizen of Corvallis must attend scheduled "Emotional Temperature Checks" with Euphoria on a bi-weekly or tri-weekly basis, depending on the rank of their epic masters.  Apparently there are safeguards in place to protect her identity, but everyone I've spoken with indicates they are certain Euphoria is physically present at these appointments.  I will know if their certainty is correct or just a symptom of their altered state of mind tomorrow, when I attend one of these check-up on my own.  

Wish me luck.

Ian shook his head in disbelief.  The journal entry had been written almost a year ago.  He could remember writing it clearly.  He remembered that he had enjoyed writing it immensely, just as he remembered enjoying every single thing he had done since arriving in Corvallis.  

Flipping back through the journal, Ian searched through previous entries, but no matter what was being discussed, the only emotional state he could remember being in was one of blissful content.  At one point, he wrote about his computer malfunctioning, something that would usually send him into a grumpy fugue like no other.  The prose was purple and dark, and yet as he recalled writing the words on the page, he almost imagined himself laughing with glee as he put the words on the page.  

There were other entries later, after he had attended the check-up, of course.  As he flipped through future pages, we could see a clear progression in his writing.  After the appointment, he had quickly grown lax about avoiding being dosed by Euphoria's power, and within a month he had been seeking it out like the rest of the population.  A stay meant to only last a few weeks or months at most had extended to just under a year.   The only reason he was out of the bubble and on the road again was because of Euphoria's mysterious disappearance.  All at once, his feelings of happiness had been yanked away, and while in a state of melancholy associated with a happiness hangover, Ian had started paging through his journal, and had begun to notice the discrepancy.  

At the appointment, Euphoria hadn't just made him happier, as he was expecting.  As he reviewed his journal and reflected on the last year, he was becoming more and more certain that she had altered his memories to make him think he was happy in the past.  The ramifications of this power were startling, especially when paired with the ability to bestow present happiness on subjects.  While part him desperately yearned to return to the city to continue to study Euphoria and her abilities, Ian knew he needed to get out while he could.  He could return to Corvallis eventually perhaps, after giving himself a year or two to clear his head and begin feeling like himself again.  Suddenly exhausted, Ian set his journal aside and lay back in his sleeping bag.  He would figure out his next steps in the morning.


Grant Heller "Upgrade" - A forty seven year old man from Portland without much of a past to speak of.  He met up with Brandon and Ian outside of Portland after it was destroyed and started travelling with them.  Pretending to be a Vanilla, but is in fact the Epic Upgrade, having the ability to enhance objects and improve or remove limits from the powers of other Epics.  Snarky.  Longer explanation below:


Age: 45

Hobbies: Long distance running, juggling, experimental baking.  


Physical Description:  Upgrade is a small man with sharp features.  He has fairly regular brown hair and eyes, and a tan complexion that lets him blend into the crowd.  His passion for fitness and for nutrition has helped him to stay fairly fit in his middle age, but even still his muscles lack the definition of some more impressive epics, and his lack of size makes it difficult for him to be perceived as a threat to anyone.  His voice is mid-range, but gets higher when he is frustrated.  


Personality:  A silent snarker.  While he has learned to be fairly cavalier about practically being traded from one 'master' to the next, being forced to use his powers often brings out his grumpy side, making him easily annoyed by epics who do not hold authority over him.  He treats his superiors with all due respect, but usually directs a mental dig their way.  Telepaths are his worst nightmare.  


Powers: He can enhance the properties of any object, and remove limitations.  This works on inanimate objects like bullets and knives, and extends to animate beings, including epics.  When his powers are used on epics, the epic's powers are amplified, and limitations are either removed entirely or severely lessened.  Upgrade requires physical touch to use his power, and any power boost ceases the moment contact is lost.  However, things created by Epics while Upgraded will remain, even if they would not be able to create similar objects without Upgrade.  .

MO: Unlike other minor epics, Upgrade doesn't truly fear epics with more power than he has (which is pretty much everyone).  He knows that one of the only things epics have in common, no matter how powerful they are, is a desire for more power, and thus he knows that, as long as he able to spit out his power profile before being offed, he will be taken in and protected like a prized possession.  He's a decent knife fighter and shot, so he gets by okay defending himself against attacks by Vanillas, but he spends most of his time moving from place to place being used by one epic despot or the next.  

History: .... working on it.  

RP Sample:


"Upgrade!  My name's Electro and I'm here to offer you a job."  An unknown epic at the door shouting one's name might have unnerved some people, but Upgrade was, unfortunately, used to it.  Sighing, Upgrade got to open the door, pausing to pick up his twin daggers and giving them a quick upgrade before doing so.  While he was fairly certain he had nothing to fear, it never hurt to be careful.  He had hoped that coming to Portland, a city governed by warring factions, would provide him with some measure of anonymity and a break from a long chain of 'jobs' like the one this 'Electro' was no-doubt describing.  

"Yes?  And what is that?"  Upgrade blinked, staring into Electro's eyes, and not bothering to take in whatever costume he was wearing.  If news of his abilities had spread, then one of the leaders of Portland's factions would know about it.  Since he was not a leader himself, Electro would have to be a trusted lackey to one of the big three, making him only as important as his message.  

"Corpsemaker, maybe you've heard of him."  Of course I've heard of Corpsemaker.  Do I look like an idiot?  "Big Medusa type of epic, kills with a look, he wants to hire you."  Of course he does.  Who doesn't?  Upgrade almost shuddered at the thought of what Corpsemaker might be capable of with his assistance.  "He'll give you whatever you want.  See this robot?"  Electro paused his voracious efforts to state the obvious by pointing to a nearby robot that looked like something out of an action movie.  "You can have stuff like this too.  I've also been promised cities.  He's willing to give you whatever as long as you help him."

No threats, just promises.  That's sort of nice.  "Cities are good," he said, not sure if he was making a joke at Electro's expense or not.  "I'm interested.  Bring me to this guy and we'll talk."  Upgrade resisted the urge to tap his foot impatiently.  If he was going to be uprooted once again, he wanted to get it over with so he could start settling into his new role.  At least he wasn't being recruited by Altermind, the thought of failing one of those tests terrified him.  

"Good."  Why was Electro still talking?  "Grab anything you want and let's go."

Upgrade shrugged.  With his life, you got used to packing light, and letting go of possessions.  If Corpsemaker was as powerful as he seemed, Upgrade was pretty sure he wouldn't be in need of much.  "I have everything I need, and what I don't, this Corpsemaker should be able to provide."


Despite his nonchalance with Electro, Upgrade found himself almost cowering under Corpsemaker's gaze.  How could not, when standing in front of a man who could kill with the same look he was using to scrutinize Upgrade at that very moment?  

"So Upgrade, what's your power?"

The question, phrased so casually, still sounded like it was coming from a god rather than a man.  Upgrade licked his lips nervously and launched into his usual speech.  "I enhance.  I make knives sharper, bullets faster, epics stronger.  While my hand is on you, all your limitations are gone.  Completely."  Upgrade shrugged, and shifted on his feet nervously.  Corpsemaker would have to be an idiot not to make use of his abilities, of course, but no matter what logic he used, something about that gaze made him feel closer to death than he'd felt in a long time.  


Group 2 - the Corvallis Group

This group started travelling with Group 1 recently.  They don't know each other well yet.  

Leila "Euphoria" - A former Queen  and chief bureaucrat of Corvallis, last seen with Rainmaker.  The  official leader of "Group 2".  Currently keeping her powers hidden while they are travelling with Vanillas.  Has the ability to produce happiness, rewrite emotional histories, and gifting.  Longer explanation below:



Emotional Amplification - Euphoria can amplify the positive emotions (such as happiness, love, pleasure, and self-esteem) of the people around her, essentially giving them an unnatural state of happiness that can act as a sort of 'high' that Euphoria's targets can become addicted to. Which positive emotions become dominant depend on the present emotional state of the individual. Euphoria only intensifies what is already there. The amount she can alter a person's emotional state and how long it lasts is tied to proximity, decreasing rapidly the farther away a person is. Her maximum range is about the size of a medium-large lecture hall. The effect also intensifies when she is able to concentrate on particular people, but is diluted if she is trying the affect multiple people at once. If she is influencing a large crowd, Euphoria is still capable of making those closest to her genuinely happy (if they were neutral to start out), but not to the unnatural state of happiness that causes addiction. Those at the edge of her range will only experience a slight uplift in their mood when influenced with a crowd of other people. At maximum, she can only directly affect approximately fifty people at once. When affecting multiple people, the effects usually fade a few minutes after leaving Euphoria's range at maximum, or immediately for those who are farther away. If she alters individual emotional states directly, and at close range, she can give them a positive boost for the next few hours. Euphoria can gift this power to others through physical contact, but people who are gifted the power can generally only use it on themselves or individual people close at hand, and lack Euphoria's range and her ability to use it on multiple people at once. For clarity, proximity, number of targets, and the existing emotional states will all have an impact on Euphoria's ability (proximity and number of targets having the largest effect, existing emotional state having the least). When these factors are minimized, she can exert incredible influence, but as they start to stack the effectiveness of her powers decreases exponentially. This power also has no effect on other Epics, including Euphoria herself. Euphoria can recall both the positive emotions themselves, and the gifted ability to create said emotions, at any time from any where.

Emotional Memory Revision - With physical contact, Euphoria can alter the emotional aspect of a person's memory. She cannot alter the events themselves, but can alter how a person remembers feeling at certain periods. She does NOT have the ability to see into people's histories, so when she is altering things, she is doing so blind. She can choose how far back she goes, often using what information she can find out about her target to determine a suitable time frame, but she cannot do so selectively (she can make the last five years happy, sad, or boring, but she cannot make them alternate between all three). She also has to start from the present, and cannot effect the past without affecting the time between that period and the present as well. She can alter the degree or intensity of the emotional memory, giving a person's memories one solid emotional tone, or can layer the intended emotion over a person's existing memories, letting the person's original emotional state determine the strength of the feelings. The farther in time she goes back, the longer the alteration takes. To alter emotional memory of the last few weeks will take about one second per three days, to alter a month or two would take one to two seconds per day, and to alter a full year would like take an average of fifteen seconds per week. More than a year would take one minute per week, and increase from there. If the physical contact is interrupted, the emotions will be changed for the time period reflected by the length of time the contact lasted. If Euphoria wanted to take things further after an interruption, she would have to start again from the present. This power works on most epics and all vanillas. While all of Euphoria's powers can be gifted, she refrains from gifting this one, choosing to use it personally as a sort of last resort.

Gifting - Euphoria can gift all of her powers to any non-epic within range.  Her primary power can be gifted to anyone in range, but her secondary requires physical contact in order to be gifted.  



Euphoria's powers will not work on someone who is romantically attracted to her. This takes more than just physical attraction or a passing fancy. The person doesn't necessarily need to be in love with her to immune to her powers, but they would need to be close. This is part of why she avoids contact with people, to prevent them from meeting her and risk triggering her weakness.

MO: Euphoria prefers to work from behind the scenes. She is organized and logical to a fault, and rarely lets emotions cloud her judgement. Even without her powers she is very good at handling people in professional settings. In personal settings, she is often seen as stand-off-ish or awkward. She does not like to admit she has a sense of humour, and even prior to Calamity she was somewhat cold-hearted. While she takes some comfort in the control she can exert over people, on the whole Euphoria does not particularly enjoy using her powers. She is also often frustrated at being unable to affect her own emotions, and struggles with ennui and minor depression. Rainmaker has encouraged her to keep her identity a secret, so when out in public, Euphoria acts as a mere aid, just part of Rainmaker's staff. In fact, while using her powers, she also fulfills the role she pretends to play, often coordinating security and other staff members, and keeping day-to-day operations within Corvallis running smoothly. In the interests of keeping her identity a secret, Euphoria gifts her power to various agents to hand out positive emotions to the general populace. The standard practice is to meet her agents at non-descript locations, and given them instructions in advance not to look in the direction she will be coming in from until one full minute has passed after the power is gifted to them. Before Calamity, Euphoria had no combat experience or expertise. For the monthly "appointments" she has with people to rewrite their emotional history (a task that takes up several hours of each day), Euphoria meets her "patients" behind a screen of bullet proof, one way glass. When his or her turn comes, the "patient" sits down and sticks her or his hand through a small hole in the glass. On the other side, Euphoria grips their hand, and starts the process of altering their memories. For most people, she only alters the last few weeks, leaving them with months here and there with accurate emotional recollections. For dissidents and rebels, she does a more thorough rewrite. Only her body guards, the other Queens of Corvallis, and the most trustworthy members of both Euphoria and Rainmaker's teams know her true identity. Since Calamity, she has taken some basic self defense classes, and has trained at a shooting range, but is by no means a natural.

Appearance: Euphoria has a stick thin, curve-less shape, and all but the best fitting clothes seem to hang off of her. She has pale skin that burns easily, and is covered with freckles because of the near-constant sunlight Rainmaker chooses to bathe Corvallis with. Her hair is strawberry blonde, and would hang down just passed her shoulders if she did not always keep it tied up in a neat bun or pony-tail. For clothing, Euphoria chooses to dress in business attire, favouring clean cut pant-suits, heels, and freshly pressed blouses, all in darker colours. She rarely goes without her her trademark dark rimmed glasses, and never wears any sort of jewelery. Over time, as she has become more paranoid about her position in Corvallis, Euphoria has taken to carrying a hand-gun and a knife, stored in a holster she hides underneath her jacket.

History: Euphoria was born and raised in Corvallis. When Calamity came, she was an economics student, just beginning her masters degree. After discovering her powers, Euphoria avoided using them for the most part, mostly due to her anti-social nature, and tried to do her best to go about life as usual. Things changed when Rainmaker discovered her, and forced Euphoria to realize the potential of what she could do. Since then, she has been Rainmaker's silent right hand as the more powerful epic stepped into the spotlight and took over Corvallis. As her role in keeping the city under control has become more and more pivotal, Euphoria has grown increasingly paranoid, and is thus overly cautious in her day to day activities. She is one of the few who knows that Rainmaker has her sights set on larger cities than Corvallis, and that when the High Epic is done experimenting in Oregon, she plans to destroy the whole city and relocate with her team to a location deemed more worthy. While being an epic has changed Euphoria, and she was not the sentimental type before Calamity, part of her is still bothered by her own participation in the subjugation and eventual destruction of her home.


Howard Jenkins "Skinsaver" - Late fifties, claims to be a doctor.  Has damage transference powers and x-ray vision.  Notable in his ability to heal epics, so long as he has a vanilla to transfer the damage to at double the severity.  Used to run the Corvallis hospital.  Longer explanation below:


Damage Transference - Skinsaver can transfer any sort of physical damage or illness from one living thing to another through bodily contact with both.  He can also use this power on himself, either to heal himself or to take on damage from others.  In order to make a transfer, the 'patient' and the 'host' must be biologically similar enough for the damage or illness to take effect.  If a potential 'host' would not normally fall victim to the particular injury, due to physiological differences, then the damage or illness cannot be transferred.  Skinsaver's powers also do not work to transfer damage between members of different species.  To heal a human, he needs another human.  To heal a tree, he needs a tree of the same breed.  He is able to transfer damage to and from epics, but not at a 1:1 ratio.  Any damage taking from an epic doubles in severity, while any damage applied to an epic is halved.  This effect applies to Skinsaver himself as well.  The use of his power would trigger any sort of danger sense, likely preventing him from making physical contact with an epic with the ability.  Generally, Prime Invincibilities that make an epic incapable of receiving harm prevent Skinsaver from transferring any damage to them, but he can transfer to epics who have healing factors or similar abilities.  
'X-Ray Vision' - Though not actually utilizing 'x-rays', Skinsaver does have the ability to see through any object, commonly described as 'X-Ray Vision'.  He can control this power selectively, seeing through some objects but not through others.  


Rejection letters.  The letter must be addressed to him to fully nullify his powers, and it will do so even if it is from a fictional school or work place that he never applied to.  Letters addressed to other people will weaken his powers, and make it more difficult to transfer damage.

MO:  Skinsaver enjoys his work as town doctor, perhaps a little too much.  He usually operates by making himself useful to more powerful epics, such as Rainmaker.  He has a cold and awkward personality, and often tries (but fails) to make his patients feel more comfortable with inappropriate or ill timed jokes.  He treats the people he transfers damage too ('hosts' or 'invalids' as he calls them) as both pets and specimens, alternating between doting on them and using them for his experiments.  Skinsaver had some medical training prior to gaining his powers, and uses it in conjunction with his abilities to heal, as well as to keep his invalids alive as long as possible.  
Appearance:  Skinsaver is in his late fifties, and has well styled silver hair.  He dresses in scrubs, a doctor's coat, and wears reading glasses that hang from a chain around his neck.  He jogs regularly to keep in shape, and eats healthy, but still has developed a slight paunch that he can't quite get rid of.  His eyes are clear blue, and his stern face is lined with wrinkles.  
The child of two talented surgeons, Skinsaver wanted to be a doctor like his parents all his life.  He devoted himself to his studies, hoping to get into medical school some day.  He put school before friendships, and soon found himself isolated and awkward, incapable of making friends even if he tried.  He got scholarships his first year of University, and did well throughout his undergrad.  When it came time to apply to medical school, Skinsaver applied across the country, and in Canada as well.  
He was admitted to medical school, but a few months into his studies, he suffered a mental break down from the strain.  After he recovered, he tried to return to his studies, but his professors advised against it, saying he lacked the necessary 'bed-side' manner to be a Doctor, and that perhaps he should consider a different career path.  They also noted that his marks had been sub-standard compared to his classmates, and that they feared that his continuing to push himself into a profession he was obviously unsuited for would only serve to aggravate his already fragile mental state.  
Skinsaver tried and failed to get into other schools, usually during the 'interview' phase of recruitment.  Determined to enter the medical profession, Skinsaver grudgingly entered nursing school.  Unlike many medical schools, most nursing programs did not have an interview process, and so Skinsaver was able to apply and get in using his high school and university marks alone.  After he graduated, he worked as a nurse in a hospital for a while, but often ran into trouble in the workplace when he tried to act superior to the other nursing staff.  Eventually, his supervisors suggested that he get out of the hospital system, and so he found himself a job working as an on site nurse as a government facility.  He was working at this facility when Calamity came, and was still on staff when Rainmaker, betrayed by her husband, was imprisoned there.  
Skinsaver's rending hit while he was at home.  In a night, he left most of the people in his apartment building incredibly injured, but alive.  The country was already in chaos, so no one thought it was odd when he arrived for work after missing almost a week.  Skinsaver helped Rainmaker to escape her prison, and has been with her ever since.  By using his powers to provide medical care in Corvallis, Skinsaver finally felt like he was living up to his parents' legacy.  It helped that he hunted them both down and killed them, of course.  That way, he eliminated the risk that even in their old age they might find a way to make themselves even more difficult to live up to.


Zach Inoue "Peregrine" - Spiky hair, twenty something.  Also pretending to be a Vanilla.  An outsider, doesn't seem to like his travelling companions.  Power to sense other epics, create linked gateways, and low level telekinesis.  Longer explanation below:



  • Calamity Sense - Peregrine can sense epics and their powers.  The more powerful or more corrupted the epic, the farther away Peregrine can sense him or her from.  When epics are not using their powers at all, it is very difficult for Peregrine to sense them unless they are very close.  Similarly, he can sense motivators only when they are use, and only at close range.  His Calamity Sense not only tells him the location and intensity of the power being used, it can also tell him the nature of the power (ie what it does).  
  • Linked Gateways - Peregrine can link doorways to one another, and use them to travel.  There is no range limit, so he can use linked doorways to travel across the globe instantly.  To link doorways to one another and form a gate, he needs to visit each individual doorway in person first, and then walk through it to another door in order to create the link.  He can take other people with him through the gates, but he needs to be touching them.  At maximum, he can only link up to ten doorways at a time.  To unlink a gate, he must use it and then unlink it, meaning he cannot return the way he came after intentionally unlinking a gate.  If he tries to link more than ten doorways, the oldest link will fade.  Since this is more desirable than leaving himself stranded at some rather doorway, he prefers to use this method.  
  • Personal Telekinesis - Peregrine has limited telekinetic powers.  He can move objects from anywhere within his line of site as if he were moving them with his hand.  His powers are limited by his own physical capabilities; he can only use his telekinesis to lift something as heavy as he could lift himself, and only keep it aloft for as long as he personally could hold it.  When using his telekinesis, his body feels the same strain it would feel if he was actually lifting or moving objects.  He can also use this power to deliver sharp blows or to shove people, but the offensive force he can muster is limited to the amount he could generate with a physical punch, kick, or shove.  While he can use this power with mental effort alone, it takes enormous concentration, and it is usually easier to make the actual motions that correspond to the movement of the object.  



His powers won't work properly on someone who is crying due to genuine strong emotion.  The more severe the crying, or the stronger the emotion, the greater the effect on Peregrine's powers.

MO: Peregrine is Legacy's second in command.  He supports her by finding epics to serve or steal powers from, and by making sure they always have a way out.  Since he is physically weak, Peregrine usually doesn't participate in the fighting, and instead observes the field offering support, and remaining ready to provide the team with a means of escape.  If she isn't interested in acquiring skills during a fight, Legacy will also sometimes order Peregrine to kill her with his telekinesis before a mission, to give her an extra edge.  With her inherited talent for combat, she is able to use his telekinesis to much greater effect than he can.  

Appearance: Peregrine is very particular about his hair, and wears it up in perfectly styled spikes.  He usually wears goggles, skinny jeans,  fashionable scarves, and utilitarian hoodies.  Since he is asian-american, he and Legacy are often mistakenly seen as brother and sister, despite the fact that she was adopted from South Korea, and his family originally came from Japan.  

History: coming soon...

Ethan Chevalier "Ethereaon" (NPC) - early thirties, former member of the Corvallis elite.  He used to spend most of his time seeking various pleasures and avoiding any unpleasantness.  Good at intrigue.   Now spends most of his time complaining, but seems to answer to Euphoria.  Can conjure "mage hands" (up to ten) of various sizes, and can use them in combat or to levitate himself.  Can project words into the minds of others, and determine the direction of a person he knows well by focusing on them (the better he knows them the easier this is).  Also has a lie detection power, though he can only tell the person is lying, not what they are hiding.  The lie detection ability is more difficult to use in large crowds as it can be difficult to pin down who is lying.  

Charlene (NPC) - an actual Vanilla.  Former bureaucrat from Corvallis.  Looks kind of like Euphoria, but a brunette.  Somehow managed to not to get herself killed.  Very competent but always feels out of her depth.  Misses high heels.  


Other Characters:

Taylor Swift - a ship-shifting former pop super star.  Her weakness has recently been discovered by the Reckoners, and a group of them are hunting her to Edmonton.  Has a long list of epic dictators as ex-boyfriends.  Has a grudge against her latest ex,  a vanilla named Brandon.  More detail below:


Epic Name: Taylor Swift. "That's right! I don't need a special epic name, because my name is already freaking special."

Primary Power: Taylor swift is a powerful shape-shifter, able to adjust her shape and mass pretty much however she wants. It is difficult for her to maintain a form for more than a few seconds if it is more than five times or less than half of her total mass, but she can do it in a pinch. Also, the less humanoid a form is, the more difficult it is for her to maintain. For example, turning into a fully functional automobile might be totally beyond her, she would likely be able to change into a puddle of water for a few seconds, or a tiger or dog for a few minutes to a few hours depending on size and if she took liberties, but she could appear to be another person, complete with voice, eyes, and fingerprints, pretty much indefinitely (but why would she, she's Taylor Swift!). Being humanoid in shape gives her more flexibility (example: she can be a rubber skinned human much longer than she could be a cube of rubber). Generally, she stays herself, with helpful modifications when in battle (such as metal skin, sword hands, claws, growing to twice her usual size, or 'melting' to get through a crack in the door or window). She can only affect her own mass, but she's difficult to tie down or trap.

Secondary Power: Not true secondary power, but her shape-shifting happens automatically when she's put in danger, granting her nearly prime invincibility. For example, if you tried to shoot her, either her skin would turn hard to repel the bullet, or it would shape shift AROUND the bullet, letting it pass right through her. If you tried to burn her, she would shapeshift to withstand the fire. Try to drown her, she'd likely grow gills. The only way around this would be to somehow contain her (perhaps by using her weakness), and then either trap her underwater, in an airtight room, in a furnace, or some other environment that would require her to transform to survive, and then find a way to keep her there until she becomes unable to maintain the transformation any longer. This can be difficult, as she is able to 'reset' her clock by shifting to a new form, so the fewer ways for her to survive, the less time you would have to keep her contained. 

Weakness: SSSSH! That's a secret! Has to do with her secret mission. I'm going to include her weakness here in a spoiler, but it's not known to anyone, so only click the spoiler if you want to know more than your character, and feel like you will be able to keep it out of your mind while writing. Also keep in mind that it is a SPOILER, so part of her story will be spoiled if you peek (mods are, of course, encouraged to peek).


First things first, she's not really Taylor Swift. Her real name is Kacey Jane Fernquist, Taylor Swift's number one fan (don't you DARE say she was number #2! Janice Garland was a hack and everyone knew it!). Upon discovering her powers, she quickly transformed herself into her idol. Her weakness is PROOF (not just suspicion) that she is not the real Taylor Swift. Proof can take the form of T-Swift trivia she does not yet know, interviews she has not watched, or pictures of Taylor at an event Kacey did not know about. The downside is that, if she gets out of a situation where her weakness is used against her, that particular bit of proof will likely not work in the future, since now that she knows about it she can still pretend to be Taylor. Meeting people who knew Swift personally prior to calamity will usually only weaken her powers, unless they have proof she is not really Taylor. Meeting the real Taylor Swift in the flesh would completely nullify her powers for as long as the true Taylor Swift remains in her presence. Because of this, Kacey has dedicated much of her time as an epic to hunting the real Taylor Swift down. She doesn't know what she will do if she finds Taylor (could she really kill her idol to protect herself?), but knows that she will not feel safe until she does. Rumour has it that in the early days of Calamity, Taylor, her team, and a group of friends from the music industry, absconded to a secret hideout in a secret remote location, and have been living in relative luxury there ever since.

Modus Operandi: I know what you're thinking. "Taylor Swift became an epic, really? I mean, she was already super cute, really talented and filthy rich! Did she really NEED to get super powers and an evilish ego boost?" Do you think it's easy using these shape-shifting powers when my natural form is virtually flawless? I thought not. AND to top it all off, my evilness has totally killed my song-writing abilities! At least I can still perform the HELL out of 1989! Maybe, if you don't want me to kill you right now, instead you could listen to be sing "Out of the Woods" for the next five hours! Or I could just go all HULK-SWIFT on you and smash your head against that wall. Your choice . 

Personality: Let's just say that, since Calamity came, I've been a little more "Blank Space" than "Love Story."





. . . And then she became an epic. After a dating a string of powerful High Epics, she's currently traveling the country with a handsome young Vanilla named Brandon.



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Amethyst (dead/retired):


Name: Kaitlin Howards
Epic Name: Amethyst

Gender: Female

Powers: Has the ability to create crystals looking similar to amethysts (actual chemical composition is different). She also has the ability to control these crystals telekinetically, but this limits the mass of the crystals to thin spears and shards. Crystals can be larger when grown from the ground. Using her powers will also have parts of her body slowly turn into crystal. While this does increase her strength and durability in the short term, it caries downsides for longer usage. This is because the crystals will also make it harder for her to move, and over-usage of the powers will start turning organs into crystals, which will kill her if it reaches vital organs. Normally these crystals will fade away again after she stops using her powers, but over-usage means it'll take longer for them to vanish, and at least some of them will stay behind.



Being told by someone she respects, or has gotten attached to, that she has disappointed them. The strength of the the effect depends on how attached she is to the person saying it to her. This will happen even if it's clear it's said as a joke, but in this case the psychological impact will be lower (though it will still be there).

Appearance: 5'2'' high. Has shoulder length black hair, and generally wears jeans, a hoodie and hiking shoes. During colder weather she also wears a thick winter coat with a hood attached to it. She also has patterns of crystal spread across her body in fairly symmetrical patterns, including her face, from previous overuse of her powers. She generally keeps the hood of her coat up to hide these.

Personality: She has a form of dependent personality disorder, and generally acts shy around other people, and tends to go along with what they do. She has the tendency to get attached to a single person, for whom she'll do anything they ask of her, including things like murder. When not told to do anything she generally displays little initiative. Currently also has trust issues because of things in her past.

Backstory: She got her powers at the same time as a friend of hers did, and ended up following her and helping her serve a local high epic. Later on, her friend decided to use her to take over instead, but they ended up losing the fight. Her friend blamed her for having their loss, and out of spite, used her weakness on her while making sure the other Epics found out as well. Because of her loss of powers the Epics fighting them made her a lower priority, and she managed to escape with the help of an epic called Neverthere. Confused and scared by her friends' betrayal she ended up fleeing the city. Following Neverthere's advice she eventually ended up heading to Edmonton, hoping that it was far enough away that nobody would have heard of her weakness.



Name: Luna DeWitt

Epic Name: Luna

Age: 15

Appearance: 4'7'', with long, white-blonde hair, blue eyes and a skin that's way too pale to be healthy Her face is rather small, and while pretty tends to be rather disturbing, because the way too pale skin gives it an inhuman quality. Normally wears a blood-red cloak with the hood up, a white dress with what seems to be dried blood on it, a red skirt, long socks and black boots.

Power(s): She can create a large (8') wolf that appears from her shadow, and is capable of acting automatically, including defending her. While dangerous, it can be killed or wounded, though its size means you generally need large swords or spears, heavy guns or explosives to do so. It is capable of healing by eating people, as well as retreating back into any large nearby shadows to return back to Luna's shadow, where it can also recover from injuries, which generally takes a few hours. If it hasn't eaten anyone for over a week it will become weakened, its size changing down to only 5'. On the flip side, as it eats people it can gain temporary increases in its strength and speed, as well as the cutting/piercing ability of its fangs and claws. However, this charge will half with each day that passes, as well as each time it's summoned back into Luna's shadow. Once it has a charge it'll start regenerating as well, though at a fairly slow rate.

Luna is also capable of merging with the wolf, changing her appearance to be more werewolf-like. In this state she gains enhanced speed, strength and regen (baseline 30 seconds for cuts and gun shot wounds, 5 minutes for broken bones, 2 hours heals everything), based on the number of people the wolf had eaten up until that point, and the wolf's instincts will give her enhanced reflexes, but will also make her much more aggressive. She will also gain the ability to summon tooth-like knives, and the ability to temporarily transform into a shadow, moving at high speeds (35 m/s, 60 meter range). In this state she can't interact with anything, and when moving through obstacles it works similar to a liquid or a gas, with solid obstacles blocking her and dropping her out of this state (with a significant impact, which is capable of bruising her ribs or other injuries), but for other obstacles like chain-link fences she can go right through. She can also move through clear glass in this state.

When using her shadow-step ability she needs to define the trajectory beforehand, and while slight curves are possible the trajectories are still mostly straight.



Being forced to acknowledge she's just a normal human, and that there isn't anything inherently special about her.

Personality: Can act somewhat childish at times, tends to be quite nice to people she considers friends. The issue is that she considers most people to just be people, and thus unimportant, considering them toys she can do with whatever she wants, and enjoys feeding them to her wolf. In these cases she tends to switch between total disinterest, utter sadism, and playful toying with them, sometimes multiple times in a single interaction.
She believes the world is somewhat similar to a story, and only "special people" actually matter, and everything else doesn't matter and is just there as a backdrop. Normally she considers Epics to be special people, though if a normal human manages to do something that particularly impresses her, like killing an Epic she might acknowledge them as well, since only a special person can kill another special person.
If she'd be forced to acknowledge everybody is normal and there's nothing special about people she'll probably break down, since it'd mean that all the people she killed were murders, not just her playing with some toys.
Considers her wolf to be her best friend, and tends to call it out just to cuddle or play with it.
Most of her motivations can be summed up with: "Because it amused me."

Backstory: When she was young she loved reading fairy tales, and was at an age where she still believed them to be true, and the fact that to her the people around her were incredibly boring she concluded that she must be the main character, and everyone else unimportant. While normally she'd have grown out of this after a few more years Calamity happened in this case, and her powers to her mind confirmed that she was indeed special. A few months later she let her wolf slaughter everyone around her out of boredom, and then disappeared, only showing up sporadically in different towns every so often, sometimes not doing much, other times hanging around for longer, making friends with local Epics before moving on again. During this time she also matured somewhat, growing out of her believe that she lived in a story to some degree, realizing it as childish, though she still kept her believe that normal humans don't matter, compared to special people like her. Eventually she ended moving up to Edmonton, having wanted to see Canada, and see if it had anything amusing.



Name: Marian Davidson

Epic Name: Moonglow

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'7" tall, with a small face, long silver hair and grey eyes. Wears a knee-length white dress that's easy to move around in.

Moonlight manipulation: Can create strands of solid moonlight and manipulate them, giving them various shapes. Primary use is a bow firing arrows of exploding moonlight. Can also cause drops of these to rain from the sky, or fire off blasts of them.

Moonlight aura: can coat herself in an aura of moonlight. This aura provides some defence, though not much, but does grant enhanced strength and flight.

reincarnation: When killed she'll come back to live the next night

Her presence alters the night sky in a radius of 20 miles around her, erasing the effects of light pollution, and increasing the apparent size and brightness of the moon.

The strength of her powers are linked to the phase of the moon, with her powers being the weakest during new moon and the strongest during a full moon, with a new moon only allowing her to form her bow or simple threads, while at a full moon she can fire beams of moonlight capable of demolishing buildings.

Gifter, though the version she can grant doesn't have the powers fluctuate with the phase of the moon, instead stuck at her average power level. Her reincarnation can't be gifted.



A night with a new moon blocks her reincarnation, delaying her rebirth until the next full moon. A Lunar eclipse causes her to completely lose her powers.

Skills: Archery

Personality: Very serious, considers herself a ruler, and acts like it. Generally avoids showing any emotion. Takes care of those she cares about and gifts them power, but still considers them subordinate to her, and will not tolerate anything she considers betrayal. Prefers dealing with women, though she doesn't have an issue with employing males either, even if she generally won't let them into her inner circle.

Backstory: Originally from a village close to Toronto, she had a fairly normal life, aside from an incident when she was a kid where she got lost during a lunar eclipse, the red moon further frightening her. When she got older she started practising archery, even going out hunting with them a few times.
After Calamity came she got picked up by a local Epic, serving beneath them in a high position for a long time, until recently another Epic challenged them. Having heard stories about Edmonton she let the newcomer defeat the local ruler and left instead, heading out to Edmonton to build her own kingdom.



Name: Shade

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: 4'8'', with light-brown hair. Her eyes have a milky-white look, lacking any pupils or iris, and she generally keeps them closed. She wears an old grey hoodie and slightly worn jeans.


  • Primary Ability: Biokinesis
    She can alter the bodies of people she touches, both for healing but also for killing. While powerful her lack of biology knowledge (or formal schooling in general) limits how she can use the ability. She can't use this ability on herself.
  • Secondary Ability: Lifesense
    She can sense living beings around her. This sense also includes their stance and appearance. She can also focus her sense on a specific area to get a more detailed look of it. This ability is sensitive enough that she can sense microbes to some extent, allowing her to get some idea of objects around her (walls, buildings) but finding smaller objects requires her to specifically focus on that area. Touching someone gives her a much better view of their body, allowing her to examine things like veins, nerves, muscle structures and even specific groups of cells.
  • Primary Passive Ability: Enhanced Physiology
    She is faster than normal people her age, and has enhanced reflexes. She also has a limited amount of regeneration. Not enough to be useful in combat, but she can heal back from serious wounds within a few hours with proper care, as long as the wound doesn't initially kill her.
  • Secondary Passive Ability: Lowered Presence
    It is difficult for other people to notice her, and they quickly forget about her once she's gone. She hasn't fully realized this ability exists yet, and isn't capable of controlling it. How much it affects people is based on how much she trusts them, if she trusts people the ability influences them less. The ability also influences people less when they spend more time around her.

Skills: She's skilled in surviving on the streets, as well as hiding. Has a very good sense of hearing and smell.

Weaknesses: She's blind. While she can use her abilities to compensate to some degree she has difficulty with certain other things. She can't use displays and monitors for example, or other devices that rely on light. She can read things because the letters stick out of the paper to some degree, but it's exhausting because of the concentration necessary to notice it. She also doesn't have a lot of schooling, which severely limits how she can use her abilities.

Epic Weakness:


Being abandoned by people taking care of her.

This would also trigger if she thought it had happened, and would last for at least an hour with no powers, and her powers being weakened for a much longer period (so just weakened senses and stealth for example), with the effects also disappearing if someone came back for her.

Personality: She keeps to herself, and generally displays little emotion, especially when on a job. She prefers working for Epics, generally serving as a personal assassin instead of being the center of attention. She dislikes being around other people. Generally stays away from fights, instead preferring to ambush opponents by killing them before they notice she's a threat.

History: Born a few years before Calamity rose with a birth defect that left her blind. A few years after Calamity her parents were killed by an Epic, though she survived because she wasn't noticed, since her powers had appeared a few weeks before that. She ended up moving around a lot, sometimes being picked up by various groups of Maples who took pity on her, sometimes living on her own on the streets, begging or stealing. During this time she also slowly trained her lifesense, learning how to use it to replace her missing sight. Eventually she accidentally used her primary ability and a passing Epic took note of it. Taking her in they started training her as their personal assassin. The Epic got killed however, their empire overthrown, and she ended up wandering again, eventually ending up serving another Epic.



NameKarin Hunter

Epic Name: Maxwell

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: She's 5'6'' tall, with long black hair and grey eyes. She normally wears a t-shirt and jeans, but wears a white lab-coat over them.

    Maxwell's Demon:

  • Primary power: Separation of heat and cold. She can take heat from different substances, transferring it into something else. She can do this even when the substances are at thermal equilibrium, or when the substance she's taking heat from is colder than the substance she's transferring the heat to. This ability is much easier to use on gasses, with solids being the most difficult to use this ability on. The lowest temperature a substance can be brought to differs, but for air this is generally around -60°C (-76°F), and for other substances this lowest temperature is generally a lot warmer, with gasses being close to this temperature, fluids being close to -20°C (-4°F), and solids being around -5 °C (23°F), unless their phase will change while their temperature is being reduced, in which case either the lowest temperature for that phase or the current temperature will be the limit, whichever is lower. There isn't any real limit on the maximum heat that can be transferred to a substance, though gasses take less effort and are more useful. In order to transfer the energy the substance needs to be inside of 50 meters of her.
    Additional notes: When not using this ability on gasses some time is necessary to gather the focus to use the ability, and both extracting and adding the heat will take time (gasses take time as well, but this is fast enough to seem instant). This also means that this ability doesn't work as an instakill on living beings.

  • Secondary power: Gas manipulation. She's capable of aerokinetic control of gasses, but with the peculiarity that this control takes more effort the closer the gasses are to thermal equilibrium compared to the gasses around them, with anything less than 10°C (18°F) difference from equilibrium being too close to manipulate, and a difference of 40°C (72°F) is necessary for full control, which generally gives the appearance of her manipulating freezing winds and flames/hot winds. Again, her control area for this ability is 50 meters. The controlled air can reach speeds of about 17 m/s, so enough to shake trees but not enough to toss larger/heavier things about, or create significant destruction. She can't compress the air, but are capable of stopping air from expanding or contracting from the sudden changes in heat, which means that if the air is hot enough she can actually use the additional pressure to knock people away, but at these temperatures they'd probably prefer that, since it's more survivable than being in the center of a fireball.

  • Peculiarities: The amount of heat they can put in a hot area is fairly small in the beginning, unless they create a large cold area and then channel all the heat into a small area. However, when heat flows back into cold areas, or from warm areas into the surrounding air, they can use the energy generated during this to increase the amount of heat inside of their hot areas. The increased heat inside of these areas will increase the heat flow, which will also increase the amount of heat generated, creating a compounding effect. This still has limits though, since when the gas changes to plasma they'll lose control over it, causing all the heat to flood back into the general area, causing a large explosion. At the same time they need to watch out when disengaging their ability as the resultant explosion might injure or kill them otherwise. They can also release control over zones they control, causing implosions and explosions because of temperature differentials (they can also use this to create energy, but it is more difficult because of the speed, causing large efficiency losses, generally losing 90% of the heat stored in the zone. This is mainly a method for decreasing the amount of time it takes to build up their temperatures again). If they have a bit of time to focus they can also combine their hot and cold zones to generate energy faster, or manipulate the shape and force of the explosions, this is a more advanced usage that needs training, and can't be improvised.

Epic Weakness: 


Failing to meet a goal she set for herself, or that she accepted from someone else. When this happens her powers will immediately shut down, and the time it takes for them to work again will depend on the importance the goal held for her. This also works for goals she sets herself unconsciously, such as needing to defeat an enemy.
Warning: triggering this weakness is a bad idea when she has been using her powers for a while and you're in the vicinity, since at that point reality tends to reassert itself, which tends to have explosive results.

Personality: Tries to think things through, often loses control quickly, getting enraged or hot-blooded, especially when using her abilities. She doesn't use her abilities often though, or at strong levels, because of the dangers involved, meaning that the Corruption isn't as strong for her. Often sets goals for herself, despite her weakness, since it allows her to motivate herself.

Backstory: Originally went to an Princeton university where she studied physics, but relied on a scholarship, which meant that she always needed to push herself to reach various goals in order to keep it. When Calamity came she was in her third year, and after living in the Epic controlled town for a while she decided she had enough with it and got together with a few other Epics to take over themselves, they succeeded but her previous allies decided to purge her, forcing her to flee. Eventually she finally arrived in Edmonton after a lot of travels.



Name: Alice Fisher

Epic Name: Laplace

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Appearance: She is about 5'4'' tall, though she seems taller to people. Has shorter light brown hair and dark green eyes that turn violet when she's using her powers. Generally looks rather serious and strict. Wears glasses. For clothing she normally wears a tweed suit.

    Laplace's Demon:

  • Primary power: Enhanced analytical abilities. This manifests in three different ways, Probability prediction, physics simulation, and pattern analysis.
    Probability prediction allows for the analysis of trends from small data sets, allowing for the prediction of possible actions of groups of people, assigning probabilities to each possible action they can take. This works better the larger the group is, and the more data there is available. Predicting the actions of a single individual is much more difficult, even with insight into their personality. Larger groups, on the other hand, tend to average out.
    Physics simulation allows for perfectly predicting the outcome of deterministic systems, such as the paths of a group of rocks falling down, or a roulette wheel. This ability requires knowledge of the rules behind the system to work though. Encountering an unknown phenomenon, or an non-deterministic one, makes usage of this ability impossible, and if she is only partially aware of the rules behind the system she can encounter errors in their analysis.
    Pattern analysis allows her to take a phenomenon, or a number of incidents, and analyze the pattern behind them, creating a prediction of the rules it is based on. This works in concert with probability prediction and physics simulation, allowing her to establish the necessary rules for these to be able to work. The main issue with this, however, is that the rules she deduces might not be the actual rules that apply to a phenomenon or pattern, which might throw of her predictions by some degree.
    This power is a semi-passive ability, with the power normally running subconsciously, with results manifesting as improved intuition, but she can also focus the ability on a specific task, which makes it much more effective, but requires her to consciously know what she's trying to analyze.
  • Secondary power: Area scan. This is an active ability that allows her to perfectly know everything about a 50 meter area centered on her. The issue here is that it isn't possible for her to consciously comprehend all this information, so she's only capable of accessing the positions, motions, and appearances of objects in this region, although she can also access information more specific information like temperature, sound, or specific materials, but this requires her to actually focus on acquiring this information, and on the specific place she wants the information from.
    The interesting part about this ability, however, is that her first ability is also capable of making use of this information, but is capable of accessing the full breadth of information, granting what amounts to a pseudo danger sense, though limited to what information can be gathered from inside of the ability's active area (Note that threads don't have to be inside of this area to be noticed, but either this area or what can be perceived with their normal senses must contain the information necessary for the thread to be noticeable).

Skills: While she doesn't have any actual combat training she's a decent gun fighter and sharp shooter because of her abilities.

Epic weakness: 


Dice. These will create an aura of about 2 meters around them that isn't visible to her Area Scan ability, and actually touching them will also negate her primary ability.

Personality: She has a strict, calculating personality, with a firm believe that the mind is much more important than the body, and that she is more intelligent than anybody else, so doing any fighting herself would be demeaning. She tends to have a personal hatred against people who mess up her predictions, and believes that her primary ability is actually her own genius shining through, and not an Epic ability (she's wrong, which she does know to some degree, but doesn't acknowledge).

Backstory: Originally a professor in mathematics at Princeton teaching statistics. She had a reputation for being highly intelligent, but also for being extremely strict and an ego that was much too big. After Calamity she started manipulating the university and town from behind the scenes, officially working as strategist for the local ruler but eventually becoming the de facto ruler as a power behind the throne. Eventually one of the other Epics in town tried to oust the leader though, and attacked them. Somehow managing to defy her predictions they forced her to flee, and eventually she ended up in Edmonton after hearing bout the power vacuum.


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<To be edited in when sheet is found>



Name: Ichor

Real name: Anthony Goldberg


White Hair

Pure red eyes, glowing.

Oily, pure black skin



Huge, stocky, muscular

Random details: 

has hemophilia (blood doesn't clot)

Was insane before Calamity

Primary power: Can inflict any blood disorder on someone with a touch

Secondary power: If a creature (human or animal) is still in the development stage, he can change their blood to change some features, with the base of the original body. The less developed, the more he can change.

Tertiary power: Creation of "Ichor", golden blood that genetically fits with all blood types, making them stronger and faster, and allowing flight if more then half of blood is replaced.

Quaternary power: Mental control of all blood feeding animals

Personality: Inflicts pain for fun, will break basic humans rights of all forms without a second thought, likes to be in positions of power.



Name: Artemis

Real name: Annabeth


Silver hair

Golden yellow iris

Pale skin



Slight, lean, muscular (not in a bodybuilder way)

Primary power: Can manipulate arrows to be explosive, poisonous, set on fire, disease ridden, speed up ten times faster, track targets perfectly, or some combination with up to three per arrow.

Secondary power: Infinite arrows, can create a bow out of light.


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I'll have a bio for Armando in a bit. I don't know how active he'll be, but I'm curious as to how yall are gonna react to him. Once I have it, I'll edit his bio into this post.


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Karina character bio:


Real Name: Karina 'Indy' Morgan

Age: About 26

Appearance: About average height with short black hair and brown eyes,  wearing a thick blue coat and jeans, with a backpack on her shoulder and an SKS on her other shoulder, half-Chinese ethnicity.

Occupation: Former Reckoner, hoping to see if there is a Reckoner base in Edmonton.

Backstory: She was born and grew up in Edmonton with her father, mother and younger sister, and later moved to Houston when her dad got a job offer there. She started to go to college the year Calamity rose, and when she turned 19, random people got a bunch of Epic superpowers, including Obliteration, who took over the city. Her father was killed during this takeover, and her mother lost an arm and a leg (literally.) About a year later, she managed to join the Reckoners as point, where she got the nickname Indy, short for Indeterminate. Her team lost two members during the hit on Boombox, and she got a horrible case of chronic head pain. 3 years (?) later, she left the city to obtain supplies, and Obliteration vaporized the city with her team inside. With no real purpose, she slowly drifted north towards her home city of Edmonton. She managed to hitch a ride with some guys in a truck in Oklahoma, and gets to Edmonton at about the same time as the Oregon refugees.

Skills: She is somewhat skilled with a rifle. She used to be a lot better at using it, but she's grown somewhat rusty without practice. She is also proficient with a knife, though she is just awful with technology. IE; she bought a radio from New York with no batteries in it and thought it was broken.

MO: She doesn't like taking risks at all, unless they are 100% necessary. She doesn't like confrontation, and she blames her headaches for a lot of her problems. She goes into BSOD whenever someone she knows well dies, which, given that this is the Reckonerverse, is quite frequently. She is almost addicted to aspirin.


Appartition drifted down the street with a happy smile on his face. 'Come out, come out, wherever you are...'

Karina cursed, then peeked just over the hedge. The Epic had his hands on his hips, and was sending strange, sending incorporeal horrors into nearby houses. Looking for them.

Clovis frantically muttered, "Dammit. When Lena said this was a ghost town, I didn't think she meant it literally!'

"I want to plaaay!" The Epic hovered one or two inches above the ground. He had light gray hair, and looked like he was in his sixties. He talked like a two year old, and genuinely seemed to want to play with them, though neither of the pair were inclined to 'play' with an Epic who commanded toys that could suck the life out of you by touching you, as they'd seen.

"Alright, here's the plan. We run down the street, and try to meet up with Turt when we're far, far away from this insane slontze."

Karina looked at him. "Are you kidding? This guy's things are fast! We've got to come up with a better plan than that!"

"Well, what idea do you have?" Clovis said irritatedly. "We're dead if - oh sparks. Just run!"

Appartition looked straight at them through the (admittedly not even that thick) hedge, then clapped his hands with joy. 'Oh! There you are! Come here, let's play tag!' The strange creatures he commanded surged through the walls at the pair. They both dropped everything (figuratively) and ran down the street, where hopefully the truck was waiting. Suddenly, Karina stumbled. "Gah! Keep going, I'll be fine!" Clovis quickly turned and helped her to her feet, the ghosts getting ever-closer to them. "I need some sparking aspirin!"

Suddenly, one ghost lunged, catching Clovis's ankle, and the life simply left his eyes as he fell over, dead. Karina stopped, turned around, and stared in shock. "Oh no." The other ghosts caught up, and used their incorporeal claws to try and tear the fallen man's flesh away, though it didn't do anything. "Oh nononono." Appartition drifted closer. "Nononononononono I need to run." Karina turned around again, catching sight of the pickup truck they'd arrived in. "Turt! Turt! Hit the gas, we've got to go!" Turt, the skinny freckled guy in the pickup's passenger seat, turned to his left. "Oh sparks. No kidding, get in the sparking truck!" He switched the driver's seat and gunned the engine as the deadly ghosts turned towards Karina, who had managed to jump into the back of the pickup. She simply lay there. "Calamity. I need some sparking aspirin."


EDIT: Figured I'd toss a couple more in here, because it's fun.

Boombox (deceased):


Real name: Zachary Yorrick

Appearance: Looks about 25, though he's actually a bit older. Wears a leather jacket and ripped jeans, and has blonde hair and glassy blue eyes.

Primary: Emits a thumping base beat for every heartbeat that he makes that varies according to his mood. IE; if he's really pissed off, it will be very loud, and if he's sad or subdued, it will be much quieter. He can perceive anything that his soundwaves reflect off of, and his perception gets fainter and fainter the farther away/quieter the sound is. This includes while he's sleeping.

Secondary: He can cause anything that he can perceive with his 'pulses' to explode. The intensity of the explosion is directly proportional to how loud the sound is at that point. The explosions (kind of) behave and look like bomb explosions.

Tertiary: He is completely immune to explosions and loud sounds.

Weakness: Tire rubber. He cannot affect anything made out of tire rubber, and touching it nullifies his powers.

Bio: Zachary grew up in Houston. At age 6, he was hit by a car in the head, doing something medically horrible that caused him to eventually lose eyesight. As such, he grew up blind. Due to his lack of eyesight, his hearing naturally improved, and he grew a love of rap music, even getting a job at a music store. When Calamity rose, he got Epic powers and blew up the majority of his neighborhood, eventually becoming a minor deputy of sorts of Obliteration. Then he got killed by the Reckoners. Yay.

Appartition (not going anywhere near Edmonton(for now)):


Real Name: Harry Davidson

Appearance: Paper-white unkempt hair, looks about in his 50s, ragged clothing, dull black eyes. Usually hovering above the ground and slightly translucent.

Primary: He can summon and control... I'll call them ghasts, up to about 6 at a time, which are translucent corpses that hover above the ground. They are completely incorporeal, and can pass through walls and other things. When they're not actively being controlled (which is just about always), they chase anyone they see. Whenever they touch someone, they have to roll a DC 200 constitution save or else die instantly, with no visible signs of damage.

Tertiary. Appartition is incorporeal with required secondary powers to go with it of flight and ability to change from incorporeal to corporeal.

Bio: damnation, this is a touchy subject. Appartition is mentally ill, and stopped developing when he was about 2 years old. As such, he has the mindset of a toddler, and can't really tell the difference between 'playing' and 'murdering horribly'. His parents loved him very much, and he loved them back, until he killed everyone he knew by 'playing' with them. He has been wandering the streets of Spokane for YEARS looking for new 'playmates'.

Weakness:  Bathtubs. Seeing a bathtub will make his ghouls much less deadly and much more paralytic, and being in a bathtub will nullify his powers completely for a while.



Name: Mason Filmore

Appearance: 30-ish looking white male with brown hair. About 6 feet tall with a long somewhat gangly body. Wears a 'cool' looking cowboy hat, biker jacket, and blue jeans. He has a semi-automatic pistol holstered at his side.

Epic Name: Downfall

Primary Ability: He can swap two equally-sized portions of space that he can perceive, either through sight or through his secondary ability, as long as they don't contain living things. If he tries, the swap just warps around them and he gets a vague headache. These things preserve their momentum and shape. (so he's technically not a teleporter.) Mover/Shaker, in Worm terms.

Secondary Ability: He has short-range clairvoyance, up to about 20 feet in every direction. He can only perceive objects, not sounds, colour, smell, etc. 

Tertiary Ability: He has enhanced reflexes, enough to react to a bullet being fired at him at point blank range. This grants him a form of prime invincibility, as he can perceive threats coming from all directions, and can react to them in time to swap them or block them.

MO: He's petty, cruel, confrontational and always looking for an excuse to fight. This makes him pretty reckless when it comes to antagonizing other Epics, and really terrible for the wellbeing of nearby vanillas. He doesn't think much of them and will kill them if they or something else irritate him, sometimes by switching the ground that's underneath them to be on top of them or by switching something heavy on top of their head and snapping their spine, or just encasing them in solid rock. However, he hates Epics who can actually harm him or pose a danger to him more, as he's really kind of a coward at heart. He'll put on a big blustery bravado, but, in the end, however, if he's actually in danger of dying, he tends to bail.

Backstory: He was about 19 when Calamity first rose and he get his powers. He'd just arrived at his biology class when he had his Rending, where he left a pile of suspiciously rectangular rubble behind. As time passed, he practiced more and gained more control over his ability and was able to make more specific shapes. Travelling some of the most Epic-filled cities, he left behind a trail of murder and cruel and unusual deaths before he would always inevitably be forced to flee for his life, having drawn the ire of the local Epic overlord. He's been heading north for some time now, and figured he might as well visit Edmonton while he's in the area; maybe he'd even try claiming some territory. How hard could it be?

Weakness: Just about any living thing or something can't be blocked or penetrated can kill him. Something like Phytomagnet's trees, most invulnerable Epics, most incorporeal Epics. Essentially, he's Manton-limited in the harshest way possible.


The Friend Computer icon, or obvious Friend Computer quotes. Before becoming an Epic, he was a shy, timid, and Paranoid bookworm, and he hates being reminded of that time.



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Real Name: Charles

Age: 26

Primary Power: When he cackles everyone who hears it laughs with him, their minds cloud over, and their hearts start slowly speeding up in their beating until they explode.

Secondary Power: He can bend, contract, or morph his body into any shape. Like an octopus.

Tertiary Power: He does not feel pain.

Physical: He is a tall skinny man with black hair and chalky white skin, red eyes, and lanky limbs. It is unknown whether or not he wears makeup or if his power caused him to become this.

Personality: He is a psychopathic maniac, who loves killing people. He generally will end up working for someone, but it will not last long.

Weakness: Chipmunks.

Skills: Knife play.

Random Details: He always carries around a pair of kunai, and hates clowns. Mimes are so much better.



Real Name: Katherine

Age: 19

Primary Power: She can create bolts of crimson lighting that fly from her fingers in two modes. In the first she shoots them at a specific target in a concentrated blast that has an effective range of a mile. In the second she can shoot waves of energy forwards for about a hundred feet, in an expanding cone. This lighting became more powerful the angrier the becomes.

Secondary Power: She has incredibly powerful telekinesis. She can lift up to a ton in a range of one mile, and can manipulate energy waves. She can accelerate this mass at a rate of 4.4 × 105 m/s2 and the angrier she becomes, the more mass she can hold, up to ten tons. She can also use this power to fly and protect herself from the power.

Tertiary Power: She can store emotions, and tap them later, specifically rage.

Quaternary Power: She regenerates at a rate of ten times the speed of a normal human, and can be sustained completely off of rage. When she is truly furious a bullet wound will heal as soon as the bullet comes out the other side.

Physical Appearance: She is a tall athletic girl with long black hair, pure red eyes and pale skin. She does not have pupils. Her tongue is black, and her veins are visible through her skin. She is always wearing a black lather jacket and close fitting clothes.

Personality: She is very cruel, and enjoys suffering. She likes manipulating others to doing her bidding. She also likes cats.

Weakness: Being Loved, as in, she knows someone loves her.


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May I ask how to join?



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Posted (edited)



Epic name: Ferocity

Former Epic Name: Statsplice

Real Name: Franklin Sareth

General AppearanceLargely unknown, and varies due to mind control / shapeshifting / mind shifting, but his “real” appearance is:

A 5’6” man, skinny but mostly appears unathletic, pale skin, has a tight face with a relaxed smile, white hair, and scarlet eyes. Will exaggerate these traits to be intimidating if he deems it necessary. Generally wears white and red robes, or a set of light red leather armor. Wears wire-framed glasses, although he doesn’t really need them. He only uses this appearance as himself or his Acolytes.


Primary Power: Attribute Manipulation. Ferocity can absorb and redistribute human attributes on touch, between himself and any non-Epics. These fall into 4 groups with 5 subgroups apiece:

Senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste

Mental: Thought Speed, Instinct, Wisdom, Intelligence, Memory

Physical: Physical Speed, Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, Healing

Emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Compassion

Ferocity and his Acolytes can absorb up to 50% of each trait from any one person; his priests can absorb 30%, and his Ferals/Collectors can absorb 10%. If 10% or less of a trait is taken from a person, it will return within a week; otherwise it will take a very long time to recover. There is no upper limit to how much of one attribute that Ferocity or his manipulated individuals can have.

Secondary Power: Subjugation. Ferocity gains power over the individuals he manipulates (positively, by giving some attribute, not taking it), based on the categories and extent of the manipulation.

Senses - Sensory Projection: Ferocity can sense what his subjects sense, so long as they have enough Sense manipulations. The more manipulation, the clearer that Ferocity can sense from them.

Mental - Mind Control: Ferocity can control the minds and actions of his subjects, so long as they have enough Mental manipulations. The more manipulation, the more control Ferocity has, to the point of completely overwhelming the subject’s personality.

Physical - Shape Shift: Ferocity can alter the form of his subjects, so long as they have enough Physical manipulations. This can either be changing appearance (to match his own, or otherwise) or to transforming into a red, devil-like Feral. The more manipulation, the more drastic changes that can be made and the more devil-like the Feral form will be.

Emotional - Life Sense/Gifting: Ferocity can sense his subject’s exact locations and use them to manipulate attributes, so long as they have enough Emotional manipulations. The more manipulation, the more accurate the location sense is and the more manipulation can be done.


PAPEL: Essentially unlimited attributes for any athletic activity, world domination, etc.

MO: Keeps himself and most of his Acolytes hidden in bunkers within uninhabited/uninhabitable wastelands. Sends an Acolyte to a city he wants, where he will attempt to set up his Church of Collection (Cult), where subjects will go out into the public and preach/do service for their fufillment (they spread the Cult and allow Ferocity to sustainably gather attributes in exchange for manipulation granting joy/compassion). If Ferocity can set up a stable system, he leaves the city under control of his Cult; otherwise (if the population or local Epics resist too strongly) he will flatten the city with an invasion of Feral monsters and the powers of his Acolyte.

Has an additional motive: keeps tabs on the Epics within most cities, seeing which ones have useful abilities or dangerous ones. More interested in lesser Epics. He can’t manipulate Epics, but anyone he’s previously manipulated who becomes an Epic keeps their manipulations, and the associated Subjugation affects (except letting Ferocity use them to manipulate their own attributes).

Acolytes: have a very large set of manipulations in multiple sets/subsets, act as city-based Cult leaders, under Ferocity’s complete control. Priests: have a large set of Mental/Emotional manipulations, generally Wisdom and Compassion; organize recieving attributes from Collectors and either giving them to the Acolyte or redistributing them, mosly under Ferocity’s control. Collectors: people in the Church/Cult of Collection, have some standing manipulations and Joy-based Emotional manipulations; allow Ferocity to gather attributes weekly from large amounts of a city’s population and route them to his Priests/Acolytes. Ferals: have large Physcial manipulations and some Mental/Emotional ones, generally hightened Instinct and Anger; act as a hidden army within a population that Ferocity can transform and control.



Backstory: Will wait, as it depends on other Epics I may create. Franklin was once a “good” Epic known as Statsplice, but corruption got to him and he is now a complete psychopath.


Weakness: Fear (itself). Each of Ferocity’s “subjects” has a fear that will act like an Epic weakness, causing a primal fear and begin reverting any attribute manipulation affects on the individual (whether positive or negative) fairly rapidly. This renders them immune to any further manipulations until the fear wears off. In subjects who are also Epics, this fear is their weakness. Generally Ferocity will force any Epic subjects or Acolytes to flee before their weakness can ruin their attributes and free them, but Ferals and Collectors will revert almost instantly.

[OOC: due to Ferals and Collectors’ strength-in-numbers, I probably won’t give them weaknesses to trigger unless the success of one specific Feral/Collector becomes plot important. Acolytes will have their own weaknesses.]

For Ferocity himself, losing control (if he thinks he has control) over a situation is what will generally make him feel enough fear to be affected, which will cause subjects in the immediate vicinity to start losing manipulations. He is generally very careful about taking any real risks.

A fear-manipulating Epic could also trigger this weakness, and Ferocity will be very invested in not letting that happen.





Epic name: Blockade

Real Name: Jeremiah Anders

General Appearance:


Primary Power: Force fields. Blockade can create kinetic force fields. These fields take a cyan blue color and are easily seen through, and normally take a spherical shape but can be bent to almost any form. They can only take a certain level of force before they shatter, but Blockade can repair them if he touches them before they break. If able, these fields will also bend and ripple to a certain degree before they start shattering.

These fields, however, need something to form around: Blockade can't form a field in midair, he needs something (like a ball bearing) to form a sphere around, which he can then mentally stretch to different shapes. They're limited in size (based on the size of the template object and how spherical the field is) - a field around a ball bearing will max at about the size of a volleyball. 

These fields can "collapse" to surround an object tightly, making it very durable but weaker than a perfectly round shield

This allows him to make a complete field around himself, making himself almost invulnerable while still being able to move.

Secondary Power:

Tertiary Power:







Intercession (would like an OK/opinion on this one):


Epic name: Intercession

Real Name: Sarah (doesn't know her last name)

General AppearanceA 5'8" woman, has somewhat frizzy brunette hair and brown eyes. About 25 years old of Hispanic descent. Tends to wear a blue robe with gold trim when acting in her capacity as Intercession and (preferably blue) street clothes as Sarah. Keeps a few knives on her person, although she hates using them and they're often not very helpful. Tends to slouch and keep her head down like a vanilla, but is a lot brighter than she tends to act.


Primary PowerIntercession can make people Epics. She has the power to "talk" to Calamity, and offer him someone to turn to an Epic. She can't control what powers are given, but she can make "requests" that Calamity will follow if he deems them... thematically appropriate. She can also give a boost to Epics: it will be a small change, extending a current power slightly rather than a whole new ability set, but it is absolutely permanent and irreversible. (Both creating and boosting Epics plants the seeds of Calamity's corruption: it's Calamity giving the powers, not Intercession.) This can only be done once per person... or at least, that's all that Intercession will do. She cannot grant herself powers. Generally it needs touch, but she more has to know the person enough to visualize them than physically be near them.

(I'm basing this off what Regalia did to Newton and... others in Firefight.)


PAPEL: Need anyone to break the laws of physics, but can't find an Epic that does it in exactly the right way? Intercession can make one. Vanilla (Maple?) down because of some new Epic interferer? Intercession can give them powers to balance it.

MO: Lives mostly in secret, as her powers would be greatly valued by any Epic seeking the one thing they can't get anywhere else: more power. She's particularly hunted by Ferocity. Prefers only to grant powers instead of boosting them. Under Blockade's protection, although not control, as she has yet to Intercess for him.

Personality: Tries to be as understanding as possible, and non-confrontational, as she needs to be around so many Epics when she's essentially powerless herself. She is a great sympathizer, but cross her and she will design a perfect enemy to take you down before you have a chance to kill her first. Lastly, she knows she's almost indispensable, which lets her get away with a lot.

Backstory: Sarah was an orphan in a city of Bend, Oregon, and had never really felt she had a voice. She ended up working in the orphanage where she grew up, and was there the day that Calamity hit, and an Epic named Fate's Grasp (made up) declared himself ruler of the city, destroying many buildings, including the orphanage, when the terrified citizens failed to comply. Sarah ended up rushing there, finding an older child she knew bleeding, dying, only when she laid her hands on him he was standing up, wounds healing, and a look of wonder on his face.

Eventually Blockade came to Bend, followed by Surveyor, where the two struck a tender alliance, with Epics Statsplice, Roto, and Judgevent acting as second-in-commands. Blockade was very interested in Intercession's powers, and agreed to protect her in exchange for making them all the most powerful Epics.


But when Intercession tried boosting Statsplice's powers, she did so multiple times in succession, as Calamity gave her exactly what she asked... until Statsplice gained his Subjugation powers and went insane, and became... well, Ferocity. It broke Intercession, and she vowed only to use her powers once on anyone, and the agreeing Blockade has been thinking very carefully of what to ask for.

... okay, that twist was probably obvious.

Later, [REDACTED] forced Bend to be evacuated completely. Sarah, or Intercession as she had come to be called, went with Blockade and most of the Epics of Bend (minus Surveyor) on a crusade through the Midwest, but their cities kept being attacked and destroyed by ambitious Epics or Ferals, seeking Intercession's power. Blockade has tried to keep her secret, but it's getting harder. Now she travels with Blockade's cadre, which has just come across a new home... 

Weakness: Surprise and/or chance. The unexpected will shut down Intercession's connection to Calamity, most notably when she uses her ability to create a new Epic: she will nine times out of ten fail to predict or even imagine the abilities that Calamity will grant even when she makes a specific request. This results in a "cooldown" of about a day for each intercession. Other "unexpected" events that really shock her will leave her unable to Intercess until a little after the shock wears off. In circumstances where she truly believes that her powers will work, where they need to work, she can sometimes overcome this.



Epic name: Roto

Real Name: Reginald Jenners, nicknames "Reggie", "Regiment"

General Appearance: A 6'3" man with a blond buzz cut and dark brown eyes, about 30 years old, British. Wears a plain T-shirt and ripped jeans, as well as a pilot's helmet and goggles. On his back he has a foldable, extendable triple-bladed rotor (three blades pointing straight down, which turn to three blades that center on a rod between his shoulder blades), with smaller, similar ones on his wrists and ankles, Epic-made to be very durable. Carries a lot of small throwing stars and throwing razors, and ball bearings. Lots of ball bearings.


Primary Power: Torque manipulation. Roto can make anything spin by applying (or stopping) a torque value to it, making it spin around its center of mass or other point on an object. This can spin in any direction or orientation, whether slightly spinning bullets to force them away from their intended trajectory to keeping a disk floating in the air flying with his helicopter rotor. He can do this subconsciously on a low level, and the more he concentrates/focuses the more torque he can apply. He can flip a person onto their head (literally), or get a large bolder to move, but he generally can't move against the friction of anything bigger than a car (well, he can move the car by rotating the wheels easily, but he can't flip a car over by rotating it).

This follows physics where T=I*alpha (Torque=[moment of inertia] x [rotational acceleration]) - he can apply up to a set torque value, meaning he can make an object start spinning faster the less the moment of inertia is, which is set by a few things, namely mass, closeness of rotation point to center of mass, and how far out the object extends from the center of mass. I'm not going to quantify it in particular, so the more massive + more oblong + farther from center of mass + the less mass perpendicular to the center of rotation = the harder it is to spin and the longer it will take to reach a certain speed. There's probably a better way to explain it but that's about as much as I know myself.

Secondary Power: General durability enhancements, especially against any adverse affects from spinning (like motion sickness). 


PAPEL: Can automatically power any vehicle by rotating the motor, or just the wheels/rotors. Is also a portable miniature helicopter. Plus the ability to move almost anything by rotating it properly, giving him a pseudo-telekinesis.

MO: Serves Blockade as a messenger, "bodyguard", and general enforcer for him. Doesn't have enough power to control a large territory, but can keep a population under wraps. Also acts as a general due to military experience.

Personality: Sees almost everything as a military operation: he is a general over a conquered city or in an army of conscripted soldiers. He has a deep respect for Blockade, who he sees as his commander, but refuses to take any nonsense or slight from anyone else. Has a respect to anyone else who's managed to hold onto territory, and any opponents he may have he deems worthy. However, he can be completely ruthless to anyone who fails to obey a direct order or resists Blockade's rule. In general, he's gruff but knows what hardships Vanillas experience in the trials of war, and fights the corruption with decent success in "peace-times".

Backstory: Reginald Jenners was a colonel in the British RAF, and a former helicopter pilot, who greatly missed flying in the sky but understood the value and honor of his position. After a severe error that killed a pilot in a training exercise, Reginald was held responsible, discharged, and nearly court-martialed before it was discovered there was a defect in the crashed plane that exonerated him. He was offered his position back, but he refused after seeing his world turn upside down and moved to America. When Calamity came, Reginald surprised the pre-Regalia Epic of New York by organizing a somewhat effective resistance and predicting his movements, to the point where he accepted the man's surrender and asked him to work for him.

Reginald gained his powers about the same time as Regalia took over, and left with the joy of retaking the skies over Regalia's seas. He flew across the country, trying and failing to lead any group of Epics or Vanillas or take any land, although he did leave a long line of dead Epics who thought they were invincible because of their abilities. He met with Blockade on his way to Bend and accompanied him around the Midwest, and has come to the new target of Blockade's.

Weakness: Execution, either in fact or in symbolism. The sight of a gallows, firing squad, guillotine, or other implement of execution will greatly lower the torque he can generate, and almost nullify it if it's used against him (even if not as a real execution, i.e. someone launching a guillotine blade at him). Being confronted with death while helpless or after imprisonment will also disable his powers.


Edit: Below are mostly scrapped Epics/ones I may bring in later/random ideas I had. For now above are the ones I'll use... and Ferocity, because I'm still pretending he won't be banned. :P


Surveyor (AKA Prof 2.0)


Epic name: Surveyor

Real Name: Jacob Celebant

General Appearance: A 5'11" man, 35 years old and very tan with pitch-black hair. Wears black clothing (black pants, dark green shirt, black leather boots and biker jacket) along with fingerless leather black gloves. Wears a set of night vision goggles and two holstered pistols. Will occasionally wear street clothes to go undercover.


Primary Power: Bodily stasis. Surveyor... doesn't change. He doesn't get hurt (although he still "takes knockback" or will get thrown around by punches and bullets and such) and can't die by almost any means. He doesn't age. He doesn't need to eat or drink, although he physically can. Lastly, if his full weakness is triggered, then wears off, then he heals any wounds he has accumulated (with one main exception that his scars generally don't heal). Note that this power doesn't affect his mind, so he doesn't have infinite mental capacity to create fields.

Secondary Power: Force Fields. Surveyor can create static force fields, that look like a forest green pane of glass, transparent. However, these fields can only take a few forms: flat planes, perfect spheres, or rods of specific size or length. They also cannot be moved once put in place. If something is in the way of a field while it's being made, the field will surround the object until it's moved, when the field will fill the given space.

The durability of these fields is cognitively linked to Surveyor's concentration: a field that Surveyor actively giving a large amount of of concentration to one specific field will be essentially indestructible, and if Surveyor forgets he created a specific field it will vanish. As he forgets the specifics of a field or loses focus on it, it will lose integrity with the scale of his lost focus.

Secondary Power: Plasma. Surveyor can create a dark green "plasma" that behaves like a very destructive gaseous energy. He can create weak beams of energy that have little range or strength; anything more is just releasing energy into an object or into a general direction. If he's pushing plasma into an object, it can vary between making it glow and be slightly unstable to making it explode into plasma violently when he releases the power. Otherwise the gas will travel in a general direction and destroy what it hits. (Surveyor doesn't use this much, as it can easily trigger his weakness.) One application of this being able to push plasma through his fields.

Tertiary Power: (Hidden, but it's debatable how well and should get revealed at some point).


Gifter. Due to his stasis ability, his own abilities don't decrease from gifting, although they tend to wear out if not used. He can't gift his full powers, however: gifting stasis results in an advanced healing factor, gifting force fields results in shatter-able fields, and gifting plasma results in weaker plasma that can't be Pushed into things. Once his weakness is triggered, even partially, by the giftee, the power will vanish. He tends to keep this secret, as it lets Miracle keep his cover as an Epic and hides how powerful his own abilities are.


PAPEL: Essentially immortal and invincible, can transport by creating ladders and ziplines from several field rods, 

MO: Due to his weakness, Surveyor constantly varies between corruption and un-corruption, as use of his power starts the Epic corruption, which makes him want to hurt people, which triggers his weakness, which reduces his powers, which makes him less corrupted, which makes him not want to hurt anyone, which un-triggers his weakness, which lets him use his powers... repeat ad nauseum. 

So, Surveyor doesn't rule, he just Surveys. He jumps from city to city, watching the Epics in charge, very rarely interfering with day to day operations, with a few exceptions, namely aiding Blockade if requested and attacking Ferocity and [REDACTED].

Backstory: Jacob Celebant was a former high school track star turned introverted IT engineer in college. At some point, Jacob witnessed a mugging, and when trying to save the victim he ended up killing the mugger, both of whom he knew. The event scarred him. When Calamity hit he got his abilities early: he infused a building wall with plasma, blew it up, killed someone, and triggered his weakness for a week. He vowed to travel through the world to find something that he could devote himself to, when he found Blockade's rule in Bend. He joined him until [REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED] forced the population of Bend to evacuate, where he went off on his own. Joined by Heartblink(?) he has come to a new town, and has found Blockade again...

Personality: Very calm and generally uncaring about people, but doesn't like most Epics. Very quiet and pondering.

Weakness: Hurting others. Any act that physically harms someone will trigger Surveyor's weakness and reduce his secondary powers. This is split into four parts: intent, severity, directness, and justification. Unintentional harm, minor harm, indirect harm, or justifiable harm will decrease the impact of the weakness (although it won't remove it entirely). If Surveyor commits murder (intentionally, directly, un-justifiably, killing someone), then all his powers will shut down for a week. He's very scared of triggering this, and for good reason ([REDACTED]).


Heartblink / AfterImage: (Likely to be brought in later, but needs some adjustment)


Epic name: Heartblink

Real Name: Lillian Fairweather, nicknamed "Lilith"

General Appearance: A short (5'7") woman, Caucasian with dark brown eyes, about 27. Has dark hair that she often will dye jet black. Often wears  makeup, with mixes of pale white for skin tone, charcoal black accents, and bloodstains that may or may not actually be blood. Wears a lacy white dress when out to kill, and various white, black, and red dresses otherwise. Tends to float about a foot off the air when in buildings if phasing fast enough to do so. Carries several knives and an old-fashioned pistol.

Primary Power: Heartbeat-based phasing. While Heartblink's heart is in the process of beating (thump-thump), she exists in the real world. While her heart is between beats, she... doesn't exist. Her mind and body exist in something similar to the Cognitive Realm. She can move as if a ghost, including flying and phasing through objects, reappearing where her equivalent position is in the real world once her heart beats again. If she would re-enter within a solid object, she does not get hurt but she remains stuck in a semi-intangible state and position until the beat ends. (Her "flying" consists of going up, and perhaps forward, between heartbeats, then falling during a beat (or not falling if she doesn't leave enough time).) She can move while in the real world, but not for very long before she disappears again.

She can also bring things with her into the "space between heartbeats"... heh... but it takes serious effort, especially the larger the object, to taking another (non-Epic) human being incredibly difficult to do, but not impossible. Anything she does take will be sort of stuck in space, in partial stasis, until she takes it with her back to the world - any living thing can exist there indefinitely, but Heartblink will likely abandon them somewhere in the real world if they pester her too much. Anything she doesn't want to take with her will just remain in the real world as Heartblink disappears.


It'S nOt TeLePOrTiNg sO IT's ALlOwEd rIgHt?

Seriously, I'd like to make sure this is alright before I use it much.

Secondary Power: Partial mind link. While non-existing, Heartblink only gets a sparsely detailed view of her surroundings, but she can compensate by linking minds with the people within a reasonable distance of her. She can use the senses of people (particularly sight and hearing), and mentally construct a model of where she is and what's around her. She can also insert thoughts into people's minds, either generally or as a group: this lacks subtlety, so it acts mainly as a way to talk with a group or specific individuals nearby, although it can also transfer ideas in a better way.

Lastly, Heartblink has a weak low mind-reading ability: she can see whatever someone is actively, specifically thinking of at the time.

Tertiary Power: Heartblink can control and drastically change her heart rate, from a 1 second beat every 5 seconds to 0.1 second beat every 0.5 seconds. She can also "stretch" or "skip" a beat; either spending a few extra moments to do something in the world, or staying out of the world to avoid a bullet; however, she can't do this for very long (either way) or do it in quick succession.


PAPEL: Not much, as she can't turn her powers off. She is quite terrifying, as she appears to be lagging through space like something in a horror game. But she becomes quite good at removing people, as she's essentially unstoppable if she want to kill you, or she can abandon you in her false world... for a while.

MO: Heartblink is very corrupted, but her corruption acts more as an insanity than an evil. She varies her motivations wildly, ranging from seeing existence as a curse she will free lucky individuals from, to hating her existence in suffering and wanting to make some unlucky individuals to suffer as she has. But her actions are often the same: she will act as an assassin for Epics that she respects, and as a serial killer when under her own impulsions. Her targets can be those who (however briefly) don't want to exist, to those who have done horrible things to others with the life their given, to those her Epic advisors want removed, to whoever isn't properly scared or unnerved by her appearance. It's almost impossible to predict who Heartblink will go after; all you can be certain is that Heartblink will not stop being a killer.

When killing, she tends to dart around her target, making everyone in the area aware of her presence and judging the reaction. Often she will appear right in front of her target, knife above their heart, and stab them right before vanishing again. Other times she will dart around killing any who fail to fear her.

Personality: Varies widely depending on her insane moods and who she's with. She likes Surveyor a lot (in a semi-romantic way), but tends to be abrasive towards other High Epics (who she can't kill) and will occasionally test to see how invincible they really are, then laugh as they try to retaliate. Otherwise, as she gets to know people, she can actually be nice to those who don't hate her, although her being "nice" means being cheery, just as scary, and slightly lowering the murder attempts.

Backstory: Lillian Fairweather was an avid horror movie fan, but didn't do much with her life after moving away from home at a young age. After going through an abusive relationship and a lot of therapy, she lost and regained a lot of mental stability, but Calamity's arrival and her given powers broke what had remained, and she went on an adventure, feeling free from society but still trapped in the cage of her abilities. Her former abuser was first to die, the first of many that would follow with little discernable pattern. After a while (including after the Bend disaster), she met Surveyor and followed him around for a while, eventually arriving with him at a new place...

Weakness: Kissing. Seeing two people kissing will sharply "increase" her heart rate, to having much less time between beats (and also, to a lesser extent, quicker beats) making her phase much quicker but overall spend more time in the world. Someone blowing a kiss will slightly increase her heart rate, a peck on the cheek will increase it more, and... so on. Heartblink being kissed on the lips (or her kissing someone) will shut down her powers entirely for a time, locking her in the real world.

Heartblink has been known to trigger this intentionally to spend some time within the real world, usually with Surveyor but occasionally, when she's just tired of being Heartblink, she'll just kiss the nearest person.

There's also a pseudo-weakness she has - if her heart were to stop, due to electrical shock or something else, she would be permanently stuck between beats and in her cognitive world, until she was near enough to a kiss to restart her heartbeat cycling.


BackFire (Nothing wrong with him, just putting him to the side)


Epic name: BackFire

Real Name: Max Takagi

General Appearance: A man of half-Caucasian, half-Korean descent. About 5'5" with dark eyes, 19 years old. Wears jeans and a t-shirt with a bandolier and a large rifle on the back, and generally carries a lot of matches and ball bearings. 


Primary Power: Fire trapping. BackFire can trap an object that will cause it to burst into flames when a certain criteria is met. While the trapping won't affect the object itself besides lighting it on fire, non-flammable things can be lit on fire (briefly), and some fire will shoot out to the item's surroundings. The thing is, the trap activation criteria can be anything that BackFire wants. Skin contact, ground contact, being filled 2/3 of the way full with homemade whisky, anything, so long as BackFire can imagine it at the time of creating the trap or when re-handling the trap. BackFire can "trap" himself (lighting himself on fire) and any other inanimate object.

As an added bonus, any trapped object will not catch fire until its trap criteria is met. This allows BackFire to fireproof objects by setting them as traps with insanely complex trigger criteria.

Secondary Power: Immunity to fire.


PAPEL: Fire. Lots of fire. And it tends to discourage people interfering with his stuff, as you never know when twisting something the wrong way will make a large fireball. Uses ball bearings as fire grenades. (Blockade likes ball bearings to make shields around, so his minor Epics like Roto and BackFire find ways to use them as well.)

MO: Turns a lot of items into traps and watches and waits for them to be triggered, generally just for fun. Has turned his apartment building into a massive trap to make it fireproof, but he could light it up easily.

Backstory: Max Takagi was a bit of an arsonist when he grew up, and ended up spending a lot of his youth in and out of juvie. He found that not many people would hire an underage felon, and ended up moving from job to job avoiding his record. When Calamity hit, Max found his powers as BackFire, and ended up taking over an apartment building in [Insert City], where he let people live off of a substantial rent but under his limited protection. He then wandered the city, setting vague criteria for everyday objects and watching the chaos of them bursting to flame.

Personality: A prankster, if you call lighting many different things on fire and burning people alive "pranks". Doesn't take anything seriously.

Weakness: Metal bars, particularly when crossed together in a lattice (like a jail cell).






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Epic name: Rust

Real name: Kieth Lething

Powers: Primary- aging touch: When he touches something, he can make it get older. He can make metal rust, and wounds heal. It uses his energy to do this, and using it on living things uses up more energy.

Secondary- enhanced metabolism

Appearance: Skinny, young adult.

age- 18, but appears older as a result of using his power to heal.

Eyes- Green

Hair- Brown, with a few strands of grey.

Backstory: He lived on the street for a while. After Calamity, he used his status as an Epic to rise into a better position



Seafood. Kieth once ate food out of the garbage of a seafood restaurant, and almost died from food poisoning. His powers are weakened as long as he can see it, smelling it disables them for a short time (more rotten smelling seafood disables it longer), and accidentally(or intentionally, I guess) eating it disables them for a day or two

Other notes: He eats a lot, especially after using his power. He wears a rust colored vest with lot's of pockets, usually full of food. He doesn't care much for being in charge, but he does enjoy power. He is cautious, and doesn't trust people easily.

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Name: Alicia Sarcty
Epic Name: Venom
Age: 26
Appearance: Short pixie cut black hair with hazel eyes.  She's a little taller than average at a solid six feet, but at a glance she doesn't seem super threatening.  Underneath the punk style clothes, however, is a lean and toned body used to years of physical exertion and raw power.  She has a fair amount of exposed skin, and always her fingertips, mostly to help facilitate use of her power.
Microbiological Control
Venom has a precise and direct control and biological manipulation power over microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.  This control has the passive benefit of making her immune to biological warfare, and heavily resistant or outright immune to many toxins due to modifications to her own biological culture.  While this power could lend itself to making biological WMDs and various other extinction level threats with time, she has instead focused on using this control to improve her own body and making herself harder to kill.

With special microbes inside her, she heals at an accelerated pace, while also being immune to sicknesses.  She hits harder than expected, as well as having heavily increased stamina and reaction times, and is faster than one would expect of someone of her size.  While these are above human by a sizeable chunk, Epics with powers in these departments far outstrip her abilities.

Her biggest strength is, arguably, the ability to make injuries she inflicts upon others worse.  Microbes that slow healing or infect cuts, for example, can be released with just a touch or given enough time to adapt a version that could cross the gap between her and a target (with collateral being likely, given it would be more of an AoE effect than a direct attack).  In the most extreme of situations, she could resort in more dangerous and escalated tactics, but that is a last resort type of behavior.

Very minor side power that gives her an instinctive knowledge of microbes and how to manipulate them to reach the ends she wants.



Surgical Equipment

Personality: Alicia is a cautious spark, prone to exploding into a wildfire at the slightest provocation.  She's shrewd, tactical, in her engagements with others while she looks for ways to get an edge or ahead in the grand scheme of things.  She doesn't want to rule an area, but rather to never want while being able to do whatever she pleases, and if that means getting dirty in the process she's more than willing to if it'll advance her goals.  And that includes working with or for other Epics.

In her own time, she's a quiet person.  A little impish, willing to perform pranks or ruin peoples' days for her own amusement, she helped start more than a few fights in her life.

History: Alicia was a problem child from birth.  Coming early in a rush of complications that nearly killed her mother, her early years weren't much better.  While she wasn't one to throw a fit when she hit the Terrible Twos and Threes, she was just always getting into things.  Always causing little problems that slowly wore down everyone she was ever around.

This continued well into her more developmental years, but slowly grew to take on a life of purposefully causing problems.  Because, as she had learned her entire life, the only way to stand out and be noticed was by being different and often in a way that was counterproductive to stability.  Which is how she found herself on a football field surrounded by other students as she shoved worms in a girl's hair.

Weird how things could end up like that, wasn't it?

The rest of her life passed in much the same fashion, with Alicia never really holding a job or a stable place to live or friends or even family until the day that everything changed.

Because when you have power to control the trillions and trillions of microbes in and around you with just a thought....The world becomes your playground.  Bouncing around as Epics exploded around the country, as entire areas were turned to rubble, Alicia played the long game.  And after a time, she found herself in a town called Edmonton with her sights set on staying long term.

Because where else could she find a better playground to play in?

Theme: (Can't be posted because of a spam filter apparently.)



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Name: Kiri Atstone - Jaggery or Jag

Age/gender: 20, female

Appearance: Shaggy light brown hair in a pixie cut, dark brown eyes, white, average size for age

Epic Power: Sugar Manipulation

  • Primary - Can manifest light pink sugar crystals (misri) in various forms, including but not limited to spikes, platforms, weaponry, and dust. She can control what size they manifest as, but the bigger the crystal, the more fragile it is; she likes to use a sword of misri, but they shatter after a couple hits and she has to form a new one. It takes about five seconds for her to grow something the size of her hand. This runs off of her sugar levels - three hour of her max manifestation done constantly = half a cake :P
  • Secondary - Messing around with DNA sugars. She doesn't know about this part and if she did she'd refuse to use it. (I may have her discover it at some point... :ph34r:;))
  • Passive - She can't get cavities, sugar highs/crashes, diabetes, or any other negative effects of eating sugar.
  • Weakness - Bricks. Touching them makes her unable to manifest any more sugar, and if her misri touches them, it collapses into sugar particles. Looking at it causes the five seconds to go up to ten.

Other Weaknesses: Nervous in the wilderness or around High Epics, doesn't know or care much about scholarly topics, severe OCD (details below) which she doesn't talk about if she can help it.

  1. Alleys are dangerous. To counter this, any time she walks past one, she must think the word ‘light’. If enters one, she must think ‘light’ with every five steps she takes. She usually overdoes this, thinking 'light' more than she "needs" to. When possible she avoids alleys entirely.
  2. People with a name beginning with any letter after L in the alphabet are doomed. To save them, she must assign them a name beginning with a letter from the front half of the alphabet, and refer to them only as that. (Note: she tends not to refer to other people by name in a conversation, unable to say their “cursed” name, but too embarrassed to say the one she gave them {which is generally the same as their real name but with one letter replaced}.) 
  3. Lines on the ground need to be stepped on equally by both feet. If one steps on a crack, the other should step on a crack of about the same size. There are conversions from one type of line to another - for example, what needs to be done if one foot steps on a line between tiles and one steps on a border of color; those have differing intensity, and the foot on color should ideally do it again to balance things out. 
  4. If she barely brushes against something, she must go back and touch it more fully. She'll feel miserable and unfinished if she doesn't. In a pinch, only touching the part of her body that touched it works.
  5. When using her powers, it’s best if she scratches the crystals once or twice with a fingernail, or her abilities may malfunction. It’s excusable to her if she’s a ways away from the crystals in question, but it does mean she takes that risk. (Note: this isn’t a genuine part of her Epic power. She did it while marveling at the crystals the first few times, then it became a bit of an unconscious habit, and then she started to worry it had built itself into her magic and that if she stopped, it might too.) 
  6. Typos are wrong and disgusting. Correcting them fixes this. If she can’t correct it, thinking the correct word five times, then ‘not (the typoed word)’ five times, then the correct word another five, without any other thought interrupting, will do. 
  7. If she turns around one way, then she must turn back from the same side, rather than turning full circle. She will feel unbalanced if she turns the wrong way. 
  8. Deep in her heart, she believes that if she ever kills another sapient being, even if it was self-defense or an accident, even if they were evil, it would make her so unclean that her staying alive would be unsafe to the rest of the world. So as to not pollute it, she would have to get rid of herself, preferably in a way that leaves no body so her corpse wouldn’t continue sticking around and contaminating the universe. (Note: this...conflicts interestingly with her Epic disregard for regular people.)

Skills: Graphic design, decent at melee combat

Equipment: Carries a backpack with sweets in it and her mobile

Family: Parents and brothers living in California where she was born

Place of Origin: America, city depends on where we set this

Backstory: She became an Epic five years ago and promptly quit her job as a graphic designer to work for various High Epics, which she has done since. She's currently working for Moonglow.

Personality: Quiet, agnostic, tired, anxious, demisexual lesbian who doesn't get much humor, likes cats, and is ambivalent about people.

Theme Song: Fear by Jeff and Casey Williams 



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Epic name: Depravity

Real name: Jacob Almava


Anything that Depravity touches becomes corrupted- it swells into a purple, fleshy tumor, becoming unrecognizable from the original object. This corruption spreads slowly- creeping up buildings, arms, roads, and anything else it touches. Corruption of inanimate things cannot spread to living things, and the corruption can only spread within it's host's own self, and therefore only Depravity can create new victims. 

The corruption gives strength. Depending on how far an abominations- living things that have been taken over by the corruption- have been corrupted, they can be many times stronger than an average man and can soak up bullets. However, the corruption weakens all senses in addition to completely blinding the victim after a certain point.

If the corruption spreads to a living thing's brain, the subject loses almost all mental capacity and Depravity can gain some amount of telepathic control- not enough to properly organize them, but enough to send them towards a target and do some very basic tactics. Without orders, they wander around aimlessly, ignoring everything. However, if the victim was particularly strong mind or had a strong drive, the subject may retain some mental function and know something is wrong, even if they aren't sure what.
Depravity can suppress the spread of corruption in a living thing, area, or direction.

Appearance: A lean 32 year-old man, with brown hair, green eyes, and a clean-shaven face. He usually wears a casual t-shirt and jeans.

Backstory: Jacob was an crooked government official in the government of Saskatchewan- after he got his powers, he took over Regina- it wasn't to last, however, as he was quickly driven out by a more powerful epic, so he fled with a small army of abominations and attacked Edmonton, managing to occupy the former neighborhoods of CPR Ivrine, Hazeldean, Rosedale Industrial, and Ritchie, which he mostly focused on, trying to corrupt the area fully. This only took a couple weeks and he is now seeking to expand...



Primary Weakness:
Someone who cannot be bought in any way from what they believe is right. They cannot be turned into an abomination, and anyone and anything that they are near is purged of corruption and returned to the state they were of before they were corrupted. Corruption is slower to spread back into areas cured by such people and it takes more contact with Depravity to infect a cured person. Note that there will be severe side effects for living things, depending on how long they were corrupted.
His core tenet is that anyone can be bribed, anyone can be bought from their side onto yours. His greatest fear is that this simply isn't true.
Secondary Weakness:
Fire. Prolonged exposure it fire will cure corruption, but this has the unfortunate side effect of killing the target.

Skills: A great speaker and negotiator.

Personality: A slippery, corrupt snake that cares for no one but himself and would happily bribe and blackmail into positions of power.

Theme SongSirens in the Distance, from the half-life OST


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