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TWoK Timeline

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@WeiryWriter, I've added everything to your TWoK timeline that I believe is well-sourced. Review when you have a chance and see if you agree.

If we're comfortable making some light assumptions, we might be able to throw in some more. Or maybe add some that have limited precision. (i.e. we know the week, just not the day.)

A few specific comments I have that need your opinion:

  1. You had "Kaladin kills the Shardbearer and is made a slave" in 1173-10 based on his comment that 4-year enlistment (starting during Weeping) only has a few weeks left. Karen pinned down TWoK-2 to 1173-7-8-3 however, and 8 months prior to that would be 1172-9-8-3. Perhaps 8 months means more like 8.5 months, which would put the date in early 1173-10. But there's also a comment he makes in TWoK-11 suggesting that he was a slave for 9 months. Maybe he's rounding up, so say that's 8.5 months. TWoK-11 seems to be in 1173-8-2 at the latest, which would put the event even earlier, in 1172-9-7. So basically we have a range of things suggesting late month 9 through late month 10. With two sources suggesting late month 9 and "weeks" from the end of a 4-year enlistment being somewhat arbitrary, I lean towards thinking it was in month 9. I put ~9. Feel free to edit however you think is best.
  2. Based on this line from TWoK-46 ("It was Chachel, third day of the week. The slave markets would show new wares.") how comfortable are you in assuming Kaladin arrived in the Shattered Plains on Chachel?
  3. Karen put the Chasmfiend hunt (WoK-12/13/15) on 8-7-2. Two lines in WoK-18 say it was "last week", so ch18 is in 8-8. Two lines in WoK-22 say that WoK-18 was two days ago. But good old Elhokar says in the same chapter that the hunt was 3 days ago. So there's a bit of a contradiction here. I think I've reported this but never heard back. I thought about assuming Elhokar is wrong (maybe he's drunk) and assuming "last week" is exactly one week. But that would put the unexpected evening highstorm of ch18/19 on 8-8-2, which is right before the expected early morning highstorm of ch46 on 8-8-3. Which seems... unlikely. Not sure if you want to leave all of this out or make some reasonable guesses.
  4. I'm changing some of the reference names, so hopefully that's okay. Easier for me to look them up by the chapter reference.
  5. Just realized... Karen has Kaladin's TWoK-40 recovery on the same day as the Chasmfiend hunt, and this doesn't work well since Sadeas would be off on the hunt all day. I'm going to stick with it though, and I guess assume that Sadeas just isn't personally present for the bridge run. (Skimming the chapter, I don't think he is explicitly mentioned as being there.)
  6. This one is maybe a bit tricky to show... Here's what I've got:
         (a) 8-9-3  -  Dalinar experiences Thrill sickness during a battle.
         (b) 8-9-4  -  Dalinar decides to abdicate.
         (c) 8-10-4  -  Feverstone Keep vision.
         (d) 8-10-5  -  Sadeas clears Dalinar's name and agrees to do joint assaults.
         (e) 9-1-1  -  First joint bridge assault.
    The dates for (a) and (e) are known and fixed. We know these events happen in this order, and we know that (c) is one week after (b). We don't know how much time passes between a/b, c/d, or d/e. But as you can see, they just barely fit unless one of those pairs happen on the same day. Are you comfortable assuming that, which would let us include (b), (c), and (d)? Or should we leave them out for now?



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