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Factions on Roshar (spoilers)

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With WoR, we have more of an idea about the factions on Roshar.  I was particularly intrigued by the following snippet from ch 54:

"We will need to find how much he knows."  Mraize's voice.  You will bring these pages to Master Thaidakar.  We are close, but so-it appears-are Restares's cronies."

The response came in a rasping voice.  Shallan couldn't make it out. 

"No, I'm not worried about that one.  The old fool sows chaos, but does not reach for the power offered by opportunity.  He hides in his insignificant city, listening to it's songs, thinking he plays in world events.  He has no idea.  His is not the position of the hunter.  This creature in Tukar, however, is different.  I'm not convinced he is human.  If he is, he's certainly not of the local species ..."


I thought it would be interesting to have a compilation of the factions and what we know about each.  I have started it and will compile contributions from this thread, if people want to contribute.


So the parties that we are aware of:

  • Diagramists
  • Ghostbloods
  • Radiants
  • Shamanate
  • Skybreakers
  • Sons of Honor
  • Wit/Hoid
  • 17th Shard


What we know about the parties


  • Led by Mr. T
  • Goal: Some humans survive Desolation
  • Method: Destabilize, take over and ?
  • Members: Mrall, Abrotogar (sp), Graves



  • Led by Master Thaidakar
  • Cosmere aware (local species of human)
  • Members: Iyatil (babsk of Mraize?), Mraize, Jin
  • Aware of Mr. T/Diagramists creating chaos
  • former members: Kabsal, Lin Davar, Heleran Davar?


  • Members: Dalinar (Bondsmith), Jasnah (Elsecaller) (assumes she will join w/others), Kaladin (Windrunner), Renarin (Truthwatcher), Shallan (Lightweaver)
  • Goal: destroy Odium?


  • possess 7 Honorblades



  • Led by Nin/Nalan
  • members: Szeth
  • Nightblood

Sons of Honor

  • members: Amaram


  • Stop Odium
  • Honorblade, presumed allomancer

17th Shard

  • Leader: Dragon
  • Members: Gallodon,



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There is already a plethora of topics discussing this, like this one.


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