Arcanum News: We're going open source!

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Hello everyone!

I'm excited to announce that Palanaeum source code is finally becoming publicly accessible! :D We promised that from the start, but it actually took some additional work to make sure it fulfills all the requirements for it to be licensed under the AGPL license.

Those of you, who are not familiar with software development and software licensing are probably confused, so let me explain the situation. Up until now, Arcanum software was kept in private repository. If something needed to be changed, only very limited number of coders could do it. From now on, the code is available to anyone, so if someone wants to contribute some of their time, they are free to do so!

Additionally, because we use an open license, other fan groups are encouraged to use this code to create their own versions of Arcanum!

I know that there is practically no documentation and the README is rather basic, but I'm open to answering questions and giving a hand to anyone interested in developing or running Palanaeum :)

Oh, I nearly forgot :D Here's the public repository:;)


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