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22 minutes ago, Elbereth said:

Same method as we're now using for Araris and Straw, Jondesu. :P So, who knows? 

Hah, nice.


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Be Preserved
Hadrian Heatherlocke gasped for air and reached out. His hands tore into something on either side of him, and he he blinked desperately as blindingly blue light pierced his eyes. Everything felt electrified, as if it had been numb moments earlier. He could smell soil, and mist, and the early morning. His stomach rumbled furiously, starving.

Why am I here Lord?
Because I have been outplayed.

“Lard Ruler! Muh lard, yur uhlive!”

Hadrian squeezed his eyes shut against the light, and rubbed them with his hands. Debris smeared across his face, soft and cold. Grave dirt? He pushed against the ground, easing himself up, as he squinted up. There was a figure.

The figure looked poor, yet regal. Frayed, like an old sweater. No, an ancient cloak. Yet it was greater than him. He was a used napkin next to this.

The figure hopped down into the hole and grabbed his shoulders. “Muh Lard, ken ye speak? Are ye ok?” His eyes began to adapt, and the man’s features swam into focus. Rough, dirty skin. More like stone than leather. Large brows, thick nose, beady eyes. A particularly ill bred Skaa.

Ruin has bred himself a weapon, and put it on a throne. I need you to stop him.

“I,” Hadrian inhaled, then exhaled, spewing out a layer of dust, “I am ok. What is your name?”

“Yew, muh lard. Muh ma weren’t te most imaginative.”

“A strong name.” His eyes finished adapting, and Hadrian saw it was morning. Very early. He scratched his chin, and was surprised to find stubble.

I have kept you alive for now. They will not expect you. Hopefully you can disrupt their plans.

Memories replayed themselves in his mind. He had died, and God had sent him back, with a purpose. Hadrian grinned at the Skaa, and clasped his shoulder. “Yew, a strong wood and a strong name. Help me out of this grave, we have work to do.”

The Skaa cackled, and pulled him up. “Ye git yerself a nece long vacation, sur, but ye choose ta come back and work? Ye’d make ole’ Rab proud ye would. What ‘er ye be needing me fer?”

“First, I need this grave buried. Can’t have anyone knowing I am alive. And then, I’m going to preserve the Lord Ruler’s reign.”

Hadrian, I don’t know what Ruin plans for Altea and Locke, but he has laid plans for them. You must kill them before they can come to fruition. Please.

Araris won the tiebreaker, joining Fifth Scholar, Crimsn, and Orlok as our winners. Apologies for being 6 days late. I blame Finals.


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With discussion having concluded, it's now tie to close this up. Thanks to Joe and Elbereth for running this, and to all the players involved. I think the scheming and politicking in the early stage of the game were some of the most fun I've had in SE for a while. I think that whilst changes could be made to the victors mechanics, the game was enjoyed by all, and it was fascinating to see the different approaches to agreements and promises that emerged.

As always, if anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, just get a hold of SeonidAlvron, Wilson or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list (and the GM PM group), but we'll be more than willing to help out in any way we can. 

You can also post game ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from everyone over in our Art of Game Creation thread too. With all the games that we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs that can help you refine any game you're working on.

Thanks again to everyone who played, and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!


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