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(OB)Yet another Unity theory

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8I'm mostly a lurker in the 17th shard but I post now and then when I feel I may have something to input I post. I'm intelligent but always had a learning disability and grammar was always my weakest point in school so bear with me as I try to put my thoughts down. Alot of this uses mistborn and wobs to draw conclusions. Ill explain myself without spoilers and add them at the end. 

"I am Unity" "He wasn't suppose to Ascend". And all the other quotes pointing to Dalinar Ascending to a shard or shard level powers. I think he's something new, a combination of powers. He was groomed to be odiums champion, spent many years addicted to the thrill. It wasn't until he went to the nightwatcher and Cultivation intervened to weed out the bad memories so he could change. Without alot of the horrendous memories he had he was able to forgive himself and start to make a change for the better. This new Dalinar was able to become a man honorable enough to become a bondsmith able to bond the stormfather who merged with honors cognitive shadow.

 Dalinar has strong ties to all 3 shards. 

Now this can go a few ways. 

 He has access to some power of all 3 shards he was connected to the spirtual realm where most investiture exist and could of grab some of all 3 shards power even if odium and Cultivation aren't splintered. Not enough to become a shard but enough power to Ascend. 

 Another way it could go. He picked up part of honor and Cultivation power again not enough to become a shard but to ascend. Going with the idea cultivation has worked with honor in the past so she would have no problem cultivating a weapon to destroy odium. 

 Then of course it could just be honors power and his shadow is what keeps saying unite them and deeper bond with the storm father gave him access to honors CS who retains part of honors power. And is using those powers to bring the relms together because this is what honor did in the past before he splintered. More on this in spoilers.

  Now the third idea fits best to the statement "But we killed you". But given the bulk of the power Dalinar uses to Ascend is from honor because he's shattered it could be an assumption on Odiums part that it is Honor.  

Mostly mistborn spoilers below.


First to tackle is connection to shards. Not everyone can ascend to be a shard. From SH we know Kel doesn't have enough connection to pick up preservation even if he wasn't a CS he had to much ruin in him. It took selish tech to allow him to hold the power for the time he did. Vin was preservations chosen. But it took sazed who had ties to both to combine the powers.

 This also shows a CS can hold the power of a shard if connected enough. Kel may of needed tech to pick up Preservation but Tanavast is honor. Defeated by odium his physical self died but before he moved to the Spiritual realm he could of held onto what power he could and hid inside of the Stormfather. Now he's grooming Dalinar to become Unity.

 Per WoB we know Odium went after Dominion and Devotion because he was scared of shards combining and that he is scared of Harmony for that reason. So after taking out Ambition he went to the next dual shard world. getting trapped in the process.




To go even farther on wild theroy


The end of stormlight one or even 2.

 Dalinar wins, I'm not going to guess how. But in the end picks all 3 shards and ascend to Unity. Yay Roshar is saved. But we now have a shard even stronger then Harmony who's intent is to unite, on a Cosmeric level that could mean crazy things. Now that he united 3 shards and now knows about Andolisium he goes across the universe to Unite the remaining shards. 

 If your still with me thanks for sticking through to the end. Please let me know what you think. Try not to be to hard on me but I'm open to any constructive criticism.


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