Quick Fix Game 29: Passionate Rationalism

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As it's now time to close up this game, thanks are in order for Lopen, for running such a unique game, and to all the players. The RP at the beginning of the game was wonderful to see, and I hope to see many more games going forward with such an engagement from players in their characters. I think this game also illustrates the importance of remaining active, and the impact on other players of not doing so. That said, I think activity in our forum is improving, and hope that we see this trend continue over the summer. Congratulations to the eliminators for your victory, and for staying alive in a game with so different lynch mechanics.

As always, if anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, just get a hold of SeonidAlvron, Wilson or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list (and the GM PM group), but we'll be more than willing to help out in any way we can. 

You can also post game ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from everyone over in our Art of Game Creation thread too. With all the games that we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs that can help you refine any game you're working on.

Thanks again to everyone who played, and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!


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