I had an Alcatraz-related dream

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The biggest thing it shared with Alcatraz was the evil librarians. Unfortunately, I didn't have a Talent. The dream started out with me, my cousin, and my brother separated from our relatives. I don't remember how. The three of us performed an epic infiltration of a library, most of which I have forgotten. My cousin and brother were captured; however, I managed to escape. After that I went to a store, where I bought a few items that I don't remember and a bike without handlebars or a front wheel. For whatever reason, I didn't notice the bike was dysfunctional until after I had left the store. I dumped it outside. After that I went to infiltrate another library, which had a tiny store at the front of the building. I bought a rope there, a rope being the last thing I needed for one scheme(the unknown items from the first store contributed to the scheme as well). I have no idea what the scheme was, but I think it was what allowed me to infiltrate the library in the first place. I eventually reached a richly dressed room. There was a girl with a key(I think I found her in the room, but I can't be sure) to a vault which was in the room. Apparently inside the vault was some sort of refuge for members of the royal line(of which she was one of the last). She opened the vault and we went inside. I don't remember anything else up until a point where the girl had been captured by a rich-looking man with black hair, who may or may not have been her father or uncle. At some time after that, the man with black hair entered the vault. After that I had to find the key again. I also remember a Lego Star Wars III sequence where me and my brother played as clone troopers in the inside-the-vault environment, I'm not sure if that was when the man entered the vault or after I found the key and entered it. 

So the notable influences in this dream:



-Lego Star Wars III

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