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23 minutes ago, Ailvara said:

I think my first one like this was Harry Potter :D It seemed to take so much time, and now it's been so much time since it's over... I grew up with Harry Potter, but with Stormlight Archive I'll grow old

It's funny now that I think of it. It might be the most certain thing I know about my such distant future. 

I really like this idea. It's beautiful in a way. Kind of like how one might imagine the love and companionship of a spouse.


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12 minutes ago, Bliev said:

Journey before destination, friends! Haha

(seriously I try to tell myself that it’s not that I won’t find out the end until I’m 60, but rather that I’ll get to read amazing BS Cosmere books until I’m in my 60’s! How awesome is that? Lol)


Well when you put it that way. We are extremely lucky then


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